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No cold open. Straight into the NXT UK song intro (Dusted by Astroid Boys).

Tom Phillips and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of NXT UK from Brentwood, England. Imperium makes there way to the ring led by NXT UK champion WALTER to a loud ovation from the crowd. Marcel Barthel begins on the microphone, stating that they are the most dominant force of this brand. “The most impressive, and most honorable champion in NXT UK history wishes to address his kingdom.” WALTER takes the mic: “There is no man and there is no group that can compete with the might of Imperium. We are here to show you that this mat is sacred to us.

Gallus interrupts. Joe Coffey and the NXT UK tag champs (Wolfgang and Mark Coffey) laugh at the notion that Imperium is the most important faction in the company. He insults Imperium by telling them to ditch the cheap track suits before thanking them for getting rid of British-Strong Style. Mark Coffey calls WALTER “Jolly-Wolly,” which prompts the fans to chant. “Just remember this…NXT UK is our kingdom. You four here…you’re just living it.” Wolfgang ends the segment with the line of the night: “You’re either Gallus…or against us.”

Commercial for Friday Night SmackDown, which is airing on FS1 this week.

Video recording of Xia Brookside at the United Kingdom Performance Center. She reminds fans that she defeated Nina Samuels on last week’s episode of NXT UK, and calls out Kay Lee Ray for tossing her from the Battle Royal back at Download Festival. She hopes that Ray is still champion so she can get the ultimate revenge.

Oliver Carter and Ashton Smith make their way to the ring for our opening tag team contest. They’ll be facing the Grizzled Young Veterans. (James Drake & Zack Gibson)

Oliver Carter/Ashton Smith versus Grizzled Young Veterans

Drake and Smith begin. Smith shows off his power with a deadlift choke, then hits a dropkick. Smith lifts Drake for a powerslam…he transitions into a suplex instead. Carter tags in. Nice evasive maneuver by Carter, who kicks Drake in the face. Ushigoroshi. Drake tags in Gibson…Carter rocks him with a kick. Blind tag from Drake…tandem dropkicks give the Veterans the advantage. Carter gets sent to the outside where the Veterans inflict more damage. Snapmare and elbow in succession from Gibson. He slows the pace down by applying a cobra-clutch. Carter fights off…springboard moonsault takes out Drake. Crowd rallying for him to make a tag to Smith…he does! Smith comes in hot unloading a flurry of strikes on Drake. He knocks Gibson off the apron…flying lariat to Drake. Gibson pulls his teammate out of the ring to regroup but Smith takes them out with a twisting tope con hilo. Drake catches Smith back in the ring…Smith fires back…blue-thunder bomb for two. The Veterans use their numbers game to isolate Smith away from Carter. Drake catapults off Smith and dropkicks Carter. Ticket to mayhem on Smith…and that’ll do it.

Grizzled Young Veterans win by pinfall

Post match the Grizzled Young Veterans continue their assault on Carter and Smith when Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster run out to make the save.

An interview with Tyler Bate from earlier in the day is shown. Bate addresses his future in NXT UK, saying that he’ll be taking things as they come.

Preview for WWE Crown Jewel featuring Brock Lesnar versus Cain Velasquez.

Backstage, Grizzled Young Veterans run into Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang). Gibson tells them to enjoy their run as champions, because they’ll be taking back the belts soon. Coffey does not look worried.

Back to the arena…Ligero makes his way out for our next bout. His opponent…Travis Banks.

Ligero versus Travis Banks

Tie-up. Both men show off their speed with multiple roll-up attempts and ground-wrestling technique. They yield and stare each other down. Ligero pins Banks’ shoulders to the mat but the Kiwi Buzzsaw bridges up and locks in a knuckle-lock. Ligero lands the first strike, then applies a headlock to slow Banks down. Back suplex attempt from Banks…Ligero lands on his feet and reapplies the hold. Sweep and school-body from Banks for a nearfall. Ligero comes right back with a victory roll pin that Banks barely kicks out of. Banks shakes it off and grounds Ligero, targeting the arm. Throat thrust by Ligero…another roll up for two. Suplex countered by Banks…a great sequence of counters…shining wizard. Cover…Ligero kicks out. Huge chops by Banks to Ligero’s chest. This wakes the luchador up…back and forth striking…Banks wins the exchange but Ligero rocks him with an enziguri. Both men are down.

Shotgun dropkick sends Ligero into the turnbuckles. Banks goes for sliced of heaven…Ligero has it scouted and tries for a C4…Banks moves. Quick pin attempts by both men, neither able to gain an advantage at any point. They battle for a backslide pin…the ref counts the three since both men’s shoulders were on the mat. Referee’s official decision…a draw. Crowd boos.

Match ends in a draw due to both men’s shoulders being pinned

Banks and Ligero shake hands aftewards. Fans give them a nice round of applause.

Vignette of Jordan Devlin and Dave Mastiff’s feud. Last week the two brawled in the NXT UK arena, which Mastiff got the better of and dropped Devlin with a jumping senton.

Another advertisement for Crown Jewel, this time highlighting the showdown between Tyson Fury and Braun Strowman. Nigel McGuinness tells us that next week’s NXT UK will begin at 2pm EST due to Crown Jewel.

Announced for next week…A-Kid makes his NXT UK debut, and Dave Mastiff battles Jordan Devlin.

Main event time. Noam Dar is out first. Trent Seven is second. Here we go.

Noam Dar versus Trent Seven

Dar attacks before the bell rings. He throws Seven into the steel steps. Dar with clubbing blows to Seven’s back. Dar dropkicks the right shoulder of Seven. Seven still wants to fight. Seven with an Inside Out Lariat for a two count. Seven tees off on Dar. The referee is trying to calm down Seven. Seven with a Hip Toss. Seven bodyslams Dar. Seven follows that with a Running Leg Drop for a two count. Dar side steps Seven into the ropes. Seven stomps on Dar’s back. Seven goes for The Burning Hammer, but Dar blocks it. Dar with an Arm-Ringer across the top rope. Seven responds with a Uranage Slam. Dar kicks Seven off the top turnbuckle. Dar hits The Fisherman’s Suplex for a two count. Dar kicks Seven in the face. Dar stomps Seven down.

Dar stomps on the left hand of Seven, then locks in the STF. Seven is trying to build momentum. Dar dumps Seven out of the ring. Dar is looking for count-out victory. Dar with a basement dropkick. Dar slams Seven’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Dar mocks Seven. Dar goes for The Tyler Driver #97, but Seven blocks it. Seven with a knife edge chop. Seven with a Back Body Drop. Dar takes out the legs of Seven. Dar applies The Ankle Lock. Seven ducks a clothesline from Dar. Seven with a Snap Dragon Suplex. Seven lands The Suicide Dive. Seven goes for a Corkscrew Senton, but Dar ducks out of the way. Seven hits The Emerald Flowsion for a two count. Dar negates The Seven Star Lariat. Seven with an open palm strike. Dar responds with a FlatLiner for a two count. Dar applies The Knee Bar.

Seven grabs the bottom rope to force the break. Dar with big boots. He drills Dar with The Spike DDT on the ring apron for a nearfall. Seven with a Snap Dragon Suplex. Seven follows that with a Spinning Back Fist. Seven connects with The Seven Star Lariat for a two count. Seven repeatedly kicks Dar in the face. Seven and Dar are trading back and forth shots. Dar avoids The Running Boot. Dar with a low soccer kick. Dar with a Flying Double Foot Stomp. Superkcik. Seven Star Lariat attempt, but Dar counters into the knee bar. Seven reaches the bottom rope to create separation. Seven with a hand full of tights for a two count. Dar with a RoundHouse Kick for a two count. Dar talks smack to Seven. Seven hits Bop and Bang. Seven snaps Dar’s fingers. Burning Hammer..he got em.

Trent Seven wins by pinfall

Seven celebrates. Commentary calls this a marquee victory in Seven’s career. Fans serenade Seven with cheers.

That’s the show friends.