Eric Bischoff discussed his recent job as WWE SmackDown Executive Director, not getting to meet AEW President & CEO Tony Khan, and more during the post-show for his 83 Weeks podcast - "After 83 Weeks with Christy Olson." You can see the show above or download it on iTunes at this link. The show also sent us quotes, seen below.

Bischoff revealed that he almost got to meet Khan at the recent birthday roast of Tony Schiavone, but that meeting didn't happen as former WCW announcer Mark Madden roasted Khan until he stormed out of the event.

Bischoff recalled, "Right at the very beginning of this thing, everybody's seated. Mark Madden opens up and he goes, 'Hey, look over there! Tony Khan the money mark! How many executive vice presidents do you have in your company anyway?' Evidently Tony took exception to that and got up and left. So I could have, I guess, had an opportunity to meet Tony Khan. But Mark Madden f--ked it up for me…and by me telling this story I probably just f--ked it up for myself, but whatever."

Bischoff was hired to work as the new SmackDown Executive Director back in late June, but then dismissed from the job in mid-October. He talked to Olson about what his role was as the Executive Director of the blue brand.

"The role, as it was originally defined to me, was to oversee the process and oversee the SmackDown brand, not to necessarily be involved in creative other than to oversee the management of it," Bischoff said. "Also to essentially oversee all of the other elements of the business that had anything to do with SmackDown. So it was a very broad description. Keep in mind it was a new job. It wasn't a position that had previously existed in WWE. I'm sure a lot of thought went into it, but I think the position is most likely still evolving and being defined."