Since forming AEW, Cody and Brandi Rhodes have been working on making the company the best it can be. Both coming from the WWE system, they understand how the game works. Cody and Brandi know what they want and what they don't want AEW to be.

Speaking on The Fan Morning Show with Jeff & Big Joe, the Rhodes' were asked what the ultimate goal of AEW was. In short, it is meant to be something different that gives the wrestlers control of their lives.

"The goal is to always be an alternative to WWE. WWE has done some really great and wonderful stuff, they are the house that built me for sure," Cody stated. "But, for 18-20 years, them being the only company, kind of puts them in the position where people assume pro wrestling is WWE. I was reminded of Bruiser, The Crusher. Wrestling is not one company, it doesn't belong to any company, it is a thing."

When WCW was around, Vince McMahon had someone like Ted Turner to compete with. It wasn't until the Khan's came into the fold where someone similar would make a dent in wrestling.

"With someone like Tony Khan and having the business acumen and the financial capital, nothing like that has happened," Cody continued. "So many people have stated we'd like to compete with WWE, we'd love to be an alternative. It wasn't possible until he showed up and did the best possible thing he could do; he let the wrestlers run a wrestling company."

Something that differentiates AEW from WWE is the win-loss record of the former. Contenders are made and rankings are justified as a result of the records. What will become of the win-loss records when 2019 turns to 2020? There are a few ideas that come to mind.

"When the year ends and AEW is in Jacksonville in January, that is when the plan to reset is," Cody stated. "Tony is obsessed with numbers. He mentioned we'll do a reset, but we'll have your overall record on there. I'm thinking that's a lot of numbers with their Twitter handle and their nickname.

"He has a point: your overall record will always be intact, but just to keep the top fives for women, tag teams and men's singles, every year will reset."

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