Dio Maddin Still Off WWE RAW To Sell Brock Lesnar Attack

Dio Maddin is still a member of the WWE RAW announce team as of today, according to PWInsider.

Maddin has been off TV since taking the beatdown from WWE Champion Brock Lesnar on the November 4 RAW episode. Maddin stood up to Lesnar after Paul Heyman threatened WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler. Lesnar then attacked Maddin and put him through the announce table with a F5.

There had been some fan speculation on WWE possibly going to a two-man booth on RAW, with Lawler and Vic Joseph, like they have on SmackDown with Michael Cole and Corey Graves, after Dio didn't appear once again this week. However, PWInsider reports that Dio is still being kept off TV to sell the attack from Lesnar.

There's no word yet on when Maddin will be brought back to RAW, but he is still a member of the announce team. It looks like Lawler and Joseph will continue to call the show with various Superstars until Dio returns. Samoa Joe helped Lawler and Joseph call most of this week's RAW.

Stay tuned for updates on Dio's status.