Luchasaurus Recalls WWE Telling Him To Find Another Profession, Talks Being On "Big Brother"

Reality television can make or break a person's career. For Luchasaurus, it made his career. During his time on Big Brother 17, Luchasaurus felt the pressure to be the best and most likable guy on the show. He addressed how stressful it was to be on the reality show during his interview with Taz this past weekend at Starrcast.

"(On what it was like to be on a reality TV show) Well, it somewhat turned me into a dinosaur," Luchasaurus joked. "Psychologically I have never been the same. It was a dramatic experience. For those of you who don't know, they lock you in a house. I was in that house for 89 days with no communication with the outside world. Every week, you voted someone out. You didn't know who were your friends or who wasn't. So, everyone gets really paranoid. It was a pretty dramatic experience to have cameras on you for three months. Everyone is telling you how big of a star you are, how important you are. But as soon as it's over, it's gone.

"A lot of people have to return to their 9-5 jobs, and it's hard to readjust. You feel a real depression afterward. I was in between wrestling. After the show, I went on Lucha Underground and it got me into this character, eventually, so it all worked out. I'd probably wouldn't have got to that point without going on the show. It was an experience that grew me up as a human being and prepared to be in front of a huge audience."

Prior to making his debut on Big Brother and other wrestling promotions, Luchasaurus signed a developmental contract with the WWE and began his journey with NXT. While he was with the company, he was told how his gimmick was never going to be anything big nor successful.

"In 2013 when I was in developmental, they sat me down in a room after six months and said wrestling is not for you. You're not cut out for it, find another job. I could have taken that to heart and walked away, because their style wasn't for me. They were right, their style wasn't for me. I had to go off and find something completely different. I go out there and perform my way. I don't think I do anything I learned in wrestling school in my matches because it doesn't work for me. I do what I know works."

Lucha Underground was the first promotion that inspired Luchasaurus to continue his gimmick. While he says that that part is true, he also adds that it was the fans who helped come up with his gimmick too.

"(On being in pro wrestling/creating his character) I've been doing this for 65 million years," Luchasaurus jokingly bragged. "It's difficult because everyone says you have to find who you are to be a performer and have people connect to it. But then you're trying to search for who you are, and sometimes, that doesn't work. It just has to happen organically. I had to go through a lot to start doing the Luchasaurus character. It was something the fans just kind of named me when I came out on Lucha Underground. I decided to run with that. Because it was organic, I started to connect to it more. I started to learn that I don't need to be a wrestler, I need to be me out there."

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