Before becoming a Vice President for NWA, David Lagana was a writer for many wrestling promotions including WWE. He worked there for six years and got to know many of the Superstars and backstage officials.

It was also while he was there that Linda McMahon began her political career and Lagana discussed the possibility of Stephanie following in her mother’s footsteps by running for office.

“I see someday, like her mother, she’ll run for political office someday,” Lagana said on Prime Time with Sean Mooney. “She is in her early 40s, a mother of three daughters, and has worked in successful businesses. She’s a great brand ambassador. She’s a very unique human, and she’s just about to start whatever the next journey of her life would be. She obviously has the skill set to do a lot in this world.”

Lagana was a WWE writer during John Cena’s arrival into the company and his ascent up the ranks. He talked about an infamous Cena promo when he criticized the XFL as The Doctor of Thuganomics at WrestleMania XIX. While dissing rapper Fabolous, Cena said that he was “a bad idea, just like the XFL.”

“I remember John was the first person to mention the XFL in a negative tone in that company. It was 2003, and the pain was still fresh,” Lagana recalled. “It was actually WrestleMania. He did it on Heat and I remember this goes to the, ‘Vince would like to see you.’

“That WrestleMania, Gorilla was in either center field or right field, and Vince’s office was on third base, and so it was a 20 minute walk to Vince’s office. There he is, he’s wrestling that night, and he’s f***ing jacked up. He’s in his black pants and his wifebeater and he goes ,’What the hell was that XFL line?’ And he goes, ‘From now on, I need to know everything he’s gonna say.’ No problem. I took it on the chin and went back to John and we learned.”

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