Below are highlights from the latest episode of Being the Elite:

* Backstage, Matt and Nick complain about not finding any water in the arena, except for the one bottle Matt has. They bump into Rick Knox. Nick tells Matt to throw his empty water bottle on the floor to make sure he does his job and pick it up. Matt tosses the bottle, Knox ends up stepping on it, says he doesn't care anymore and walks off. Matt and Nick can't believe it. They then see Private Party, drinking some water, Private Party then lets the Young Bucks know, "this ain't water" and both take a sip. Nick can't believe they are drinking alcohol backstage while they are paying paid. Matt asks what it is, Cassidy says "Want to find out?" Matt responds, "We don't do alcohol" and everybody cracks up laughing.

* Justin Roberts works on saying "Nakazawa."

* Clips shown of Adam Page vs. Sammy Guevara, and Santana & Ortiz taking out the Rock 'N Roll Express on this past Wednesday's Dynamite.

* Backstage, Best Friends and Orange Cassidy talking about their match, which they won. Trent isn't in a good mood though because he didn't want to dress up as Morty from Rick & Morty. "I look like s---!" Trent yells and walks off. Jerry Lynn walks up, dressed as Orange Cassidy.

* Clip of Kenny Omega's entrance on Dynamite.

* SCU attempt to recreate a scene from Pulp Fiction. Christopher Daniels (as Uma Therman's character) dances with Frankie Kazarian (as John Travolta's character). Scorpio Sky then rolls in as Marsellus Wallace, but ends up just saying "Damn!" like Ron Simmons and walks off.

* Backstage, Peter Avalon complains to Leva Bates about Jon Moxley attacking him in the ring on Dynamite. Avalon wants to make sure that didn't count against his record (currently 0-3). Avalon reminds Bates she's 0-2. Bates then justifies their records like scoring in golf, the lower the number, the better they are.

* Clips shown from last week's show and backstage with some reactions from other stars watching the matches. SCU heads backstage after winning the AEW Tag Titles, getting a standing ovation from other people in the room. They get their nameplates put on the titles.

* After the show, The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega head out to throws shirts to the crowd. A fan had a sign with a hole in it and Nick tries to throw shirts through it. He finally does so on the third try and the crowd pops big for him.