As noted, WWE released the premiere episode of their After The Bell podcast this week. During the show, host Corey Graves took some time to discuss two current WWE superstars that he feels aren't getting the recognition and TV time that they deserve.

"In my opinion, Cesaro is the single-most underrated superstar, most underutilized superstar, not only in WWE but in the entire wrestling industry," Graves stated. "I have known Cesaro for probably close to fifteen years. I remember when he came to the United States and he used to wrestle in business attire with the dress shirt, and cut-off sleeves, and a tie. There was something about him; everything about Cesaro is this business. We always say it about Randy Orton - if you were to design a sports entertainer from the ground up, to me, Cesaro is kind of that same ilk.

"From the physicality, to what he's capable of, to the technique, I mean, this dude has literally dedicated his life," Corey continued. "He's traveled around the wold through Europe, through Japan, through Mexico learning different styles, and there is literally no one you can put into a ring in WWE with Cesaro that won't tear it down. Cesaro is incapable of having a bad match; I mean, he may tell you otherwise. I'm telling you from my perspective as a guy that's watched every second of WWE for the last three-and-a-half, four years. Cesaro is the guy."

If there's any specific reason Cesaro hasn't received a main event level push, Graves thinks it might have to do with his promo work on the microphone. Corey believes that Cesaro's incomparable in-ring ability should overshadow any flaws on the mic that higher-ups may see, and he's adamant that Cesaro gets a main event pay-per-view match one day.

"I guess it's because he's not necessarily compelling on the microphone," Graves admitted. "Again, he'll be the first to admit that to you. I don't want to listen to Cesaro give a five minute diatribe backstage or in the ring to kick off RAW or SmackDown. I guess maybe that's why he isn't getting the opportunities to be 'The Guy'.

"But I challenge you to find another superstar on the roster, other than maybe a Seth Rollins, who, given the platform of a WWE ring or a ring anywhere in the world for that matter, but given the time to do what he does best, Cesaro will have an arena full of people chanting his name on their feet because they believe," Corey added. "Because Cesaro believes like nobody else and I think it's overdue to show the world what he's truly capable of. And I'm talking about a 15, 20, or 30 minute main event on a pay-per-view."

Graves is also outspoken about his affinity for the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Drew Gulak. Corey had high praise for Drew's mat wrestling style and his promo work, mentioning that Drew's PowerPoint presentations haven't allowed him to really shine on the mic like Graves knows he can.

"Another guy that I think is not getting his just due but I believe he will in time is Drew Gulak. Gulak is different - he's a wrestler in the ring. When the bell rings, Gulak wrestles and it's different," Corey explained. "His presentation, the way he goes about things in the ring, [he's] another one that if given the right stage and not getting killed by Braun Strowman, or the Lucha House Party, or whoever else that week, Gulak can talk. I don't know if the PowerPoint presentations are going to be his keys to the kingdom. But if you've gotten to see anything he's capable of on 205 Live or during his reign as cruiserweight champion - remember the match where he won the Cruiserweight Title and it was a triple threat match? Gulak is the real deal. And I'm glad, at least, that he caught the attention of somebody to earn a roster spot on SmackDown."

Now that both Cesaro and Gulak have been drafted to SmackDown, Graves fantasizes about the two competing in a one-on-one, hard-hitting contest.

"I'm genuinely excited because I enjoy what Gulak is capable of," Graves said. "And I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about the potential of a Drew Gulak vs. Cesaro. I'm not entirely certain it's not happened somewhere before in a different promotion on the independents, but give me those two guys on SmackDown. You want a sports feel? You want to make everybody believe that these two guys are going to manipulate the hell out of one another's bodies and hurt one another in the most unique, interesting ways? These are the two guys to do it. And also, they'll smack the living hell out of one another during the duration. That kind of stuff excites me."

You can listen to the full podcast above. If you use any quotes from this article, please credit After The Bell with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.