- Above, Ken Shamrock came to the ring to put the Impact roster on notice that he's not going anywhere. Joey Ryan then headed to the ring and challenged Shamrock to a match. The two will meet on next week's episode of Impact. Below are the other announced matches so far for the show.

* Ken Shamrock vs. Joey Ryan
* Michael Elgin vs. Fallah Bahh
* Willie Mack vs. Moose

- Rob Van Dam cut a promo on tonight's Impact explaining why he turned on Rhino at Impact Bound for Glory. RVD noted he was just tired of carrying Rhino, much like he carried the ECW roster back in the day. RVD noted his moveset came from his mind, but today's wrestlers are stealing his moves, he then mentioned Kenny Omega, Daniel Bryan, and The Young Bucks. "Without RVD there would be no Kenny Omega, there would be no Daniel Bryan, without RVD, there would be no Young Bucks," Van Dam said.

- On tonight's show, footage was shown of Jessicka Havok attempting to hang Su Yung after their brutal No DQ match that Havok won. Yung was taken to a hospital, but doctors initially couldn't revive her. Yung would suddenly wake up in the hospital. She then showed up backstage at Impact as "Suzie," talking to others, wearing all white, and less of her usual horrifying makeup. You can check out the new look in the video below.

- Rhino wants to get his hands on Rob Van Dam and demands the two meet at Impact Turning Point on November 9. The event will stream on Impact Plus at 8 pm ET.

"At Turning Point you won't be on vacation, you'll be in the ring with me!" Rhino yelled. "And I'm not going to be satisfied by just ripping you in half with a gore. I will beat you to an inch of your life and then I will rip you in half with a gore! Gore! Gore!"