By 1993 Hulkamania was nearing its end in WWE as Hogan was involved in the steroid controversy that swept over wrestling and some fans had begun to tire of his All-American gimmick. But WWE didn’t tinker with his gimmick and kept him a babyface throughout his WWE run and it wouldn’t be until he went to WCW that he turned heel.

But if Bruce Prichard had his way, they would have turned Hogan heel in 1993 as he explained on his Something to Wrestle podcast.

“In 1993 I think I would have loved to turn Hulk Hogan heel. I would have loved to of turned Hulk Hogan heel and work an extended program with Bret Hart ending up with the WWF Championship in the middle of that, but it would have ended up with Bret and the title,” revealed Prichard. “I think if you take the jealousy role and amplify that a little bit and do nothing different than what we were doing because during that time the audience was booing Hulk Hogan. There was a segment of the audience already booing him so just kind of flip the script and do similar with what we did with The Rock. Put him in with a guy who is a champion who is starting to become beloved so it’s a simple jealousy angle and it would have been the right way to turn him at least in WWE.

“It would have been a tough road I’ll say that because there were pockets that Hulk Hogan was the hero and nothing was going to change that.”

Instead of having Hogan and Hart battle for the title, Yokozuna was used as a transitional champion between the two. Yokozuna won the title from Hart at WrestleMania IX only to then lose it later that night to Hogan.

Hogan then lost the title back to Yokozuna only for Hart to regain it from him at WrestleMania X.

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