WWE Hall of Famer and a member of the team backstage in AEW, Arn Anderson, took some time to speak with the media at Starrcast this past weekend. During the discussion, Arn opened up about why he believes WWE's Luke Harper hasn't received proper recognition for his abilities in the ring.

"A lot of guys wonder why I pick out Luke - Luke Harper is about 6'4", he was about 300 lbs. and he trimmed down to I would probably say 250 lbs. His thought process before he goes to the ring, his planning, his ability to go out and whatever, if he has a lesser opponent, to be dominant, if he has an opponent of equal value, he knows how to get that guy over," Arn said.

On his podcast alongside Conrad Thompson, Arn had previously mentioned how special of a talent he thinks Harper is. Luke reminds Arn of heels from the past, who would know when to adjust their work to showcase whoever the spotlight should be on throughout the match.

"He's a throwback to the days when a top heel knew what his job was. And was job was to feature the guy in the ring with him and make him a star," Arn explained. "Luke Harper is one of those guys and he's big enough, and he's rugged enough that he can make you believe anything he wants to. I just think a guy like that has so much value because he's a big guy who doesn't work like a big guy, if that makes any sense."

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