Last night, WWE SmackDown featured commentary from Tom Phillips, Aiden English, Renee Young, and Pat McAfee. The group replaced Corey Graves and Michael Cole due to the flight debacle from being stuck in Saudi Arabia after Thursday’s WWE Crown Jewel event.

During Fire & Desire vs. Rhea Ripley and Tegan Nox’s match, Nox launched Sonya Deville over the announce table and Deville’s foot would catch Young right in the face. After the show, Young commented on what happened, noting she was glad to find out she didn’t have a glass jaw.

“I got kicked right in the face, I’m feeling okay, actually, when it first happened, I was like ‘I’m out! I’m done! Throw up the X’s, throw me to the back,” Young said. “But no, I bounced back and turns out I do not have a glass jaw, and I’m good for it, I guess. I thought I was bleeding for sure and I was putting that over quite a bit on commentary, but I wasn’t bleeding. Yeah, my teeth are intact.”

On Twitter, Young joked, “I’M NEVER DOING COMMENTARY AGAIN!” A fan also asked if she had to ice up her nose, Young responded, “Hell no. I had whiskey instead.”