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No cold open. Straight into the intro song (Dusted by Astroid Boys).

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of NXT UK. Today's show is from Cardiff, Wales. Isla Dawn makes her way to the ring for the opening contest. She'll be facing Piper Niven.

Piper Niven versus Isla Dawn

Tie-up. Niven applies a hammerlock. Dawn escapes and goes for a hip toss but Niven is too strong and overpowers the much smaller competitor. Niven slows the action down with a headlock. Dawn tries a suplex...Niven blocks it..she bounces off the ropes and nails a crossbody. Cover...only two. Armbar from Niven. She turns it into a short-armed lariat, then transitions into a straight-jacket submission. Dawn in trouble...crowd rallies her back into the match. She gets to her feet and fights Niven off...another back suplex attempt...she gets her! Big boot for a nearfall. Dawn lines Niven up...running meteora. Now she locks Niven in a headlock. Niven breaks free with ease...huge headbutt. Michinoku Driver...and that'll do it.

Piper Niven wins by pinfall

Post match, Niven is interviewed, but immediately gets interrupted by Jinny. Jinny assures Niven, and the NXT Universe, that she is a future champion in the division. Her muscle, Jazzy Gabert, attacks Niven from behind and beats her down ending the segment.

Backstage Ilja Dragunov is seen exiting the trainers room. Commentary informs us that he is still not medically cleared to compete. He bumps into Imperium's Alexander Wolfe, who tells Dragunov that he likes him. He also tells him to rest up, as he will be taking his place in tonight's matchup, and hints that Imperium could be interested in recruiting him.

NXT UK's General Manager Johnny Saint announces via Twitter that Piper Niven and Jazzy Gabert will be facing each other next week.

Next matchup will be Saxton Huxley facing off against Alexander Wolfe.

Alexander Wolfe versus Saxton Huxley

Tie-up. Wolfe rocks Huxley with a boot to the head after pulling down his knee pad. Huxley goes for a suplex...blocked and countered by Wolfe into an armbar. He releases it on his own...uppercut rocks Huxley. Wolfe follows up with a suplex. He claws away at Huxley's face, even yanking his nose before grinding his elbow off his head. Huxley escapes but walks right into an enziguri that sends him back down to the mat. Crowd rallies Huxley back into the match by chanting "Let's Go Jesus." He takes Wolfe down by hitting a Thez press and mounted punches. Dropkick connects. He starts building momentum. Running boot attempt misses...Wolfe traps him in the ropes...pump kick and German suplex in succession. Wolfe sets him up...sit-out powerbomb with pin...that'll do it.

Alexander Wolfe wins by pinfall

Footage from earlier in the day shows an encounter between Ashton Smith and the former NXT UK tag team champion Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake and Zack Gibson). The Veterans interrupted a Smith interview, berating him for having a horrid win/loss record. Smith argues that they have lost their last two title matches, and have been anything but locker room leaders, something that the Veterans have been stating in every promo. Smith walks off ending the segment.

Mike Bird is out for the third bout of the evening. He gets a huge ovation. His opponent...Jack Starz...has been attacked by Gallus's Mark Coffey and Wolfgang. They drag him out and cut a promo on Bird, who trained with Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews. Gallus then attacks Bird, stomping him down until the tag champs run in to make the save. The third Gallus member, Joe Coffey, attacks Webster on the outside while Wolfgang and Mark Coffey get the better of Andrews. Gallus stands tall over the champions and Bird.

Main event time. The girl with the shiniest wizard, Tegan Nox, is out first to a warm ovation from the crowd. The champ, Kay Lee Ray is out next, commentary reminds us that this match is NOT for the title. Here we go.

Kay Lee Ray versus Tegan Nox

Tie Up. Ray forces Nox into the corner. Referee separates them. Ray with some trash talk. Nox slaps her in response, then takes her down for a ground and pound. Ray escapes to ringside to recover. Back in the ring...Nox with an arm-drag. Another. She unloads two knife edge chops. Snapmare and Flying Crossbody in succession. Cover... just a two count. Ray heads goes to leave but Nox attacks from behind. She rolls Ray back in. Big haymaker. Ray fights out of the fireman's carry position. Ray chop blocks Nox. Ray repeatedly stomps on Nox's chest. Nox and Ray are trading back and forth shots.Ray applies an abdominal stretch. Nox cradles her...two count. The champ goes after the injured right knee that kept Nox on the shelf for several months. Front Suplex for a two count. Ray goes for The Swanton Bomb, but Nox ducks out of the way. Nox sends Ray shoulder first into the steel ring post. Nox struggles to get back on her feet. Forearm/Palm Strike Exchange. Nox hits a lariat, then a Spinning elbow strike and a running uppercut. The Molly-Go-Round for a two count.

Nox sets up for the shining wizrd...Ray surprises her with a superkick. Ray goes for The Widow's Peak, but Nox rolls her over for a two count. Nox SuperKicks Ray for a two count. Ray nails Nox with a Tornado DDT for a two count. Ray applies the guillotine choke. Nox hits The SpineBuster. Guillotine choke from Ray. She puts her foot on the bottom rope for added pressure. Ray with rapid fire palm strikes. Nox ChokeSlams Ray for a two count. Ray has Nox perched on the top turnbuckle. Ray bends the right knee of Nox. Nox negates The Widow's Peak. Canadian Destroyer for a nearfall. Nox lands The Shiniest Wizard for a two count. Nox is displaying her frustration. Nox inadvertently kicks the ring post. Ray out of nowhere nails Nox with The Widow's Peak to pickup the victory.

Kay Lee Ray wins by pinfall

Commentary commends Nox for taking it to the champ, but it wasn't enough. Ray celebrates.

That's the show friends.