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No cold open. Right into the intro song. (Dusted by Astroid Boys)

Tom Phillips and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of NXT UK from Brentwood, England. They run down the card, which includes Jordan Devlin battling Dave Mastiff in the main event. We go right into our opening contest of the day, which will be women's division action. Rhea Ripley teams up with Piper Niven to battle Jazzy Gabert and Jinny.

Rhea Ripley/Piper Niven versus Jinny/Jazzy Gabert

Jinny and Niven start. Gabert with a distraction. Niven hits a shoulder tackle. Knife edge chops after ducking a clothesline. Ripley comes in. Three stiff short-lariats. She sends Jinny to ringside, then follows her out. Ripley slams Jinny back into the ring showing off her strength. Back in the ring...Ripley connects with a dropkick for a nearfall. Headlock applied. Gabert blindsides Ripley while the referee's back is turned. Jinny takes advantage and nails a haymaker. Gabert tags in. Snapmare. Quick tags in and out from Jinny and Gabert. Black widow submission from Jinny, followed by slaps in Ripley's face.

Forearm from Jinny. Ripley fires back with an enzuigiri. Niven and Gabert are tagged in. Shoulder Block Exchange. Niven ducks a lariat, then takes Gabert down with a running crossbody. Niven picks up Jinny and slams her on Gabert. Running Senton Splash. Niven dumps Jinny out of the ring. Gabert Spears Niven out of nowhere. Jinny big boots Niven, but Niven headbutts in response. Belly to Back Suplex. . Ripley rolls Gabert back into the ring. Niven plants Gabert with The Michinoku Driver to pickup the victory.

Rhea Ripley/Piper Niven win by pinfall

After a short celebration, we go right into our next matchup. A-Kid makes his NXT UK debut. He'll be facing the "genius" of the ring, Kassius Ohno.

Kassius Ohno versus A-Kid

Tie-up. Ohno shows off his size and strength by grounding the fast Kid to the mat. Headlock from Kid but Ohno transitions into a headscissor. Nice sequence of chain/mat wrestling. Kid lands a dropkick. Ohno fires back with a shot to Kid's throat. Ohno locks in a modified cobra-clutch...he follows up with a senton. Cover...only two. Ohno frustratedly tries to pin Kid's shoulders down...the youngster manages to keep escaping. He hits a frankensteiner and turns it into an armbar. Ohno in trouble...he gets to the ropes. Ohno goes for a discus elbow but Kid catches him in another submission. Ohno uses the ropes to break the hold, forcing them into Kid's throat. Fight spills to the outside. 619 from Kid...Ohno can't beat the count.

A-Kid wins by countout

Post match, Ohno angrily attacks Kid. Tyler Bate comes out to make the save and runs Ohno off.

Killer Kelly interview. She says that she's been cleared to compete, and is looking to pick a fight withs someone in the women's locker room so she can get a matchup.

Next up, Joseph Conners battles Roy Johnson.

Joseph Conners versus Roy Johnson

Conners taunts Johnson before they grapple. Johnson responds with a lariat and stomps Conners down. He screams back in his face, then tosses Conners into the ring post. Dropkick. Another. A third. To the outside...Conners forces Johnson into the apron. Johnson answers with a forearm and back elbow in succession. Backbreaker. Conners shakes it off and rakes the eyes...he whips Johnson into the middle turnbuckle. Don't look down. This one is over quick.

Joseph Conners wins by pinfall

NXT UK women's champion Kay Lee Ray is out next. She says this division belongs to her now, and reminds fans how she defeated Toni Storm, who is nowhere to be found. She then takes a shot at Xia Brookside, claiming that Brookside doesn't deserve a future title match.

Commentary tells us that next week we'll a special look at Piper Niven.

Promo from Gallus. Joe Coffey says he's gunning for the NXT UK champion WALTER. Also announced for next week...South Wales Subculture will face the former tag champions, Grizzled Young Veterans. (Zack Gibson & James Drake)

Main event time. Jordan Devlin is out first. Dave Mastiff is second. Here we go.

Jordan Devlin versus Dave Mastiff

Devlin charges out of the gates. They brawl. Mastiff goes for a massive Irish-whip but Devlin slides to the outside. Big back drop from Mastiff once Devlin gets back into the ring. Palm strike, followed by elbows from Mastiff. Devlin targets the hand of Mastiff by snapping it. He gains position and stomps on the big man's head. Devlin plays to the crowd. Leg drop to Mastiff's arm/hand. He applies a submission. Mastiff in pain...he gets to his feet. Back and forth striking...Mastiff wins the exchange. Overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Huge lariat and senton by Mastiff for a two count. He goes for a powerbomb...Devlin counters with a knee to the face. He chops Mastiff down. Mastiff shakes it off and tosses Devlin to the outside. Mastiff in pursuit...Devlin tries a PK but Mastiff has it scouted...rolling senton onto the arena floor. As Mastiff brings Devlin back in Devlin wrenches the arms over the ropes...jumping cutter. Devlin climbs...moonsault connects. Cover...two count. Devlin goes for another...Mastiff gets the knees up this time. Devlin rolls to the outside again...he's able to bait Mastiff into getting on the top rope...super saito suplex. That'll do it.

Jordan Devlin wins by pinfall

Devlin celebrates, hoping that this win puts him back into title contention.

Elsewhere, Ilja Dragunov is talking with Imperium's Alexander Wolfe. Wolfe tells him that he must make a decision on whether or not he'll be joining their ranks.

That's the show friends.