Kane On Vince McMahon Being A Large Part Of His Life, His Political Future

As noted, the official autobiography for veteran WWE Superstar Kane (Mayor Glenn Jacobs) was released today. You can purchase "Mayor Kane: My Life In Wrestling and Politics" at a sale price via this link. Kane spoke with Yahoo Sports to promote the book and said he made the decision to run for Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee about 4 years ago.


"About four years ago, I literally woke up one day ? as weird as that sounds ? and if I say I'm going to do something, I have to do it," Kane said about the decision to run. "The mayor at the time was term-limited, so I was able to run for an open seat. I loved the idea of the mayor's position because you have a lot of influence at the local level. An idea and plan started coalescing in my head. I talked with my family, prayed over it and finally decided to do it."

He revealed that he actually developed a passion for politics for a while before making the decision, and continued, "I started getting more and more interested in government and politics right when I got out of college and then as I got a little bit older. I never looked at myself as someone who was going to run for office, but I started to dabble with the idea about 10 years ago. I started paying attention to things more, started to meet people."


It was noted that WWE has been fully on-board with Kane's dive into politics, despite only making a handful of appearances since winning the election in August 2018. Kane said WWE has been very supportive, and revealed that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was one of the first people he spoke to.

"WWE has been very supportive of me," Kane said. "One of the first people I spoke to was Vince McMahon because professionally and personally, he's been a very large part of my life. Throughout the campaign, they lessened my travel demands. They worked so hard to accommodate my schedule. Being mayor is my first priority and they worked to make sure it stayed that way. I'm very grateful."

Regarding his future in politics, The Big Red Machine said he does not want to pursue a higher office when his term as Mayor runs out, at least not right now. It was noted that Kane ins currently semi-retired from the ring due to his job as Mayor, but he is still a fan of WWE and he still does what he can to keep up with his former colleagues in the company. He recalled a chat he had with The Undertaker at a diner one night.

"I want WWE to do well because I still have an interest in the company and in my friends who work there," Kane recalled. "It's a difficult job and it's not glamorous. I remember one time, Taker and I, we were sitting in a roadside diner in Jefferson City, Missouri, on our way from St. Louis to Kansas City. It was like 2 o'clock in the morning and Mark looks at me and goes, 'Ah, the glamour.' I know what those men and women are going through, so I hope it goes really well."


damien demento contributed to this article.