WWE Hall of Famer Booker T and actor/podcaster Macaulay Culkin look to be having a back and forth on Twitter over the past week after Culkin initially threw a jab at Christian during last weekend’s Survivor Series Kickoff.

“Hey look, it’s @Christian4Peeps. My 3rd favorite Marty Jannetty,” Culkin wrote. “Speaking of the Pre-Show: Glad to see @BookerT5x is still on it since you know he’d be hosting a pre-show even it was by himself in his breakfast nook with no cameras.”

“You didn’t say that, tell me you didn’t just say that,” Booker responded.

“Oh I did, now tell me: can you dig that Suckahhhhh???” Culkin wrote along with posting a spinaroonie gif.

“You better what your mouth sucka or I’m going to have to do something. Don’t get me hot!” Booker wrote back.

“Look, Book. I’ve been training with @RickMartelWWE ever since he took your WCW Television Championship back in 1998. In fact, he gave it to me for Christmas last year, but I just re-gifted it to Tito Santana. #suckah” Culkin replied.

“Okay Culk. You asked for it. You’ll have a response from me in the morning,” Booker finished.

In the comments below, Renee Young wondered if a future WWE Backstage appearance was in Culkin’s future.

“Ummmmmm can we get @IncredibleCulk on Backstage to settle this?” Young wondered.

“We may have to,” The WWE on FOX Twitter account replied to Young.