A couple of days ago, AJ Styles called Mauro Ranallo the best commentator in the business. Tonight a Twitter user called out Styles for the tweet and said that he was purposedly acting like JR or Tony Schiavone didn't exist.

Styles tweeted, "@mauroranallo is easily the best commentator in the biz." The user's response was, "Stop acting like you don't know who @JRsBBQ is cause you work in that "universe" where no other company exists. I love @mauroranallo and he should be calling Raw but he's not better then @JRsBBQ or @tonyschiavone24."

AJ ended up replying back to the user. He stood by his words and called the user an idiot and a moron.

He tweeted, "Normally I don't reply to real morons, but you've earned it. @mauroranallo is one of the busiest commentators not only in wrestling, but in sports that people get knocked out. Why do you think that's so? You simple minded idiot."

Below is their interaction: