Welcome to Wrestling INC's recap of Major League Wrestling's weekly episodic Fusion. Tonight's show takes place from the GILT nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Feel free sound off thoughts in the comments. Enjoy the show!

Tom Lawlor is conversing with the Von Erichs. Lawlor says that he may only be around for a few weeks, but he's ready to tangle with Davey Boy Smith Jr. Marshall says that he has to face Contra Unit member Ikuro Kwon. They all assure that they have each other's backs.

Fusion intro song.

Rich Bocchini and AJ Kirsch welcome us to another edition of MLW Fusion from Orlando. We kick things right off with Ikuro Kwon, who makes his way to the ring accompanied by Josef Samael. He'll be facing Marshall Von Erich. Ross is with him as well.

Ikuro Kwon versus Marshall Von Erich

Kwon takes out Marshall with a tope con hilo to start. Marshall fights Kwon off on the outside and goes for the claw...Kwon hits a tiger spin kick from the apron. Back in the ring...Marshall lays into Kwon with clubbing forearms. Suplex from Marshall. He goes for a basement lariat but Samael trips him up from the outside. Kwon takes advantage...he chokes Marshall near the ropes. Marshall fires off a few rights...Kwon drops him with a single elbow. A huge combination by Kwon. Trouble in paradise kick for a nearfall. More striking from Kwon...running kick to Marshall's gut. Kwon charges right into a big boot. Kwon superkicks him in response but Marshall shakes it off and connects with a discus lariat. Corner lariat, followed by a pop-up spinebuster from Marshall. He calls for the iron-claw...he's got it! Samael jumps in and attacks causing the DQ.

Marshall Von Erich wins by disqualification

Ross immediately jumps in to help his brother fight Samael and Kwon off. The Von Erichs stand stall as Contra Unit fleas to the back.

Cut to an episode of Dynasty. Richard Holliday and MJF are talking via Facetime. MJF says that the Von Erichs did serious damage to his face at Saturday Night SuperFight. Funny bit where MJF says that his face needed botox to recover. Alexander Hammerstone comes up and says that he has a gift for MJF and Holliday, but won't spoil what it is. "This might be the biggest gift train in MLW history," says Hammerstone.

Commentary shows us the brackets for the 2019 Opera Cup. First matches announces are MJF against Alexander Hammerstone, and Brian Pillman Jr. versus TJP. Dynasty makes their way to the ring minus MJF. Holliday gets on the microphone to a chorus of boos. "There's one thing I need each and every one of you to understand. When Dynasty is in the building...you're all breathing rare air." Holliday takes a phone call from his father...they have a quick argument then Holliday hangs up. Holliday then announces that he and Hammerstone are going to face Douglas James and Dominic Garrini in tag action. That match is now. James and Garrini are out.

Dynasty versus Dominic Garrini/Douglas James

Garrini and Holliday start. Holliday taunts him while still wearing his ear pods. Garrini takes him down and applies an armbreaker. Holliday escapes then immediately tags in Hammerstone. Knuckle-lock between Garrini and Hammerstone...he shows off an amazing agility to lock in the armbreaker...he gets shoved off but jumps into a guillotine. James tags in. Wristlock in...Hammerstone powers out of it. He misses a bicycle kick...James lays into Hammerstone with kicks to the chest. Hammerstone catches a crossbody and military presses James off the ropes. Holliday back in now that the hard work has been done. Holliday stomps James before unloading forearms to the face. Running elbow for a nearfall. James shakes it off and lands more strikes...Holliday slows the action with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Hammerstone back in. He drops James with a forearm to the back. Suplex attempt...James slides behind him and puts on the sleeper hold. Big knee to the head...Hammerstone thwarts a comeback again by back body dropping James on his face.

As Hammerstone plays to the crowd James hits a dropkick. Tag to Garrini. He lays into Holliday...German suplex. Armbreaker is in again...Hammerstone breaks the submission. Garrini goes for a suplex...Holliday reverses with a final cut. Hammerstone goes for the Nightmare Pendulum...Garrini counters and tags in James. Top rope meteora. He superkicks Holliday to the outside. Hammerstone charges...he pulls down the ropes and dumps Hammerstone to ringside. Both teams brawl on the outside. James hits a tornado DDT. He just beats the count...Dynasty loses.

Dominic Garrini/Douglas James win by countout

Recap of last week's main event, when Myron Reed defeated Teddy Hart to become the new MLW Middleweight champion thanks to an assist from Contra's Josef Samael, who threw a fireball in Hart's face. Hart is announced as out indefinitely. Reed cuts a promo saying he plans on bringing prestige to the title. He ends by saying Free ACH.

Backstage the Von Erichs and Tom Lawlor are talking again. Marshall says he wanted to get a clean victory over Kwon, but he'll take the DQ win. They receive a package that contains a cell-phone. On the phone, Samael leaves a message saying that one of the Von Erichs will have to face Jacob Fatu on Thanksgiving. They decide that Marshall will be the one. He signs the contract. Commentary announces that the match is official, and will be for Fatu's Heavyweight championship.

Elsewhere, Kaci Lennox speaks with Zeda Zhang. She says she's excited to raise fans awareness of the MLW women's division, and promises to hurt the Spider Lady in their bout next week.

Promo exchange between Mance Warner and Jimmy Havoc. Warner wants a falls-count anywhere match. Havoc agrees, but reminds Warner that he knows Orlando better than anyone, and plans on drinking Havoc's blood.

A vignette showing off MLW's newest signee King Mo. Clips of his accolades in Bellator and other MMA promotions are shown. Cut back to the arena, where Mo is sitting in the front row.

Main event time. Davey Boy Smith Jr. is out first. Tom Lawlor is second. Here we go.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. versus "Filthy" Tom Lawlor

Smith and Lawlor shake hands before they lock-up. Grapple...neither man can gain the advantage. They spar...Smith traps Lawlor in the corner but Lawlor switches position. Referee separates them and they reset. Lawlor goes for a drop-toe hold...Smith counters into a headlock. A nice sequence of mat wrestling...Smith gains position and goes for a sleeper hold...Lawlor blocks it...Smith transitions into an armbar attempt but Lawlor manages to maneuver out of it. Fans applaud both guys. Arm-drag takedown from Smith. Back to his feet...Lawlor and Smith trade strikes. Lawlor targets Smith's arm, then lands a knee to the gut. Smith refuses to stay down and pushes Lawlor into the corner. They tie-up again...firemans carry takedown from Smith. Another headlock. Lawlor reverses the pressure. He gets into full-guard...instead of hitting him he lets Lawlor up. They get into a shoving match. Smith picks the ankle and twists it. Lawlor locks in a submission of his own but Smith gains the upper-hand. He sends Lawlor to the outside, then starts battering him. Lawlor blocks a right and connects with chops and forearms.

Back in the ring...Lawlor stomps on Smith's wrist. He lights up Smith's arm with kicks...Smith catches one and applies the STF. Smith even fish-hooks his fingers into Lawlor's mouth. Lawlor attempts to escape but lands right in another rear-naked choke. Suplex from Smith...another...a third. Cover...Lawlor kicks out. He gets to his feet...a kick to Smith's chest...no effect. Smith elbows Lawlor's knee...back suplex for two. Lawlor fires back with a Russian-leg sweep...Smith holds on and goes right into a sharpshooter. Lawlor crawls...Smith transitions into the crossface. Lawlor in trouble...he manages to get to the ropes. Big forearm rocks Lawlor. He reciprocates with forearms of his own. Big combo. Back and forth striking...both men slow...Lawlor catches Smith in the eye. Lawlor takes advantage and applies the rear-naked choke...Smith turns it into a running powerslam...Lawlor drops down...elbow across the sternum wins it for Lawlor.

"Filthy" Tom Lawlor wins by pinfall

Post match Lawlor tells Kaci Lennox that he holds his own destiny in his hands. He asks the fans if he should stay in MLW, or whether he should get Raw or lay the SmackDown on somebody. Crowd doesn't like the prospect of him going to WWE. "Not only is Filthy Tom the hottest commodity in MLW, but he's the hottest thing in professional wrestling."

Next week...Mance Warner meets Jimmy Havoc in a Falls Count Anywhere matchup.

That's the show friends.