Brock Lesnar Destroys WWE RAW Announcer Dio Maddin, Maddin Explains What Happened

WWE has not announced a storyline injury update on RAW announcer Dio Maddin as of this writing. Last night's RAW from Long Island, NY saw WWE Champion Brock Lesnar destroy Maddin in a segment that featured Paul Heyman threatening another RAW announcer, WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler, during Lesnar's hunt for Rey Mysterio.

Heyman told Lawler that this time no one would resuscitate Lawler, a reference to the September 10, 2012 RAW episode where The King suffered a heart attack while doing live commentary, right after teaming with Randy Orton to defeat Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk. The threat from Heyman is when Maddin stepped to Lesnar, coming face to face.

Maddin, who was billed at 6 foot 7 inches while recently working as WWE NXT Superstar Brennan Williams, towered over The Beast a bit during the face-off. Lesnar is billed at 6 foot 3 inches. Lesnar immediately decked Maddin and put him through the RAW announce table with a F5. Mysterio would then appear and destroy Lesnar with a steel pipe, which led to Rey issuing a Survivor Series challenge for the WWE Title, which Lesnar later accepted to confirm the match for the November 24 pay-per-view.

The attack to Maddin was early on in the show. He never returned to commentary and no update was given as Lawler and Vic Joseph finished the show together.

While WWE has not commented on Maddin's status, he did take to Twitter after RAW and sort of explained the showdown with the WWE Champion.

"Mama didn't raise no punk. She might have raised a dummy. But not a punk," Maddin tweeted.

Above is video from the Lesnar – Maddin angle. Below is his full tweet: