When it comes to pro wrestling stories, Jim Ross might be an encyclopedia of knowledge. In the wrestling business for a long time, “Good ol’ JR” knows a thing or two about having a good time. He also knows something about which wrestlers are the best to hang out with.

JR recently spoke with WFNZ/RADIO.COM about a variety of subjects. At one point, he was asked who the best wingman was in all of pro wrestling. Without hesitation he stated Ric Flair. Known for his partying days, JR talked about an ordeal with Ric that any fan would believe.

“We went into a bar one time, in a Holiday Inn bar,” JR stated. “There were like eight people in the bar. And he (Flair) ordered 137 Kamikazes. He is the King of Happy Hour. They are bringing them out on a tray. He took them off and gave a handful to every table. They all recognized Naitch, and he’s bought Kamikaze’s for the house and I don’t know why. It was like, ‘137, oh that’s a good number.'”

Even at his age, and after going through heart surgery in May, Flair still gets a little wild sometimes. The legendary stories of the man include all the times he has been naked. While he hasn’t seen him do that recently, JR recalls a time when Flair went all out in public.

“The last time I saw him naked was the Plane Ride from Hell,” JR stated. “He had nothing on but his robe, his knee-high socks, alligator shoes and a boner.”

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