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Two minutes until the show begins, we get a recap of Ricky Starks confrontation with Aron Stevens at the promo table from last week, which ended with Starks slapping Stevens across his face. The two would go on to have a match that Starks would win. Also last week, Thunder Rosa made her first appearance when she offered Marti Belle a handshake…Belle denied it. Rosa will be in action later in the show.

Recap of Eli Drake’s arrival into the NWA. Footage includes Drake admitting that he wants a chance to prove he belongs at the top, while playing the National champion James Storm against world champion Nick Aldis. That led to a six-man tag in last week’s main event, which was won by Team Aldis. Due to the victory, Aldis’ friend, Colt Cabana, will get a championship rematch against James Storm for the National championship. That match…is today’s main event.

Powerrr intro song.

Joe Galli and Jim Cornette welcome us to another edition of Powerrr. They send it over to David Marquez, whose first guest is Colt Cabana. Cabana says that last week he secured a victory for Team Aldis over Team Storm earning him his title opportunity against James Storm. “I am 100%…and I ready to go. I’ll see you tonight.” Cabana leaves with the crowd giving him a huge ovation.

Aron Stevens is out next with Marquez. Footage of his loss last week to Ricky Starks is played. Stevens reminds Marquez to tell the crowd not to look him in the eye. He calls Stark’ victory a fluke. “You can call it ring rust. You can call it whatever. Bottom line…I am better than him. I have the pedigree, the career, and the track record to prove it.” Stevens announces that he’s petitioned the NWA for a rematch. He then begins quoting Shakespeare to a chorus of boos.

Commercial from the world champion Nick Aldis. He announces that NWA characters will be in the new 8-bit video game RetroMania Wrestling. The game will be released in 2020.

We cut to our first match. Both team already in the ring.

The Dawsons versus Jordan Kingsley/Matthew Mims

Kingsley and Mims trap Zayn in the corner. The Dawsons retake control with tandem offense. Sidewalk slam/neckbreaker combo onto Kingsley. Mims comes in and brawls with Dave….Dave nails a dropkick. Double-powerbomb…this one is over quickly.

The Dawsons win by pinfall

Post match…the Dawsons cut a promo at the table. Dave says that they need a tag title shot. “Every single team we have been in that ring with we have bulldozed through.” Eddie Kingston and Homicide come out. Crowd chanting loud for Kingston. He congratulates the Dawsons for defeating their team, but says that if they want a title shot they’ll have to beat them one more time. “We are willing to put our title shot on the line if you give us a shot at you guys.” Dave responds: “We beat you guys already…but you know what? We’ll think about it.” They leave. Crowd chants “you suck.”

Cut to an interview between Galli and former champion Tim Storm. Galli asks what’s going through Storm’s mind after two big losses. “There’s a lot going on in my mind right now,” responds Storm. “Part of being on that mountain top is that you can’t be there forever.” He talks about attempting to redeem himself by challenging Aldis for the title, but that he doesn’t regret anything, including losing. Galli reminds him that there are other titles in the NWA that he could compete for. “Just hearing you say that breaks my heart. Every championship in the NWA is important. I would be honored to hold any of those. I just don’t know at this point if that’s what the future is.” Nick Aldis interrupts the interview and pulls Storm aside. Aldis tells Storm that none of this happens without what he’s done. “We built this place together. Don’t let Eli Drake get in your head. You know who you are.” Storm with tears in his eyes thanks Aldis. Segment ends.

Ashley Vox versus Thunder Rosa

Tie-up. Rosa locks in a choke but Vox gets to the ropes. Rosa continues pulling at Vox’s hair, then lands a thunderous chop across her chest. Vox fires back…headbutts. She bounces off the ropes…Rosa catches her in a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Another choke in the corner. Stiff strikes from Rosa. She drops Vox with an axe kick. Multiple elbow strikes, followed by a body-scissor. Crowd trying to rally Vox back into the matchup. Rosa halts her comeback by slamming her head into the mat. Vox with a head of steam…she goes for a headscissor but turns it into a submission. Rosa escapes and climbs to the top…double-stomp to the back connects. It’s over.

Thunder Rosa wins by pinfall

Rosa continues an assault on Vox afterwards. Marti Belle runs out to make the save. Rosa almost has her hypnotized. She leaves Vox and Belle in the ring before anything gets physical.

After a commercial Marti Belle is interviewed. She says she doesn’t know anything about Thunder Rosa, but turns the attention to women’s champion Allysin Kay. Belle is upset that Kay, who she considers a dear friend, said she wasn’t ready for a title shot. “I have worked so hard. She knows that,” screams Belle. Kay comes out to confront her. Rosa comes out of nowhere and attacks Kay from behind! She smashes the champ into the ring post, then throws her in the ring. Belle can’t believe it. She watches Rosa pound her. Rosa offers Kay up to Belle…she thinks about it…Belle hits Kay with a pump kick! Rosa is smiling! Belle stands over Kay and taunts her. Rosa slides out of the ring.

Coming up next…Ricky Starks and Aron Stevens meet in a rematch. Preview asking…who is he mark?

Starks is out first. Stevens is at the desk before entering the ring. “There is no way that you can beat me in a two-out-of-three falls match.”

Aron Stevens versus Ricky Starks 2-out-of-3 falls match

Stevens goes to splash Starks but Starks moves and rolls Stevens up…got em!

Ricky Starks wins the first fall

Stevens cannot believe it. He looks bewildered as he prepares for the second fall. They tie-up…Starks with a backslide…Stevens JUST kicks out. Stevens moves to the apron to regain his composure. He yells at the referee for making a fast count. Starks makes him pay with a flush dropkick. Big chops from Starks to Stevens’ chest. He quotes Charles Dickens back to Stevens, mocking his Shakespeare lines from earlier. Stevens pokes Starks in the eyes and begins unloading fists. Vertical suplex from Stevens. He clubs Starks across the neck before applying a chinlock. Starks fights to his feet…he hits a combo, then follows up with a tornado DDT. Cover…Stevens stays alive. He knocks Starks down then plays to the crowd. Starks out of nowhere with a victory roll…it’s over! A sweep!

Ricky Starks wins the second fall

Stevens is irate. Starks bows as Stevens heads to the back.

Another commercial for RetroMania Wrestling. Nick Aldis looks like he’s having an absolute blast doing this spot.

Main event time. Colt Cabana is out first. He’s accompanied by Mr. Anderson. The National champion, James Storm is out second. Eli Drake walks with him. Here we go.

Colt Cabana versus James Storm for the NWA National Championship

Tie-up. Deep headlock from Cabana to open things. Storm bounces him off the ropes…shoulder tackle sends the champ flying. Storm goes for a boot to the gut but Cabana blocks it and chops him. Pace picks up…he goes for an early pinfall…two count. Storm whips Cabana in the corner…Cabana goes to the middle rope…Storm kicks the leg and DDTS him. Cabana slides to the outside. Anderson and Drake argue…nothing gets physical. Back in the ring Storm stomps Cabana’s leg and boots him in the ribs. To the second rope…Storm dives…Cabana gets the boots up but Storm was prepared…Cabana rocks him with a kick out of nowhere. Rights and lefts from Cabana. Off the ropes…headscissor sends Storm to the corner. Splash and arm-ringer in succession. Storm slows Cabana down by driving him into the turnbuckles…Cabana answers with a sunset-flip pin…he kicks out. TKO by Storm to Cabana off the ropes sends him to ringside. Storm runs…flying baseball slide. He throws Cabana inside and climbs…elbow drop connects. Cover…Cabana gets a shoulder up.

Storm puts Cabana up on the top rope and sets up for a superplex. Cabana elbows Storm off. He jumps for a splash…Storm moves so Cabana lands on his feet and hits a standing splash for a nearfall. Crowd entirely behind Cabana. Cabana lands the million dollar elbow but Storm responds with a lung-blower (backstabber). Back and forth striking…Storm wins the exchange with a combo. Eye of the Storm. Cover…Cabana kicks out again! Drake jumps up on the apron to argue with the referee’s count. Mr. Anderson pulls him down…Drake punches him. From behind…Kamille pushes Drake into Anderson, who hits Drake back. Meanwhile back in the ring…Cabana goes for the Superman pin. He got him! New champ!

Colt Cabana wins by pinfall to become the new NWA National Championship

Commentary is trying to figure out what just happened with Kamille. A replay is shown. Storm gives Cabana a thumb’s up and says that he’ll be seeing him again soon.

The Dawsons run over to the commentary desk. Dave says they want their match with Eddie Kingson and Homicide right now. They ask for a referee and say they refuse to leave until they get what they want. Kingston and Homicide run out and this one is official!

Eddie Kingston/Homicide versus The Dawsons

All four-men brawling. Homicide bites Zayn in the head while Kingston tangles with Dave. Big chops from Kingston. The referee finally gets control of the matchup, which leads the Dawsons to hitting a double-splash on Kingston to get the heat. Zayn and Dave utilize quick tags to wear Kingston down. Clubbing forearm by Zayn. Dave haymakers Kingston in the gut. Kingston manages to hit a lariat on Dave. He goes to make a tag but Zayn runs across the ring and takes out Homicide. Double-suplex by the Dawsons nearly wins the match. Homicide breaks up the pin. STO by Kingston…and Homicide is now in.

Homicide comes in hot. He lays into Dave and Zayn with corner lariats. He baits the Dawsons into running into each other. The tag champion Wild Cards come out. Homicide dropkicks the Dawsons into them! Homicide throws Dave back into the ring…the Wild Cards attack Homicide but the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express come out to make the save! Crowd is ecstatic! They fight the champs off. Back in the ring…Zayn connects with a sidewalk slam. Kingston and Homicide isolate Dave away from his brother…back elbow/cutter combo! That’ll do it.

Eddie Kingston/Homicide win by pinfall

The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express celebrate with Kingston and Homicide! Crowd chants “Rock and Roll!”

That’s the show friends.

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