Welcome to Wrestling Inc's recap of WWE's The Bump. This show airs every Wednesday at 10 AM EST on the WWE Network, as well as on WWE's official YouTube, Twitter and Facebook pages. Join Kayla Braxton as well as several other panelists who discuss everything and anything that is going on both in and out of the WWE ring.

It's All About The Costumes and The Scares

Braxton welcomes viewers to a Halloween edition of The Bump. Braxton is trick-or-treating around the office. She is dressed as Shawn Michaels. The Boogeyman greets her once she makes her way into the studio. Everyone starts chanting "Boogey, Boogey."

Braxton welcomes each panelist. Matt Camp is dressed as Sami Zayn. Ryan Pappolla is dressed as Ric Flair. McKenzie Mitchell is dressed as Ronda Rousey. Dan Vollmayer is dressed as "Macho Man" Randy Savage. Lastly, Evan T. Mack is dressed as a G.O.A.T John Cena (2005).

Several video clips are shown of The Boogeyman scaring all the members from The Bump earlier this morning.

Braxton issues a game. It's called the Mummy. The panelists are divided up into teams. Whoever can wrap up their partners the fastest and the most precise wins. Whoever loses has to stick their hands in a box. Boogeyman is the judge. Braxton's team wins! The losing team (Camp, Mitchell and Vollmayer) each stick their hands in the boxes. They feel a bunch of slimy things like live worms and candy.

Rapid Rundown

In one minute, the panel has to discuss their favorite moments from this past/current week, as well as their least favorite moments.

The panel discusses NXT from last week. They all thoroughly enjoyed Finn Bálor turning heel. Majority of them did not like Asuka spitting the green mist in Paige's face.

WWE Universe Is Asked...

The Boogeyman asks "Where Would You Rather Have Boogeyman Hide?"

"Under their bed?" or "In Their Closet?"

Fans have the rest of the episode to respond.

Top Rope Topics

This is where the panel talks about the top things that have happened so far this week.

Braxton was surprised by "The Kings Divorce Court" segment. She agreed with the fan who yelled out "This is weird."

Mack says that he wants to talk about Cena and how he is the greatest wrestler of all time. Braxton says that she has a surprise for Mack. A clip of Cena commenting on Mack's costume is shown. Cena is a big fan of the outfit and is honored that Mack sees him as the greatest of all time. Mack is in awe!

Camp thinks that Goldberg is the greatest wrestler of all time.

Vollmayer discusses how the Brock Lesnar/Cain Velasquez feud is getting out of hand, especially after Lesnar took out Rey Mysterio and Dominick. He thinks that Mysterio and Dominick need to stay out of this fight.

A clip of "After the Bell" with Corey Graves is shown. They show Graves' interview with Triple H.

The "Woken" Matt Hardy Appears

Hardy joins the panel by video camera to discuss Halloween and how his family is celebrating it this year. Hardy says the Friday The 13th series is his favorite to watch. They begin to play some games. The first game is him describing past and present WWE Superstars and nicknames he would give them. The second game they play is showing Hardy video clips of funny things and whether or not he finds them to be "Wonderful" or if they should be "Deleted."

The panel thanks Hardy for joining them! Hardy has a Halloween Special out which you can watch on the WWE Network.

Tegan Knox and Dakota Kai Want The Tag Team Gold

Knox and Kai speak with the panel about their big match tonight against The Kabuki Warriors for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships on NXT. Kai says that they are both nervous, but know they are going to win tonight. Knox speaks about her past injuries and how she is trying to be more cautious in the ring. The panel warns them to watch out for the green mist.

Kane joins their conversation. Knox is speechless because Kane is her idol. Kane thinks that both of these women are true superstars. He tells them to do their best and to not give up tonight. He thinks the women's division is the best that it's ever been.

The WWE Universe Responds

71% answered in their closet
29% answered under their bed

Breaking News w/ McKenzie Mitchell

-Bálor will be at NXT tonight

- Keith Lee and Matt Riddle will be taking on Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish tonight

- Just announced at 4 AM this morning, a first-ever women's match at Crown Jewel will take place between Natalya and Lacey Evans!

Final Thoughts

The panel is excited to see what's to come tomorrow at Crown Jewel. They are all so proud of Natalya and Evans. Mack says that "The Fiend" will become the new WWE Universal Champion!

That concludes this week's episode. Thanks for watching!