Diamond Dallas Page and Eric Bischoff have been friends for decade. Much of DDP's rise in WCW can be credited to Bischoff believing in him and Page selected Bischoff to induct him into WWE's Hall of Fame.

Bischoff was recently fired from his post with WWE and DDP talked about that when he spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

"I think maybe the style up there didn't mesh. When you're up there in that spot, it's like being a manager for the Yankees. They're gonna give you a shot and if things don't work out, then onto the next. But there's nobody I've seen in my life who lands on their feet as well as Eric Bischoff," stated DDP.

"I've been proud to call him one of my close friends forever. If he's not a Hall of Famer then I really don't know who is because that cat changed the business. He changed it in a way that there weren't 37 different wrestling companies, there was one that was Goliath and one that was a little bigger than David. Then before you knew it, for 83 weeks he turned WCW into Goliath."

DDP said he didn't really see Bischoff's vision when he rose to power in 1994 but everything became clearer by 1996 when Nitro was defeating Raw in ratings.

These days Page is focusing on his yoga business DDPY. He mentioned a special going on for veterans ahead of Veteran's Day in November.

"Anybody who goes to DDPY.com, you've got seven days free on the app. Or if you're old school you can get the DVDs. Right now it's 20 percent off on everything," stated Page. "I never go more than 30 percent ever, and that's the Christmas time, but if you're a veteran it is always 50 percent off on the DVDs and the app.

"You just have to go through, fill out a form, get you checked out and you get clicked off and you get 50 percent off."

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