Former UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos continues to recover from an injury that forced him to the sidelines. But, as "Cigano" looks to his future, he has an ideal opponent in mind.

Dos Santos recently told MMA Fighting that he would like to welcome Tyson Fury to the Octagon. Then, he would like to give him a rematch in the boxing ring with the former heavyweight champion.

"I'd do both," dos Santos said. "It would be perfect to fight Tyson Fury in MMA, as he wishes, and then, with a win over him, fight him in boxing, in his world. He would come to my world and then I would go to his world. It would be the pinnacle, a great moment for both sports."

Fury, who made a handful of experiences in the WWE recently, has hinted at a desire to transition to MMA. He is 29-0-1 with 20 knockouts in his boxing career, and is expected to face Deontay Wilder in early 2020.

"Tyson Fury is an excellent boxer, has really long arms and moves well for a guy his size," dos Santos said. "I think he can definitely make an interesting fight in MMA."