Welcome to Wrestling Inc’s coverage of MLW’s Saturday Night SuperFight. Tonight’s show takes place from Cicero Stadium in Chicago, Illinois, and available for purchase on FITE TV and pay per view, with a pre-show that’s available on beIN Sports, FITE, and the MLW Youtube page. Follow along and feel free to sound off in the comments below!

Preshow begins with a video package highlighting tonight’s matchups, which includes four title defenses. The evening will be headlined by Jacob Fatu and LA Park in a NO DQ bout for the Heavyweight championship.

Rich Bocchini and AJ Kirsch welcome us to the Saturday Night SuperFight preshow. They cut to the ring announcer who introduces the first competitors.

Leo Brien of the Dirty Blondes comes out, followed Savio Vega. This will be Vega’s first matchup since he fractured his leg against Openweight champion Alexander Hammerstone. He brings two kendo sticks to the ring with him.

Savio Vega versus Leo Brien

Tie-up. Neither man is able to gain an advantage. Headlock from Vega but Brien gets to the ropes. After a shoving contest Brien slaps Vega in the face. The Caribbean hero responds by hip-tossing Briend who rolls to the outside. Vega in pursuit…chops to Brien’s chest. Fight moves back inside the ring…Irish Whip by Vega. Brien gets the boots up on Vega’s charge. He chokes him with his boot using the ropes for leverage. Clubbing forearm across Vega’s back. Vega hits a crossbody but Brien thwarts his comeback attempt by booting him in the face. Spear and powerslam in succesion by Brien. He climbs the middle-ropes…Vega moves…big lariat. Another. Vega unloads a flurry of strikes in the corner, then smashes Brien’s head off three ring posts. Referee gets in Vega’s way so he whips him across the ring…Brien takes advantage by grabbing his cow-bell and using it as a weapon! He drops an elbow! It’s over.

Leo Brien wins by pinfall

Brien continues his assault after the match. Vega manages to take control and hit his signature Caribbean kick. He has the kendo sticks and lays into Brien! He leaves ending the segment.

Commentary takes us to a video package hyping the triple-threat Stairway to Hell match between Mance Warner, Bestia 666, and Jimmy Havoc.

Gino Medina vignette. He’ll be making his debut next.

Air Wolf makes his way to the ring for our next contest. Gino Medina is second.

Air Wolf versus Gino Medina

Tie-up. Chain wrestling to start. Pace for this one is quick. Medina goes for a headscissor, then transitions into a roll-up. Wolf kicks out. He fires back and hits a frankensteiner. Chops to the chest. Wolf rocks Medina with a dropkick. Medina dropkicks him in response. Chops of his own. He powers Wolf to the mat and slows the action by applying a chinlock. Wolf breaks free…jawbreaker sends Medina to the corner. Running corner uppercut…he follows up with a 619. Medina off the ropes…snap-German by Air Wolf. Medina lands a roundhouse but Wolf retakes control and nails an overhead kick. Corner knee strike..Medina rings Wolf’s arm…Eat-Da-Feet. That’ll do it.

Gino Medina wins by pinfall

Footage of the MLW tag champions, MJF and Richard Holliday, heading to the arena from earlier in the day is shown. MJF tells Holliday that it’s time for the gift train. They hug, then MJF removes Holliday’s glasses and gives him the one’s he was wearing. Holliday is ecstatic.

El Hijo del la Park will be in action next. Salina de la Renta accompanies him to the ring He faces Zenshi.

El Hijo de la Park versus Zenshi

Zenshi jumps through the ropes…frankensteiner to an unprepared Park. He rolls to ringside. Twisting senton from Zenshi! He whips Park back in the ring. Salina grabs his ankle from the apron…Park takes advantage and nails Zenshi towards the entrance path. Park off the ropes…suicide dive connects. Now in control…Park sends Zenshi head first into the guard rail. He picks up a chair from the crowd and smacks it across Zenshi’s back. Park drapes him over the barricade…another chair shot. Crowd is going nuts. Back in the ring Park goes for a pinfall…only two. He traps Zenshi in the corner…thunder slaps. Park plays to the crowd giving Zenshi an opening…school-boy pin…Park escapes and stomps Zenshi down. Superkick. Zenshi shakes it off and slides behind Park…dropkick. 619 and neckbreaker in succession from Zenshi. He goes to the apron…Salina grabs his ankle again…Zenshi is able to keep his balance and sweeps Park off his feet. Slingshot senton for a nearfall. Both men trade corner attacks…Park nearly wins the match with a basement corner dropkick.

Zenshi manages to come back in the fight but Park slows him down with a code-red. He puts Zenshi on the top and sets him up for a Spanish-Fly…he hits it. Zenshi puts Park in the corner…he climbs the opposing corner…his attack falls short. He tries a 450 from the middle rope…Park moves…package piledriver…Zenshi can’t kick out.

El Hijo de la Park wins by pinfall

Afterwards Salina gets on the mic and says that Hijo’s father, LA Park, is going to defeated Jacob Fatu in the main event. “Contra Unit…get ready to kiss my Puerto Rican ring, and bow down to LA Park.” This brings out Contra’s Josef Samael, Simon Gotch, and Ikuro Kwon. The champ, Fatu, is not with them. Several referees and security officials make sure that nothing goes down, with Salina and Park exiting before anything physical goes down.

Contra remains in the ring, as their triangle tag match is next. Kwon and Gotch are competing. They’ll be facing Spirit Squad and the duo of Douglas James/Dominic Garrini. This will be the last bout of the preshow.

Contra Unit versus Spirit Squad versus Douglas James/Dominic Garrini

James and Kenny begin. Headlock from Kenny…he nails a shoulder block sending James to the mat. James goes after Kenny’s arm, applying a deep wristlock. He follows up with a headscissor that sends Kenny across the ring. Kwon from Contra makes a blind tag for Kenny…James sees him and hits a flush dropkick. Kwon baits James in. Gotch and Mondo brawl on the outside. Suicide dive from James takes out the lot. Youtube feed cuts out for a bit…when it comes back Garrini traps Mondo in an armbar but it’s broken up by Gotch. Kenny comes back in and stomps Garrini down.

Gotch comes in and traps Garrini in the scorpion death lock. Garrini breaks the hold…saito suplex from Garrini…he dropped Gotch right on his head. Kwon and Kenny clear the ring and go at it…Kenny rocks Kwon with a boot…James blindly tags in and enziguri’s Kwon. He jumps to the apron…boot to Gotch. He throws Kwon at Kenny…superkick leads to a DDT. James to the top…Kenny moves and thumbs him in the eye. Kwon spits mist in Mondo’s eyes! Garrini traps Kenny in a submission but neither are the legal men. Gotch tags in…piledriver to Mondo. He’ll pin him and Contra picks up the win.

Contra Unit wins by pinfall

That’ll end the preshow. Main card begins in five minutes!

A Saturday Night SuperFight video package hyping all of tonight’s main card matches is played.

Bocchini and Kirsch welcome the pay per view audience to the show! Tag title matchup will open things.

Dynasty, MJF and Richard Holliday, are out first. MJF gets on the mic. Crowd screams “shut the f**k up.” MJF says the Von Erichs suck. Holliday pokes fun at Ross and Marshall…eventually the brothers come out and this one is underway.

Dynasty versus The Von Erichs in a Texas Tornado for the MLW Tag Team Championship

A brawl to start. Von Erichs gain the upperhand and send Dynasty to the outside. Dynasty baits the Von Erichs to the outside and take advantage. MJF grabs the ring bell and smashes Marshall over the head. Holliday picks up Ross in a gut wrench, then powerbombs him on the apron. MJF and Holliday double-team Ross. Holliday hits a final cut suplex for a nearfall. Marshall is still knocked out on the outside. Ross shows fighting spirit and smashes MJF and Holliday into each other, but the champs drop him with tandem elbows. Dynasty argues with the referee for making a slow count. Marshall finally makes it back in the inside…huge double-lariat. The Von Erichs show off their double-team offense…stereo corner cannonballs. They go after Holliday…elbow and knee strike in succession, followed by a double back-suplex. They pump the crowd up. Marshall climbs to the top…MJF shakes the ropes and he falls. Ross applies the claw to MJF’s face on the apron…MJF snaps the ropes into Ross’ groin. Holliday puts Ross on the top rope…he goes for a superplex…he gets it. MJF out of nowhere with a top rope splash. Cover…Marshall breaks up the pin with a moonsault! “Holy sh*t” chants from the Chicago crowd. All four men are down. Von Erichs dump Holliday to the outside. Marshall with a claw on MJF! Claw slam. New champs!

The Von Erichs win by pinfall and are the new MLW Tag Team Champions

The brothers celebrate their victory. Crowd gives them a nice response. They leave with the belts.

Feed cuts to the H2 (Hart Foundation) network. Brian Pillman Jr. and Davey Boy Smith Jr. talk about Pillman’s showdown with Low Ki. Pillman says he’s happy he has Davey in his corner to prepare him to face a former champion. Davey motivates him by reminding him of his roots, and tells a story about his father training at the Hart dungeon. Pillman promises to give it everything he has. They hug as the clip ends.

Tag action coming up next. Injustice (Kotto Brazil, Jordan Oliver, Myron Reed) are out first. Commentary reminds us that they were walking through the crowd during the preshow carrying their #Injustice signs. They’ll be facing Gringo Loco, Septimo Dragon, and Puma King. Big ovation for Loco, who is a Chicago kid. Referee checks Injustice for brass knucks.

Injustice versus Septimo Dragon/Gringo Loco/Puma King

All six men go at it to start. Loco tangles with Oliver, as Brazil and Reed battle King and Dragon on the outside. Frankensteiner from Oliver…Loco hits a headscissor that sends him to the outside. Loco sets up for a suicide dive but Reed pulls him out. Reed and Dragon in the ring now…Dragon lands a roundhouse from the apron. Reed off the ropes…spanish-fly. Double team from King and Dragon. Brazil charges…King runs through him, then pops him up and facebusters him down. Superkick rocks Brazil. Loco back in…tandem offense from Loco and King. Double moonsault from Dragon and Loco. Triple team maneuver and Injustice is in trouble. Fight moves to the outside…everyone gets in a high spot, including a beautiful moonsault from Dragon that takes out the lot. Crowd on their feet.

Back in the ring…King and Reed are alone. He tries chopping Reed in the chest but his chest protector absorbs the damage. Injustice isolates the luchadores away from each other…German suplex/neckbreaker combo. Brazil drops Loco with a sling-blade for two. Oliver dropkicks Loco. He plays to the crowd, who reign boos down upon him. Oliver tries another frankensteiner…Loco counters into a powerbomb. Reed and Brazil go after Dragon and King so Loco can’t make a tag. They fight them off…Loco regains some stamina. Dragon and King hit back to back dives. Loco up top…split-leg moonsault onto Reed. Cover…only two. Reed stunners Loco…he goes for a springboard cutter…Loco has it scouted. Piledriver. Reed kicks out again. Brazil shows of his athleticism by hitting a spinning tornado DDT. Springboard 450 from Reed to Dragon. He can’t kick out.

Injustice wins by pinfall

Video package hyping up the Middleweight championship bout between champion Teddy Hart, and former IMPACT star Austin Aries. Aries has been calling out Hart since his arrival in MLW, but Hart never responded. This led to Aries costing the Hart Foundation the tag titles, when Aries brainbuster’d Hart onto the apron. He even defeated fellow Hart’s protege, Brian Pillman Jr.

Aries is the first to enter. Hart comes out second. Commentary reminds us that Hart has been champion for almost a year. He brings one of his cats to the ring with him. Fans in attendance heavily behind Hart.

Teddy Hart versus Austin Aries for the MLW Middleweight Championship

Hart continues to play to the crowd on the outside…Aries out of nowhere with his signature bottom rope suicide dive! He stomps Hart down near the barricade. Hard Irish-Whip and Hart hits the guard-rail hard. Aries sets up for a brainbuster…Hart blocks it but Aries forearms him in the jaw. Fight finally moves to the ring. Aries to the top…missile dropkick connects. Cover…Hart is out at two. Aries climbs again…Hart shoves him off and Aries hits the ring apron jaw first. Hart in pursuit on the outside…huge right hands. Hart looks a little wobbly…he chooses to continue. More strikes back in the ring. Hart whips Aries into the turnbuckles. Hart to the ropes…slingshot moonsault/legdrop. Aries rolls to the outside to recover. Hart makes him pay with a flying elbow. Aries to the apron…Hart teases a pilediver…Aries was playing possum…DVD off the apron! Hart is down.

Aries in control now. He targets Hart’s head/neck, applying a modified muta-lock. Corner elbow, snapmare, and middle-rope back elbow from Aries. He goes for the Last Chancery…it’s in! Hart gets to the ropes to break the hold. Hart manages to counter a suplex into a cutter. Fans try to rally Hart to his feet. Hart unloads on Aries with right hands. Another move Hart turns into a lungblower. He follows up with a back suplex. Cover…Aries still alive. Discus five-arm drops Hart! Hart comes back…powerbomb lungblower. Rampage/DDT. Aries gets his foot on the ropes on the cover. Hart sets Aries up on the top rope…Aries rakes the eyes…sunset flip powerbomb from the top! Jacknife cover…Hart kicks out but Aries goes right into the Last Chancery! Hart’s right in the center. He crawls…he makes it to the ropes! Aries is irate. He goes for a suplex to the outside…Hart rings Aries’ neck over the ropes. Aries to the outside…Hart hits an asai moonsault off the ropes.

Back in the ring…Hart goes for a top rope Canadian destroyer…Aries jumps down and pulls the ropes dropping Hart on his groin. Crowd boos. Another discus forearm. Dropkick nearly decapitates Hart. Aries picks him up…brainbuster. HART KICKS OUT. Aries is losing it. Hart goes to the outside to recover…Aries goes for a suicide dive….Hart pulls the guard rail up…Aries collides with it head first. Hart beats the count and tells the referee to stop counting because he wants to beat Aries in the ring. Aries is out but Hart nails him with elbows anyway. Hart picks up Aries and drops him in the ring. Aries playing possum..roll up…two count. Hart to his feet…Canadian Destroyer! Hart retains.

Teddy Hart wins by pinfall and retains the MLW Middleweight Championship

Post match, Contra Unit interrupts the feed. Josef Samael tells Hart that he now has a target on his back, then calls out the Von Erichs and claiming that he wishes to make them an offer that they won’t be able to refuse. Heavyweight champion Jacob Fatu is there as well. Samael says that a public execution is going to happen to LA Park. Fatu screams, “Hail Contra!”

Advertisement for the MLW women’s division.

Next up is the grudge matchup between Brian Pillman Jr. and former champion Low Ki. Pillman is out first wearing a jacket that his father used to wear. “Flying Bryan” chants from the crowd. Low Ki is out next.

Low Ki versus Brian Pillman Jr.

Both men taunt each other. Ki slaps Pillman hard across the face. Pillman fires back a big chop, then traps Ki in the corner with hard strikes. Ki nails some of his own but Pillman drops him with a corner lariat and a slap to the head. Ki rips off Pillman’s shirt and lights up his chest with chops. Fight moves to the outside…both men killing each other with thunderous chops. Pillman retakes control by smashing Ki’s head off the apron. Ki drags Pillman around the ring…powerslam to the arena floor. Back in the ring…Ki hits a kick to Pillman’s chest. He applies a headscissor. Pillman escapes…he charges Ki in the corner but Ki gets a boot up. Now Ki charges…snap powerslam by Pillman for a nearfall. He sets up for his finisher neckbreaker…Ki forces Pillman into the corner…he throws a flurry of knee strikes to Pillman’s head. Ki sets up Pillman up top for a superplex…Pillman shoves him off and lands on the apron…springboard lariat! Cover…Ki kicks out.

Pillman goes for the neckbreaker again…Ki creates separation…huge roundhouse…Pillman is dazed. Referee asks if he wishes to continue…he says yes. Enziguri out of nowhere from Ki. Referee starts counting Pillman out…he is up before the 10 count….Pillman throws something at Ki. Ki comes at him with a running summersault kick. Pillman is knocked out. Referee calls for the bell.

Low Ki wins by referee stoppage

Ki picks up Pillman after the match…he whispers something to him, then shakes his hand out of respect. Fans give both men a nice ovation.

Commentary announces that MLW has partnered up with the popular lucha-libre promotion AAA. A video package highlighting AAA’s roster is shown. They say that the collaboration will include supershows together, and will be coming soon.

Timothy Thatcher is out first for his showdown with “Filthy” Tom Lawlor. Lawlor second.

Timothy Thatcher versus “Filthy” Tom Lawlor

Tie-up. Thatcher locks in a standing headlock. Lawlor gets to the ropes to break the hold. Lawlor fires off several forearms that send Thatcher to ringside. Thatcher pulls Lawlor outside with him but Lawlor hits a haymaker. Jumping guillotine choke from Lawlor…Thatcher runs him into the guard-rail. Clubbing forearms by Thatcher targeting Lawlor’s chest. Back inside the ring…Thatcher mounts Lawlor and delivers punches to the back of his head. Lawlor picks the ankle…he goes for a figure-four…Thatcher counters and applies a Hells Gate choke. Lawlor gains positioning…he tugs at Thatcher’s ankle but Thatcher connects with an up-kick. He knees Lawlor in the gut then ties him up…Indian deathlock. Lawlor transitions into an armbar…both men show off their ground wrestling skill. Thatcher puts Lawlor in a single-leg crab..Lawlor turns it into a kneebar.

Lawlor takes control and delivers an airplane spin, which pops the crowd. DVD. Lawlor calls for the rear naked choke…Thatcher is prepared and quickly goes to the ropes. He powers Lawlor to the mat and locks in an armbar. This time Lawlor is the one who quickly gets to the ropes. Back and forth striking…fight spills to the outside again. Thatcher gets sent hard into the guard rail. Lawlor nails a big chop off of Thatcher’s chest. Thatcher fires back…Butterfly suplex into a pin. Lawlor kicks out but Thatcher is right there and applies the armbar! Lawlor escapes…Thatcher drops him on his head with a back suplex. Both men trade suplexes. Lawlor connects with a big knee to Thatcher’s face…he grounds and pounds Thatcher until he’s bloodied up. Rear naked choke is in…Thatcher taps.

“Filthy” Tom Lawlor wins by submission

Afterwards Kaci Lennox interviews Lawlor. He calls Thatcher one of the best talents within the company. “I’ll tell you what’s next. I can do whatever I want. Maybe I’ll put team Filthy back together, maybe I’ll go after a belt. One thing’s for sure…MLW is going to stay Filthy.”

Coming up next is the triple-threat Stairway to Hell match between Jimmy Havoc, Mance Warner, and Bestia 666. They play the same hype video from the preshow. Camera men show a circle of barbed wire hanging above the ring, as well as weapons on the outside. Bestia 666 is out first, and is representing Promociones Dorado. Jimmy Havoc is next, with Ole Mancer Mance Warner out last. Salina is out as well. This place is about get BLOODY.

Jimmy Havoc versus Mance Warner versus Bestia 666 in a Stairway To Hell Match

Warner and Havoc begin brawling on the entrance path. Warner grabs a trash can lid and smashes Havoc with it. Bestia meets Warner outside…back and forth striking…fight moves to the ring. Warner pounds him down, then jumps back to the outside to poke Havoc in the eye. Warner grabs the full trash can…Bestia goes for a suicide dive but Warner throws the trash can into his face. He smashes it over Bestia’s back, then grabs a ladder and puts it in the ring. Havoc reveals a staple gun…Warner overpowers him and staples Havoc in the crotch! Warner pulls out a couple dollar bills and staples them to Havoc’s arms. Havoc blocks a staple to the head and tries to suplex Warner on a ladder. Warner instead chokeslams Havoc onto the ladder. Bestia blindside Warner, tossing him head first into the ladder. He sets up another ladder in the ring and begins climbing for the barbed wire…Havoc meets him at the top…Warner recovers and pushes them off. He’s busted open.

Warner pulls out a piece of wood from under the ring and sets it up in the corner like a table. He chops Bestia and sets up for a spear…Havoc cuts him off with a right hand. Bestia nails Havoc, then powerslams him onto the ladder. He tries to climb again…Warner pulls him down and unloads a flurry of strikes. Havoc is at the top…Warner pushes over the ladder and Havoc crashes through the wood in the corner. Warner is all alone. He climbs and retrieves the barbed wire! He threatens to use it on Havoc but Bestia attacks from behind. Havoc and Bestia temporarily team up…Bestia rubs the barbed wire all over Warner’s face! They put the barbed wire on the trash can and double-suplex Warner onto it. Havoc tosses Bestia to the outside and tries to steal the victory but Bestia gets back in. Havoc and Bestia end their alliance and trade shots…Havoc shoves Bestia into the commentary table.

Back in the ring..Havoc goes for a DVD…Bestia slides out and sidewalk slams Havoc onto a chair. Bestia sets up a ladder…Havoc jumps up and grabs him by the balls…Bestia screams in pain…Havoc slams Bestia off the same chair. “Holy sh*t” chants from the crowd. Havoc builds a table with two chairs and a piece of wood. Warner is back to his feet. He jabs Havoc…Havoc picks up the barbed wire and whips it into Warner’s face. Bestia runs in…Havoc whips him in the groin with the wire…Warner hits a lariat! Bestia tosses the trash can and Warner, then mocks him by removing his kneepad up and down…thrust knee nearly decapitates Warner. Bestia climbs near the table…Warner meets him up top…superplex through the wood! Cover…Ole Mancer wins!

Mance Warner wins by pinfall

As Warner is celebrating…Havoc attacks him from behind and piledrives him on a steel guard rail. He picks Warner up…Acid rainmaker. He rubs his hand over Warner’s face and licks the blood off his hands. Several medical officials attend to Warner, who looks dazed.

Commentary tells us that the MLW National Openweight championship bout is next. The video package reminds us that the champion, Alexander Hammerstone, has been seeing Davey Boy Smith Jr’s sister, who is an MLW interviewer. Dynasty and the Hart Foundation have been at war for months, with this title showdown possibly serving as the final chapter.

Davey Boy is out first. He’s wearing the Bulldog luchador mask and has the British Flag around his shoulders. The champ, Alexander Hammerstone is out next. Hoss fight on the way.

Alexander Hammerstone versus Davey Boy Smith Jr. for the MLW National Openweight Championship

Tie-up. Smith applies a headlock and takes Hammerstone to the mat. Hammerstone transitions into a headscissor but Smith kips up. They reset. Hammerstone with a wristlock…Smith turns it into an arm-drag, then keeps the arm held in a submission. Smith keeps wrist control…hammerlock. Snapmare and butterfly stretch form Smith. Hammerstone manages to trap Smith in the corner, where he unloads kicks to the gut, and chokes Smith using the ropes as leverage. Hammerstone show boats for the crowd, giving Smith an opportunity to get to his feet. He rocks the big guy with a forearm smash. Hammerstone fires a right hand back, and goes for a stalling suplex…he gets it. Smith pops right back up. He hits a stalling suplex, even squatting with Hammerstone in the air to show off his strength. Fight spills to the outside. Smith charges Hammerstone through the guard-rail. Hammerstone Irish-Whips Smith into next but Smith comes right back and boots him in the face.

Back in the ring…Hammerstone yanks off the top turnbuckle and tries to smash Smith’s head into it…Smith blocks it…Hammerstone targets the back and drops Smith with elbows. Smith takes a few shots to the head…he hulks up…three punches and big boot. Smith completes his imitation of Hulk Hogan by dropping the big leg. Cover…only two. Smith mounts Hammerstone in the corner…ten punches. Hammerstone rocks Smith with an enziguri from the apron…he climbs to the top…missile dropkick for a nearfall.

Smith sends Hammerstone across the ring with a German suplex…Hammerstone bounces right up…German. Smith up now. He hits two more Germans…Hammerstone blocks the third initially but Smith eventually gets him. Crossface is locked in…he’s about to tap when Dynasty runs out to distract him. Smith knocks them off the apron. Hammerstone takes advantage…he whips Smith into the corner with the exposed turnbuckle. Huge sic kick. Cover…Smith sneaks a shoulder out! Hammerstone goes for the Nightmare Pendulum…Smith cradles him…Hammerstone kicks out. Chain wrestling sequence ends with Hammerstone school boy pinning Smith…he grabs the ropes and gets the win.

Alexander Hammerstone wins by pinfall and retains the MLW National Openweight Championship

Fans chant “bullsh**.” Dynasty celebrates on the entrance path, with MJF screaming that Hammerstone is the face of MLW. Davey Boy Smith Jr. is pissed. He exits backstage. No sign of the Hart Foundation during that match.

It’s main event time. Video package showing LA Park winning the Battle Riot to earn the golden ticket, and Jacob Fatu defeating Tom Lawlor to become the champion. Park’s manager, Salina de la Renta, announced at War Chamber that Park was cashing his golden ticket in at SuperFight.

Park is out first, accompanied as always by Salina. Fans in Cicero Stadium are going nuts for Park. The champion is out second, along with Josef Samael. Commentary calls this the most anticipated main event in MLW history. Here we go.

Jacob Fatu versus LA Park in a NO DQ match for the MLW Heavyweight Championship

Both men unload strikes to begin…Fatu wins the exchange and forces Park into the corner. Park regains position…they trade German suplexes, with neither man able to gain an advantage. Park rocks the champ with a series of lariats that end in a running knee. Fatu rolls to the outside to recover…Park out of nowhere with a suicide dive! Fans are split cheering for both men. Samael punches Park in the face, which is legal due to the NO DQ stipulation. Commentary reminds us that both men are undefeated in singles-competition. Fatu pounds Park down in the corner back inside the ring. He slaps Park across the face, then nails him with an uppercut. Irish-whip and corner lariat in succession. Salina screams at the referee…Samael comes in and hits Park over the head with the railroad spike! Park’s mask is ripped open and he’s a bloody mess.

Fatu targets the wound and knocks Park to the outside. He gets rammed into the steel barricade. Vicious haymakers from Fatu and Park is in trouble. He’s showing no signs of fight. Commentary wonders why Salina doesn’t try to help Park, or bring out another member of Promociones Dorado to help him. Fatu and Park end up in the crowd, where Fatu smacks Park around. They finally end up back in the ring. Fans trying to rally Park back into the bout. Fatu yells to the fans that he’s going to kick Park’s ass all night long.

Park mounts a comeback. Uppercut to the corner. Fatu gets a boot up on Park’s charge but Park baits him into a snap-powerslam. Cover…Fatu escapes with ease. He slams Park down, then traps him in the corner for another beating. He puts Park up on the top rope for a superplex…Park headbutts him off. Jumping whisper in the wind from Park! Huge pop from the crowd. Park throws Fatu back to the outside. He clears out the timekeepers area and picks up the table…Park smashes the table off of Samael’s head. He picks up a steel chair…thunderous shot across Fatu’s back. Park has the ring bell now…he busts Fatu open by nailing him over the head with it. Fight moves back into the ring again. Park choking Fatu over the ropes. Multiple headbutts send Fatu back to the mat.

Park removes the belt from his attire and whips Fatu repeatedly. Fatu builds up a head of steam…he jumps to the top ropes and hits a twisting senton. Park to the outside…FATU CONNECTS WITH A TWISTING TOPE CON HILO. Cicero Stadium comes absolutely unglued. Fatu sets up a table in the ring. Samael throws Park back inside. Uranagi by Fatu. He goes for the moonsault…Park moves! He goes to make the pin…Samael comes in and throws a fireball into the referee’s eyes! Salina comes in and slaps Samael…Park goes for a spear but Samael moves and he sends Salina through the table. Fatu superkicks Park. Pop-up samoan drop. Moonsault. Fatu retains.

Jacob Fatu wins by pinfall and retains the MLW Heavyweight Championship

Commentary calls Contra Unit the true power of MLW. They ask, “Is this the demise of Promociones Dorado?” Samael and Fatu celebrate. Park attends to Salina inside the ring. Replay of the match is shown. Park carries Salina to the back.

That’s the show friends.