Billy Corgan and the National Wrestling Alliance are giving stars from all over the world a chance to shine. Earlier today, the NWA announced a new series called The Circle Squared, where athletes will get a chance to showcase their skills and earn a contract with the NWA.

Via a press release, Corgan announced the competition will allow talent to prove their talent on the microphone before showing their in-ring abilities. The opportunity to connect with a live audience will be the ultimate test in order to eventually make it on the NWA roster and NWA Powerrr.

The first episodes of The Circle Squared will be recorded over the weekend of December 14-16 inside GPB Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. Those who are considered will be featured on upcoming episodes of NWA Powerrr. The talent selected will be those who follow the unique instructions provided. In order to get an opportunity, a wrestler must submit an email with the following four things:

1) A two-paragraph bio that highlights your special and unique story as a professional wrestler.

2) A photo that best highlights your character/personality

3) A link to your best match uploaded to YouTube with your name and “The Circle Squared” in the subject

4) A link to your best interview uploaded to YouTube with your name and “The Circle Squared” in the subject.