WWE RAW Superstar Andrade recently spoke with Super Luchas for an interview on various topics. The website sent us the following highlights, which have been roughly translated from Spanish.

Andrade talked about adapting to the WWE style of in-ring action, and said he's currently working the style he wants to. He feels like he's had strong matches with Rey Mysterio, Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, and WWE United States Champion AJ Styles. He also credited the WWE Performance Center, but said the directions from people like Triple H and William Regal often contradict each other.

"It wasn't difficult, at least not so much," Andrade said when asked about adopting the WWE style. "Sometimes It's hard when you come from Mexico, because it's a different style, but I had the advantage of my tours to Japan, and with that experience I was able to understand what WWE want from me. But the Performance Center has a lot of coaches, and some of them like one thing and others like another. Sometimes you run into Triple H or you run into William Regal, and it's difficult to follow their directions because sometimes they contradict each other. With the time I understood the style, now they like what I do and they have booked me with great rivals. I feel that I have had great matches with Rey Mysterio, AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins... Now I have the style I want."

As the founding member of the Los Ingobernables stable, Andrade was asked about possible reuniting the group in WWE. He talked about Rush, who was once rumored to sign with WWE, currently being signed to ROH, and how they have chemistry. He also commented on La Máscara possibly coming to WWE to help form an all-Mexican stable with guys like Humberto Carrillo, Angel Garza and El Hijo del Fantasma, who is working WWE NXT under his real name, Jorge Bolly.

"I would love to," Andrade said of a possible reunion. "Rush and I have a great friendship, we have a lot of chemistry above the ring, and outside the ring even more. I keep talking to him, we give advice, he asks me about his contracts and what I think: 'Should I sign with them?'

"When I started at NXT there was a time when I wanted to quit and return to Mexico, but he said, 'No, stay there. Many of us wanted to be in your place. Focus, man!" I would love if he signs with WWE and reform our team, because we have great chemistry. I would help him to adapt quickly. Right now he has a contract with ROH and he already understands the United States style very well. The name of Los Ingobernables is registered by other companies, but you see how The OC, The Original Club, is handled in WWE. It would be great if we can do something similar if La Máscara came, if Rush came. We can form a stable with other Mexicans like Humberto, like Garza, like Hijo del Fantasma."

A possible NXT Mexico brand was also brought up during the interview and Andrade said he has heard the rumors. He was asked if he thinks the Mexican fans would accept a NXT Mexico brand, or if they would be jealous because of the culture of lucha libre.

"I have also heard the rumors," Andrade said. "It would be good for Latinos and Mexicans to have a Performance Center in Mexico to make the transition easier when they arrived in the United States. What I don't know is if the Mexican fans would accept it, but every time we go to Mexico we have a great atmosphere in the arena, a lot of people go to our shows."

Andrade was also asked about teaching the Mexican style of wrestling to his girlfriend, Charlotte Flair.

"As we live in Orlando we train at the Performance Center," Andrade said. "She helps me a lot, gives me advice on how to handle the cameras, the promos. She knows a lot about all that. And I have taught her what I learned in Mexico and Japan. Moves, holds, how to get hit, how to hit, how to show more personality, many things she likes. She gives me advice, I give her advice. We are always helping each other, and that benefits us a lot in the relationship we currently have."