AEW Full Gear Results: Chris Jericho Faces Cody Rhodes, Jon Moxley Vs. Kenny Omega

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s live coverage of AEW Full Gear from the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, Maryland. The Buy In pre-show live coverage will begin at 7 pm ET and the main card starts at 8 pm ET. Wrestling Inc. will also have a WINC Podcast right after the show finishes up!


The event will stream on B/R Live and traditional PPV for $49.99. All Elite Wrestling's YouTube will also be streaming The Buy In.

- Hype video from Countdown to Full Gear for The Young Bucks vs. Santana & Ortiz match.

- Countdown to Full Gear clip for Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley's match.

- AEW Chris Jericho vs. Cody match is previewed, again, this is from the Countdown to Full Gear shown a few days ago. Cody will not challenge for the AEW Title ever again if he doesn't beat Chris Jericho.

- Excalibur is joined by Taz and Goldenboy for The Buy In.

- Promo for Bea Priestley and Britt Baker. Baker talks Priestley being unprofessional in the ring and that her first move was a boot to the back of her head, causing a concussion. Baker says she's here to win matches, but Priestley may not be. She's hope they can show the fans what they are both truly capable of in the ring.


Bea Priestley vs. Britt Baker

Baker heads right to the ring, Priestley bounces for a moment, gets in the ring and launches her jacket at Priestley. Baker with some forearms, Priestley able to escape, get outside and back in the ring for a couple strikes on Baker. Baker with a Lou Thesz Press, throws more hammerfists, backslide, reversed, Baker then attempts to transition into the lockjaw, but Priestley rolls through and boots Baker in the head. Priestley getting booed pretty good from the live crowd. Taz mentioning that Baker has the flu.

Priestley with a diving elbow to the back, cover, two. Baker up, tries to body slam Bea, but he back gives out. Priestley really focusing on the back now. Back and forth forearms. Priestley misses a big lariat, double clothesline sends both wrestlers to the mat. Darby Allin is looking on from the crowd. Baker drops Priestley a couple times, running high knee, slingblade, swinging fisherman's neckbreaker, cover, two.


Both end up on the second rope, super brainbuster lands, Baker tries to pick up Priestley again, back still won't let her do that. Baker hits a cutter, cover, two, Priestley immediately goes for a cover, two. Priestley up, german suplex, shoulder capture german supex with the bridge, two. Priestley stretching out Baker in the middle of the ring. Baker ends up on the apron, Priestley leaps up to the top rope and hits a double stomp to Baker's back, cover, two. Baker able to recover, canadian destroyer, pin, two-count. Baker lands a superkick, swinging neckbreaker, goes for lockjaw, Priestley leans back with a hair pull, cover, two. Baker gets in lockjaw again and then the mandible claw, Priestley taps out.

Winner: Britt Baker via Submission

- Awesome Kong and Brandi Rhodes show up on the stage and then head to the ring. Bea Priestley is still in the ring when they get there. Kong with a spinning backfast levels Priestley. Kong then takes the glove off and pulls a knife out, she hands it to Brandi. Double underhook facebuster on Priestley by Kong. Brandi gives the knife back to Kong, Brandi then pulls up some of Priestley's hair and Kong takes a hunk of it. Kong keeps the lock of hair as they both make their way to the back.


- Jim Ross joins Excalibur at commentary for the main card.

The Young Bucks vs. Proud and Powerful (Santana and Ortiz)

Rock 'N Roll Express are ringside for the match. Santana and Ortiz attacked the legendary tag team a couple weeks ago on AEW Dynamite. Nick and Santana get started, both guys take a swing at the guys on the apron. All four start swinging away in the ring. Matt gets the tag, Santana didn't see it, Nick taunts Santana and gets speared from the side. Both guys out on the floor, Young Bucks the stereo dives to the floor. Ortiz gets sent into the crowd. Matt and Santana in the ring now. Santana with a big chop, he looks to tag out, but Ortiz is nowhere to be found.

Nick and Matt work over Santana's arm, double stomp by Matt on the arm. Ortiz tags Santana's boot, but the referee says that doesn't count and doesn't allow the switch. Matt and Nick continue to work over Ortiz. Ortiz is able to work his way out of the ring with a couple eye pokes, but the referee was looking at Matt when Ortiz made the tag, Knox tells Santana to get out of the ring, he didn't see the tag. Crowd with a "ref you suck." Knox then has to tuck in his shirt (?) and loses control for a moment. Young Bucks get put in a double submission together, single leg boston crab on Nick, who gets to the ropes, and Ortiz holds on to almost five.


Ortiz with the back scratch and threatens to do it to the referee. Santana and Matt tag in, Matt with a double clothesline. Body slam to Santana, Matt goes to the top and ends up diving down to Ortiz on the floor! Matt then hits an elbow drop, cover, two. Matt and nick with some double team moves, Nick with a kick to the head, diving stomp on the chest as Santana was bent back over Matt's knees. Nick with a running knee, then goes for a big kick to Ortiz from the apron, misses and blasts the ring apron. "I'm a genius!" Ortiz yells and then yanks Nick down on the apron, basically spiking him on it. He then sends Nick out into the crowd. Santana then throws Matt into the Rock N' Roll Express. Santana taunts them as Matt works his way back into the ring.

Back in the ring, Santana works over Nick's knees then boots Matt in the face. Nick with a dropkick attempt on both opponents, gets caught in midair, but lands on his feet, charges in, and eats a low double dropkick from both Santana and Ortiz. Crowd very much behind the Young Bucks. Ortiz with an outside dragon leg screw, cover, two. Nick slaps Ortiz, and Ortiz returns the favor. Ortiz with a headbutt, then eats a superkick and pretty much flair flops that. Matt and Santana tagged in, Matt with northern light suplex roll through three times. He then does it to both guys, another two times! Cover, two!


Buckle bomb/enziguri combo. Nick sells a foot injury, gets to the top slowly. Frog splash / standing moonsault combo, pin, two. Nick asks to tag out, but Ortiz then trips up Nick on the apron. Matt trying to fight off both opponents. Santana lands a cutter, double flapjack, Ortiz with a senton cannonball out to the floor. Ortiz lifts Matt on his shoulders, Santan heads to the top, Matt tries to fight it off, ends up countering street sweeper into a power bomb. Matt with a superkick to Ortiz. Ortiz takes a powerbomb / sliced bread #2 combo, cover, two. Meltzer drive attempt, Nick's leg gave away and he crashes down to the mat. Matt checks on his brother, puts him up on the top rope.

Santana makes the tag and does some planning with Ortiz, Nick then gets in the ring, very much in pain. Nick then spits his gum at Santana, Santana picks it up and eats it! Nick then swings away on both opponents. Santana spits the gum back at Nick. Nick with a flurry of kicks, despite the pain. He flips off Santana and hits a rising knee strike. Powerbomb on Nick, superkick to Nick's head, cover, Matt shoves Ortiz into the pin to break it up. Matt gets knocked to the floor. Street sweeper on Nick, cover, 1-2-3.


Winners: Proud and Powerful (Santana and Ortiz) via Pinfall

- Post-match, Sammy Guevara heads down to the ring with his camera in hand to celebrate a bit with his Inner Circle stablemates. Guevara then brings a sock full of baseballs. Rock 'N Roll Express up on the apron, Guevara and Ortiz charge and they go low, sending both guys to the floor. Matt and Robert beat up on Santana. Ricky then hits a slingshot canadian destroyer on Santana (with a little help from Matt to get him over). Ricky then hits a suicide dive on Guevara and Ortiz! Crowd pops big for those spots.

PAC vs. "Hangman" Adam Page

Back and forth action, fallaway suplex, kip up, standing moonsault, but PAC gets the knees up. Page with a big punch that sends PAC to the floor. Page with a suicide dive, sending PAC hard into the barricade. Pump-handle suplex on PAC, cover, two. PAC ends up on the apron, snaps the rope into Page's face! PAC with some kicks, then drives his foot into Page's head in the corner. PAC whips Page into the corner and stomps him in the back of the head.


Jim Ross noting that PAC is #2 and Page is #3 in the current AEW rankings. PAC really working over Page right now. PAC with a single leg dropkick to Page's head, does some taunting to the crowd. PAC heads to the second rope, goes for the phoenix splash, Page moves out of the way. Page with a lariat, chops to the chest, spinebuster, cover, two. Crowd with a "cowboy s—" chant. Both end up on the apron, side suplex on PAC! Page sends PAC into the barricade and then hits a moonsault off the top rope. Back in the ring, big boot to the face, cover, two.

PAC back out on the floor, sitting in the corner on a chair. Page approaches, but PAC kicks him and hits a brainbuster on the chair! Referee starts up his ten count, Page was in at 9 and 1/2, PAC barks at the referee. PAC heads to the top rope, hits a shotgun dropkick, pin, two. PAC with some hard kicks to the chest, enziguri lands, and heads to the top. Page just shoves him down, crotching him. Page heads up, super fallaway slam. Page on the apron buckshot lariat and eats a superkick. Page yells and charges, eats a snap suplex. PAC then goes for something and takes a powerbomb. Page looks for deadeye, PAC fights out of it and locks into a standing brutalizer. Page is fading and basically falls into the ropes to break the hold. PAC goes for the black arrow, nobody home. Page on the apron, buckshot lariat, nope, the two nearly run into the referee, lowblow kick attempt by PAC during the confusion, but Page blocks it. Lariat by Page, deadeye hits, cover, and that will do it.


Winner: "Hangman" Adam Page via Pinfall

- Replay of Brandi Rhodes and Awesome Kong beating up Bea Priestley and taking a lock of her hair. This happened during The Buy In pre-show.

Shawn Spears (with Tully Blanchard) vs. Joey Janela

Janela charges in and gets beat up a bit. Spears wearing a "No more garbage wrestling" shirt, which Janela ends up ripping off. Spears takes a breather on the outside, Blanchard trying to cause a distraction, but it doesn't work. Janela with a hurricanrana, sending Spears to the outside, Janela with a kick from the apron, attempts to dive off and Spears hits a spinning powerslam to the floor. Spears with multiple shots to Janela's back. Huge chop in the corner.

Spears with a side supex on the apron. In the ring, Spears hits a backbreaker, cover, two. Spears really working over the back. Janela gets sent over the top rope and he ended up crashing back first on the apron, ouch. Spears goes out to get Janela, backs him up against the turnbuckle. He takes off one of the pads and then ties Janela's hair to the tag rope. He swings away at Janela, who's locked in the corner. He kicks Spears a couple times and tries to run out of that, but his hair was tied up. He gets on the apron and just yanks himself out of it. Janela with a dropkick, nobody home, Spears with a sharpshooter, but Janela makes it to the bottom rope.


Janela lands a thrust kick, multiple forearms. Spears looks for a timeout on the floor, but Janela with a front flip off the top rope to the floor! Back in the ring, Janela goes up top, Spears leaps up and hits an overhead release suplex, cover, two. Spears sent to the floor, Janela with a suicide dive, throws Spears back in the ring, kicks to the head, lariat to the back of the head, suplex, pin, two-count. Blanchard with the distraction as Spears yanks off a turnbuckle pad, leaving it in the ring, Earl sees it and goes to put it back. Spears and Tully do a spiked piledriver out on the floor while Earl was busy with that! Spears gets back in the ring with Janela, death valley driver, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Shawn Spears via Pinfall

- Backstage, Kip Sabian talks with Goldenboy about wanting to carve his own path in AEW. Sabian says he realized people were forming alliances and looked into possibly working with The Hybrid 2, but he also found someone else that he has great chemistry with: Penelope Ford (aka Super Bad Squad). Ford says "Why be bad...when you can be super bad?"


SCU (Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky) (c) vs. Lucha Bros vs. Private Party (AEW World Tag Team Championship)

Kazarian and Quen get things started with a bunch of reversals that lead to a stalemate. Fenix tags himself in to go against Kazarian, knocks him to the mat, kick to the head. He then blasts Sky off the apron. Everyone in the ring now, Private Party thrown into each other, Lucha Bros with stereo superkick. Fenix with a suplex, cover, one-count. Pentagon tags in and continue to work over Kazarian.

Private Party both get in there to take out Pentagon Jr., try for a cover, two. Pentagon sat on the top turnbuckle, Quen throws some shots, Pentagon with a kick to the backside. Fenix tags in, doomsday dropkick by the Lucha Bros. Pentagon gorilla presses Cassidy right into a Fenix superkick. Lucha bros with the assisted monkey flip, cover, two. Pentagon with a backstabber on Quen, but Kazarian breaks up the pin. He then sends Cassidy out to the ramp that's connect to the ring. Quen with a pop-up dropkick. Quen looks to tag out, but his partner is out, so he's forced to tag Sky in the match. Sky with a big dropkick on Fenix. Sky with a couple kick, standing double stomp.

Slingshot cutter and rolls into a dragon sleeper. Kazarian with a cutter of his own on Cassidy. Pentagon boots Sky in the face to break up the hold and then boots Quen in the head. Kazarian with a leg drop over the rope on Pentagon, sending him to the floor, Kazarian then hits a hurricanrana on Pentagon. Quen with a fosbury flop on both guys. Sky then looks to fly and eats a kick from Fenix who walks with ropes with ease. Cassidy with a twisting splash on a group of guys. Fenix then wants to join the fun, goes to the top rope, dances on the ropes and hits a twisting backflip on the group! Unbelievable balance and body control with that move. Springboard crossbody on Sky by Fenix, cover, two.


Kazarian with the assisted DDT from the top rope down to the mat on Fenix, cover, Pentagon with a kick to break that up. Quen tags in, kick to Kazarian's head, another to Sky. Cassidy in there with a stunner and then slice bread #2. Quen with a shooting star press, pin, two-count. They look for gin and juice, Kazarian holds the ropes though. Sky throws Cassidy into Quen, Quen goes out to the floor. SCU-later hits on Cassidy, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: SCU via pinfall to retain the tag titles.

- Post-match, Lucha Bros attack the champions. Pentagon looks to finish off Kazarian on a chair. The lights go out though. In the ring is another Pentagon, the other Pentagon gives Pentagon Jr. an STO, Fenix jumps in, Christopher Daniels hits the angel's wings on Fenix, sending him onto Pentagon. Daniels pulls the mask off and grabs a chair, swinging at Pentagon who rolls out of the ring. Daniels hugs the other SCU members. Daniels yells at Fenix and Pentagon, "Let's finish this!"

Riho (c) vs. Emi Sakura (AEW Women's World Championship)


Back and forth action early on, Sakura using his strength advantage multiple times. Riho lands a double stomp down on the apron, but Sakura works her way back into the ring. Sakura does the "We will rock you" chant, crowd boos. She hits a running crossbody in the corner on the champ. She then locks in the surfboard stretch multiple times, rolling Riho around before doing it each time.

Riho gets back into the match, lands a 619, heads to the top rope and hits a diving crossbody, cover, two. Sakura with a vader stomp, then a vader bomb, pin, two-count. Riho works her way back into the match for a moment, but eats a couple hard slaps, Riho with a body capture into a standing double stomp, northern lights suplex, two-count.

Riho up to the top rope, double stomp, cover, two. Sakura with a backdrop driver, she then plants Riho to the mat, pin, Riho gets a foot on the bottom rope. Multiple quick counters for pins, knees to the side of Sakura's head. Riho with a nifty hurricanrana around Sakura's body that led to her stacking up the challenger for the victory.


Winner: Riho via pinfall to retain the AEW Women's World Championship

Chris Jericho with Jake Hager (c) vs. Cody with MJF (AEW World Championship)

If Cody doesn't win the match, he can never challenge for the AEW Title again. Dean Malenko, Arn Anderson, and The Great Muta will be the three judges who will decide a winner if the match goes behind the 60 minute time limit. Cody's mom is sitting ringside. Crowd with a "Cody" chant, Jericho flips off the crowd, crowd responds with a "F– your birthday!" Both wrestlers are wearing a weightbelt. Back and forth reversals early on, Cody with a cartwheel taunt to Jericho. jericho back Cody into the corner, slaps him in the face, then heads to the outside and says something to Hager.


Jericho with a shoulder tackle and taunts his grand achievement. He follows up with a couple chops, but eats a rising right head from Cody. Jericho back out to the floor, he taunts the judges a bit, and stares at Malenko for a moment. Back in the ring, Cody regains control of the match. Cody is looking to focus on Jericho's right arm, wanting to weaken that judas effect. Spinning body slam on Jericho, cover, two. Cody the clothesline that sends Jericho on the ramp. Cody then goes for a suicide dive and lands really hand down on the metal ramp. Cody has quite the bloody gash over his eye after that move. The doctor checks on Cody, but it seems like they are letting this go on. Hager hands Jericho a chair, who just ends up sitting in it for a moment. Jericho swinging away on the wound, then dumps Cody out to the floor. MJF then yells at the referee to turn around while Hager pops Cody. Doctor wipes off Cody's face, but he's more concerned about his ribs. Cody back up to the apron, Jericho then drapes Cody's midsection on the top rope.


Cody gets up and starts swinging away, but Jericho hits a kitchen sink, cover, two. Cody drops Jericho, goes for a top rope moonsault, but nobody home, Jericho with the pin, two-count. Jericho just working Cody over with a bunch of submissions. Cody lands a few punches, tries for a dropkick, nope, lionsault by Jericho, but Cody gets the knees up. Cody with springboard diamond cutter, pin, two. Cody with punches and kicks, ten-punches in the corner, disaster kick sends Jericho to the floor. On the floor, Jericho with kicks to the midsection, then tosses Cody back first into the ring post. Cody's mom barks at Jericho, "you suck!" she then slaps Jericho in the face and yells "f— you!" Back in the ring, Cody with an alabama slam, then goes into a figure-four. Crowd with a "tap!" chant.

Jericho reverse it, but Cody rolls back around and grabs the rope. Hager then swings at Cody when the referee wasn't looking. Hager gets on the apron and yells at Cody. Jericho charges in and knocks Hager off the apron. Cody tries for the roll-up, two, gets sent into Hager and he punches Cody in the face. Hager is then sent to the back by the ref. MJF taunts Hager a bit, and gets thrown into the barricade. While all of this is going on Jericho grabs the title and swings it right into Cody's head. He dumps the title and falls to the mat as Aubrey Edwards gets back in the ring.


Jericho crawls over for the pin, two-count. Both wrestlers are up, Jericho tries for the judas effect, Cody counters with cross rhodes! Cover, 1-2-no! Crowd thought that was it. Both wrestlers swinging back and forth from their knees. Cody with a tribute to Dusty Rhodes, hits the bionic elbow, cover, two. Cody looks for the disaster kick and goes right into the codebreaker, cover, two. MJF is back up and looking on from ringside. Jericho takes off the weightbelt and whips Cody with some hard shots to the back. Edwards finally takes the belt from Jericho and tosses it out of the ring. Jericho heads to the second rope, eats a kick from Cody. Cody heads up to the top rope for the hurricanrana, Jericho reverses into the liontamer in the middle of the ring. Cody finally grabs the bottom rope to break it, Edwards backs Jericho up, Jericho shoves her, and she shoves him back, Cody with the roll-up. Jericho tries for the liontamer again. MJF has a white towel in his hand now. Jericho stomping on Cody's head while keeping the move in. Jericho now really wrenching back on Cody, and MJF throws in the towel! Crowd booing hard at that move.


Winner: Chris Jericho via MJF throwing in the towel to retain the AEW World Championship

- Post-match, Inner Circle comes out with the bubbly to celebrate with the champion. MJF is in the ring with a dejected Cody. MJF is sad and saying he's sorry. Cody isn't even listening and seems pretty annoyed at what happened. MJF and Cody talks a bit, MJF then kicks Cody between the legs! He smiles and then sneers at Cody, shoving Cody to the mat, yelling "My time!" Crowd with an a-hole chant. While heading backstage, MJF gets a some liquid thrown at him from a fan! MJF stares at him for a second and then heads to the back.

Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega (Unsanctioned Lights Out Match)

Commentary noting Moxley needs to avoid getting confrontational with referees or it could results in punishment. Paul Turner (who Moxley attacked last) is the referee. Action is fast and furious, Moxley with a black hole in the ring. Moxley looks under the ring for a trash can and lid. Moxley smacks Omega with the lid, but the two end up crashing out on the floor. Omega sends Moxley over the barricade, Omega then with a leaping dropkick on Moxley over the barricade. They are brawling in the crowd now. Omega takes a can of beer and smacks Moxley with it.


Omega puts a trash can on Moxley, Omega goes up up and hits a double stomp on his opponent. They make their way back to ringside, Moxley with a barbed wire bat, smacking Omega multiple times in the back, causing him to start bleeding. Moxley yells at Omega, "talk some s— now!" and jams the barbed wire in his back, then stomps down on it. Moxley tries to jam the bat into Omega's face, Omega fights it off but gets some of that on his arm. Omega able to get a trash can and smack Moxely over the head and then jams Moxley down on it. Omega picks up the barbed wire bat, but tosses it aside. He goes out and grabs a table. He then angles the table on the barricade. He grabs his barbed wire broom.

Just as Omega faces Moxley, he eats a trash can. Moxley goes for a suicide dive and gets the broom right into his head! Blood is pouring out the back of Moxley's head from that. Omega then scrapes away at Moxley's back. Omega then gets the bat and drags it along Moxley's forehead. Omega pulls out another trash can. Omega ends up using the trash can after hitting a second rope moonsault, didn't get all of it, cover, two. Omega then pulls out a giant wooden board that has a bunch of mouse traps on it! He puts it in the ring, but Moxley stops him, flurry of kicks and punches from both guys.


Moxley with a release suplex on Omega and he gets snapped by about half of the traps. Moxley now bringing in a bunch of chains and piles them up. He kicks Omega in the face and hits a sidewalk slam right on the chains, ow. Moxley goes for the pin, only a one-count. Moxley offers up his face for a couple punches, then wraps the chain around Omega's mouth and yanks back. Omega throws a trash can lid back at Moxley, and does so again multiple times. Moxley grabs a small ice pick, swings and misses at Omega. He goes to jab Omega's head, misses and sticks it in the top turnbuckle pad. Omega with a snap dragon suplex and hits it again.

Moxley bites Omega's face, but Omega hits a third snap dragon suplex. Omega grabs the chain and wraps it around Moxley's neck. He then whips Moxley over the top rope and is choking him out! Omega ended up losing his grip though before Moxley passes out. Omega looks to fly, flips over the top rope and puts both himself and Moxley through a table.


Omega then gets a black bag and pulls out shatter glass, apparently from the table Moxley put Omega through. Omega then looks to jam it in Moxley's face and instead rips it between Moxley's fingers. Omega then stomps on the glasses and spills it out in the middle of the ring. As he turns around, Moxley tries to get him, but Omega with the sitout spine buster on the glass! Omega got some on his hand. Referee Paul Turner gets some on his hands as he made the pinfall call. Omega then just drags Moxley's through the glass and puts in the sharpshooter. Moxley is now crawling through broken glass to get to the ropes! There's no rope break, but he's using it to pull himself upright to get out of the hold.

Omega picks up some of the glass and forces some in Moxley's mouth and goes for v-trigger, misses, gets german suplexed on the glass. Omega kicks Moxley in the mouth and glass comes out. Moxley spills out to the ramp and crawls away from the ring. Omega takes that ice pick from earlier and drags it along Moxley's forehead. Omega calls for The Young Bucks and Adam Page to bring something out. They say no, but Omega convinces them to bring out a huge board of barbed wire. Omega looks for one winged angel off the stage onto it. Moxley breaks free, Omega with v-trigger, Moxley with a suplex on the barbed wire! They both go down on it! Crowd with a "holy s—" chant. Both wrestlers are helped out of it, Omega is out first, Moxley climbs out second.


Moxley then just punches the random guys that were nearby to help them out. Omega smacks Moxley with some of the lighting. Omega charges and the two crash through a portion of the stage. Paul Turner is wanting to throw the match out. Moxley climbs out with some Young Bucks dollar bills stuck to his forehead. The two make their way to the ring, Moxley with a paradigm shift on the glass, cover, Omega kicked out. Moxley is now cutting away the ties from the ring apron.

Moxley exposes the ring boards by pulling away the padding. Turner trying to get Moxley to stop. Moxley almost with a gotch style piledriver, Omega counters with a back body drop on the wood boards. V-trigger to the back of the head, one winged angel, no, paradigm shift, no, Omega hits paradigm shift, cover, two! Omega heads to the top rope, phoenix splash misses on the boards! Moxley goes for the pin, cover, two. Moxley with paradigm shift on the wood board, cover, 1-2-3


Winner: Jon Moxley via Pinfall

- Post-match, Moxley is amped up. The Young Bucks check on Omega. Moxley asks the camera if he's number four or five now and says it doesn't matter, flipping off the camera. Moxley jaws with the camera some more as Matt and Nick continue to check on Omega.