WWE Possibly Planning A Trade For The Draft On RAW, Reason For Draft Order Getting Leaked

The reveal of the WWE Draft picks on Friday's SmackDown were somewhat botched as the selections were revealed in the same order that they were listed on the WWE website. Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that the WWE website crew was told to put the names on the list in alphabetical order, but somehow that was forgotten and they just put the list up as it was. The list was then put in alphabetical order on Saturday.

It looks like WWE is planning on making up for the blunder on tonight's RAW, which will see the 2019 Draft end. Word from within WWE is that they are trying to switch things up for the Draft tonight, according to @Wrestlevotes.

There's no word yet on what they have planned for tonight's picks, but there's speculation on some sort of "blockbuster trade" taking place, which was teased before.

For those who missed it, FOX Sports host Jay Glazer appeared during a segment on SmackDown and teased a "blockbuster trade" for the Draft.

"One thing we can be on the lookout for would be a blockbuster trade. I don't know what's going to happen but I do know this – if one brand misses out on a must-have Superstar early, it doesn't mean they can't land them much later," Glazer said. You can see the video below.

It was reported going into the Draft that WWE officials wanted to make it feel like a big deal this year. There was a lot of negative social media feedback coming out of Friday's Draft kickoff, and more with Saturday's online picks, and word now is that WWE will try to turn things around with tonight's RAW. WWE reportedly put extra effort into preventing leaks this year and have been very tight-lipped on plans.

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