AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes participated in a media call today to promote AEW Full Gear on Saturday, and his match with AEW World Champion Chris Jericho. Below are highlights from the call:

* He talked about the three judges being brought in as potential tiebreakers to the match with Jericho if it goes past 60 minutes on Saturday. He said they will be championship caliber, familiar faces, qualified to judge the match. He thinks people will be excited to see the judges. He says they will not be the makeup artist like TNA had at one point. He also teased that they may use judges in the future, but said this was the match that needed it. He gave his word that he will not challenge for the AEW World Title in the future, if he loses, and that's that

* He said despite some of his past comments, he had props for WWE TV boss Kevin Dunn. He talked about learning from WWE and praised their production. He also praised AEW's Keith Mitchell for his production work, saying there's a sports aspect to what Mitchell does. He said the AEW production crew is a family

* Cody doesn't like the word "mid-card" being used when it comes to titles. He did tease that there will be another AEW title in the future, perhaps in the next month or so. He wants to make sure the next "prize" (a word used multiple times) means just as much as everything else

* The weekly AEW Top 5 Rankings will be revealed later today, and will be released each week

* He thinks his father Dusty Rhodes would be happy for the family involved with AEW and the wrestling business as a whole. He says he's the expert on Dusty, despite a lot of people in the business often saying they know Dusty well or better. He commented on believing that Dusty would happy that the fans would are going nuts over AEW. Cody ended the question by saying he knows Dusty would have loved AEW

* Cody said he could see the Bleacher Report Live and WarnerMedia partnerships leading to more special events that aren't like Dynamite or the regular pay-per-views, specials events like Fyter Fest and Fight for the Fallen were