It was revealed on ITV in the UK this week that former TNA President Dixie Carter is related to UK TV personality Declan Donnelly.

The revelation was made on the "Ant and Dec's DNA Journey" program, where Declan and TV partner Anthony McPartlin start with DNA lines from their mothers, and trace those around the world to uncover family members and secrets they never knew.

This week's show revealed that Dixie and Dec are related on his father's side, sharing a four-times great grandfather. Dixie and Dec met for the first time ever at a pub in Ireland, something Dixie hinted at on her Instagram a while back.

On a related note, UK Metro covered the reveal on ITV and noted that Dixie is doing well for herself in life after Impact Wrestling, claiming that her "other businesses" outside of pro wrestling brought in $5 billion last year.

You can see the episode with Dixie and Dec's meeting in the video above.

In a new post made today, Dixie took to Instagram and commented on meeting her cousin.

"YES.....Declan Donnelly is my cousin! It's not a wrestling storyline. Dec's fabulous. Ant too. Been hard keeping this secret. Catch the finale of #AntAndDecDNAJourney on @ITV TONIGHT at 9 pm. @antanddec @bgt @impactwrestling #family #cousinlove," she wrote.

You can see the full post with photo below: