Matt Sydal Abruptly Leaves Match After Suffering Injury At Evolve 139

Matt Sydal reportedly left during his match against Leon Ruff tonight at Evolve 139 because of an undisclosed injury.

According to Evolve founder Gabe Sapolsky, Sydal was receiving treatment after he left his match minutes in.

Sapolsky tweeted, "Matt Sydal is receiving treatment in back. He will be ok."

One user tweeted that Leon Ruff hit Sydal the wrong way with a move. Sydal then got up, rolled out of the ring, and went in the back. The referee followed him and deemed that he couldn't continue.

The user's full tweet, "Leon Ruff seemingly hit him the wrong way with a move. He got up, rolled out of the ring and walked to the back. Ref went after him..and said he couldn't continue and that was it."

Matt Sydal wrestled in WWE as Evan Bourne from 2008 to 2014. He also wrestled in ROH and Impact Wrestling.