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This week, AEW treated fans with two AEW Dark episodes. Episode five aired at its regular time on Tuesday night and episode 6 aired on Friday night before their big pay-per-view event on Saturday, Full Gear. This recap is from Friday’s episode

Big Swole vs. Hikaru Shida

Shalandra Royal & Shazza McKenzie vs. Leva Bates & Nyla Rose

The Hybrid 2 (Jack Evans and Angelico) & Kip Sabian vs. SCU (Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky) & CIMA

Also on this episode, Arn Anderson and Chuck Taylor join in on commentary

Tony Schiavone and Dasha Fuentes welcome fans to a special edition of AEW Dark! The first match is announced!

Big Swole vs. Hikaru Shida

The match begins with a lockup. Shida pushes Swole into the ropes and backs up cleanly. Swole reverses and does the same thing. Swole with a side headlock. Swole goes for a leapfrog and gets caught by Shida. Shida counters with a dropkick. Swole lands down on the mat face-first. On the outside, Shida launches herself off of a chair and kicks Swole right in the chin. Both women make their way back in the ring. Shida puts Swole in a leg lock. Swole breaks out of it. Shida stomps Swole in the midsection. Swole headbutts Shida right in the jaw. She goes for the cover and Shida kicks out at 2. Swole locks Shida up in a guillotine. Swole breaks the hold. Shida with a knee strike, goes for the cover, and Swole kicks out. Shida repeats the knee strike. She goes for another cover and picks up the win!

Winner: Hikaru Shida

Post-Match: Shida is interviewed after her big win. She is very happy that she can showcase her talent and introduce fans to Japanese style wrestling. When asked who she thinks is going to walk out of Baltimore the AEW Women’s Champion, Shida believes that it’ll be her teacher Emi Sakura.

Up next, a women’s tag team match!

Shalandra Royal & Shazza McKenzie vs. Leva Bates & Nyla Rose

McKenzie and Rose begin the matchup. McKenzie from behind goes for a waist lock and hopes on tight. Rose runs into the ropes and breaks out of it. McKenzie kicks Rose’s thigh. It doesn’t do much. McKenzie tags in Royal. Royal with a forearm. Rose counters with a push. Next, Rose holds on to Royal’s head and then hits her in the shoulder. Royal goes over for a tag, McKenzie is back in. Bates on the apron keeps holding her hand out for Rose to tag her in. She won’t. Rose with a double chokeslam on Royal and McKenzie. Now, it’s just Rose and McKenzie in the ring. Rose sends McKenzie right into the ring post. Royal tags herself in. Rose throws Royal into the ring post as well. Bates gets knocked off the apron. Rose with a release German Suplex on McKenzie.

Bates climbs back up on the apron. She is reading a book and drinking her coffee. McKenzie tags in Royal. Royal doesn’t want to fight Rose again. She doesn’t get a choice. Rose lands a running kick, followed by a death valley driver. Rose puts McKenzie and Royal in a double fireman’s carry. Rose climbs up to the top rope. She lands a senton bomb on both women. She goes for a double cover and picks up the win!

Winners: Nyla Rose & Leva Bates

Post-Match: Rose is asked why she never tagged in Bates. Rose states that she doesn’t need anyone’s help. She says that she is going to start disrespecting the women’s division one by one.

Schiavone and Fuentes run through all the matches that will be taking place at Full Gear later on tonight! After, clips of Cody and Chris Jericho’s promos from this past Wednesday on Dynamite are shown.

And now, the main event!

The Hybrid 2 (Jack Evans and Angelico) & Kip Sabian vs. SCU (Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky) & CIMA

CIMA and Angelico begin the match. Angelico starts with a wrist lock. CIMA reverses with a takedown. Angelico gets up. After several back and forth arm locks are exchanged, CIMA tags in Kazarian. Angelico goes over to his corner and takes in Evans. Evans with an arm drag gets reversed by an armlock from Kazarian. Evans fights back with a back kick. Evans tags in Sabian. Sky off the top rope lands on Sabian’s arm. Sabian gets up and puts Sky in a waist lock. Angelico distracts the referee and Evans lands a pump kick on Sky. Sabian goes for the cover and Sky kicks out at 1. Sabian puts Sky in a headlock. Sky fights out of it by landing several strikes near Sabian’s midsection.

Evans gets tagged in. He slams Sky face-first into the turnbuckle. Angelico is tagged. Angelico plants a hard clothesline. He tags in Sabian. Sabian with a hammer throw. He goes for the cover and Sky kicks out. Angelico is tagged in. CIMA gets tagged in too by Sky. CIMA cleans house by knocking out Sabian and Evans. CIMA stomps right on top of Angelico’s chest. All three men are piled up. CIMA jumps off the top rope and lands right on top of them. Angelico gets up, tries to take a swing. CIMA plants a backstabber on Angelico. Evans is tagged in. Evans kicks Kazarian and Sky off the apron. Angelico launches himself over the top rope and is met with an ace crusher, courtesy of Kazarian. Sabian picks up CIMA. CIMA breaks free and tags in Kazarian. Kazarian with a springboard. He tags in Sky. Sky and Kazarian with SCU Later.Sky tags in CIMA. CIMA ends the match with a top rope double knee attack. He covers Sabian and picks up the win for his team!

Winners: CIMA & SCU

That concludes this special edition episode! We hope you enjoy AEW Full Gear!