Jordynne Grace Says Former ECW Star Upset Over Women Main Eventing

Impact Wrestling star Jordynne Grace posted tonight about former ECW star The Sandman upset that at tonight's WrestleCade Supershow, women were in the main event.

The main event at WrestleCade Supershow was Rosemary vs. Taya Valkyrie vs. Su Yung (she replaced Tessa Blanchard) vs. Jordynne Grace.


According to Grace, he came up to her and her opponents and said that 'women main eventing is wrong' and 'any male wrestler with any sort of experience would agree.'

Her full tweet was, "Hey remember that time The Sandman came up to four women about to main event to tell us that women main eventing is "wrong" and "any male wrestler with any sort of experience would agree"? Was this in 1998? No, it was tonight. December 2019."

After a user told her to not tell them these things because it was ruining their childhood, she replied, "How do you think I feel? Don't meet your heroes, period."

Below are her tweets: