Below are highlights for AEW: The Road to Sears Centre:

* Cody is asked if he had any comments about loss to AEW World Champion Chris Jericho at Full Gear, and he simply says, "No." He's then asked if he thought through the decision to never challenge for the title again, Cody declines to answer that question, as well. He's then asked about MJF turning on him after the match, but we don't get an answer as the segment cuts away.

* Recap of last year's All In taking place at the Sears Centre in Chicago, then returning to the same venue this past August for All Out. The promotion will return for a third time on this Wednesday's episode of Dynamite. Highlights are shown of Cody deciding to add the stipulation that he wouldn't ever challenge for the AEW Title again, if he lost to Jericho. We see clips from the match, including Cody busting his face open on a rough suicide dive on the ramp. MJF (Cody's corner man for the match) threw in the towel, then turned on Cody afterwards with a lowblow kick. Cody attempted to get some revenge on Dynamite, but got beat up by MJF and a debuting Wardlow.

* AEW Ring Physician Dr. Michael Sampson decided not to clear Cody for any in-ring action after his Full Gear match. Sampson noted that Rhodes had not only the laceration about his eye, but sustained a rib injury from that same suicide dive, as well. He wasn't big on Cody's run-in that he did on Dynamite, although the laceration is healing well. He noted the rib injury needs time to heal up though.

* Cody tells a story of coming to the interview he cut off a driver, the other guy flipped him off and said "f--- you!" Cody says he doesn't have a relationship with that guy, so someone can do that and it doesn't matter. He said MJF turning on him did matter. Cody continues that he should be really angry and wants a better explanation from MJF, but thinks his "lust for revenge" is so great, he wouldn't even hear his former friend. "I know Max was not a good guy, I know he's a heel. But he was my heel and I hand picked him." Cody says he feels bad for what's going to happen. Cody says he'll be cleared, wants to wrestle a match, and address MJF.