WWE veteran Kane recently spoke with FOX News to promote his new “Mayor Kane: My Life in Wrestling and in Politics” autobiography. Kane, who is also known to some as Mayor Glenn Jacobs of Knox County in Tennessee, was asked about the current impeachment process against President Donald Trump, who is also in the Celebrity Wing of the WWE Hall of Fame. Kane was asked if he thinks the process can hurt the country. He noted that the process is hurting the country, but it’s also hurting the Democratic Party, and he believes Trump will survive.

“The process, the impeachment process is inherently political,” Kane said. “I mean, when you know, when President Andrew Johnson was impeached, it was political. So I think that we all realize that it’s not a fair process in any case. I do think it’s hurting the country. I think it’s hurting the Democratic Party, frankly, because, you know, what they’ve done is they’ve put so much effort into destroying Donald Trump and the Republicans that they’re ignoring the business of the country. And that’s what Trump is going to campaign on, is that he took their best shot. He’ll survive. You can get impeached in the House. But I don’t believe that the Senate is going to actually eject him from office. So, you know, in the end, he’s going to come out, he’s going to win and he’s taking their best shot. And, you know, if I were him and I’m sure he will, that’s my message. We spent all this time and energy on creating even more division and separating the country even more while there is work to be done.

“And instead, we took the political road and you know, I’m with the rest of the country. I’m frankly disgusted at what I see in Congress most of the time and, the fact that we took we look to government to fix things. Congress couldn’t fix a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at this point in time. And I think all of this just reinforces it. We really need some people who are unifiers instead of divisive. And folks look at Trump and they say, well, he’s hugely divisive. And that’s true. But at the same point, he’s really a product of the system, he took advantage of it. So if I were the Democrats and I were Congress, I’d be looking at people who could actually bring the country together instead of, it feels like you’re just trying to knock the other person out and not listen to what they actually have to say. And that’s very unfortunate. And we need people who can unify, who can bring the country together. And this is just making things utterly worse.”

Kane is known as a Libertarian, but he ran for Mayor as a Republican. He was asked what are some of the biggest challenges the Republican Party faces going into 2020.

“I think the Republican Party needs to redefine itself as the party of opportunity,” Kane said. “And that’s what the Republican Party has always been about. It’s about free markets. It’s about individual liberty. You know, when we talk about government being small. Basically, what we’re saying is that people should have the ability to live their lives, be free to act as they would wish to act, so long as they’re not hurting anyone else and to create their own vision, their own version of the American dream. The Republican Party gets sidetracked by things like identity politics, you know, and does not get that message out in my opinion. It should market itself much more as the party of opportunity, as the party of liberty and freedom.”

The Big Red Machine was also asked about possibly running for Governor of Tennessee, or even President of the United States. Kane promised he will not run for the highest office in the land because he believes so much more can be done at the local levels.

“I can assure you will not see me run for president because, again, I think a lot can be accomplished at the state and local levels,” he said. “And I think that we often discount the importance of state and local politics because we concentrate so much on federal politics. As for higher office. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I don’t have any sort of plan or anything like that. I just want to do the best I can in the position that I’m in. You know, when the time comes and maybe look at something else, maybe I want to do something else with my life. Right now, just the most important thing is I want to try to be and I am being the best mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, that I can possibly be.”