A video package is shown highlighting Dragon Lee defeating Jeff Cobb at The Experience after the usual ROH signature video package.

Ian Riccaboni and Quinn McKay check in backstage. They talk about how fans had the opportunity to vote on matches and stipulations at The Experience.

Highlights are shown of ROH World Champion Rush & ROH Television Champion Shane Taylor defeating Matt Taven & Dalton Castle.

A video package is shown hyping Bateman coming to Ring Of Honor.

Ian Riccaboni and Quinn McKay check in again backstage. They talk about Dak Draper having won the Top Prospect Tournament.

Shinobi Shadow Squad's Ryan Nova makes his entrance. A pre-recorded in-set promo is shown with Nova talking about how Draper hasn't beat him and that when they get in the ring they will find out who the real Top Prospect really is. Dak Draper makes his entrance. Draper attempts to give Nova a participation award before the match. Nova doesn't accept it and hits Draper with a knee strike as the referee calls for the bell.

Dak Draper vs. Ryan Nova

Nova connects with a kick to Draper. Nova runs towards Draper, Draper slams him to the mat. Draper eventually goes for a Stalling Suplex on Nova. Nova knees the head of Draper to get out of it. Nova goes for a roll-up, Draper blocks it. Draper looks to drop a knee on Nova, Nova rolls out of the way. Nova rolls Draper up for a two count. Draper clotheslines Nova. Draper slaps the head of Nova. Nova chops Draper several times.

Nova connects with a series of kicks on Draper. Draper kicks Nova in the midsection. Nova escapes a Gut-Wrench Powerbomb attempt by Draper. Nova connects with a running knee to Draper. Nova hits a spin-kick to the face of Draper. Nova pins Draper for a two count. Nova goes for a cross-arm breaker, Draper blocks it by lifting Nova up and Powerbombing him. Draper hits his Magnum Drop finisher on Nova and pins him for the win.

Winner: Dak Draper

A video package is shown with Brian Zane talking about his Top Five Final Battle Moments with The Briscoes (Mark & Jay) winning their 10th ROH Tag Team Championship in Ladder War over The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) in 2018 being number one, followed by Kevin Steen defeating El Generico in a Fight Without Honor in 2010, Bryan Danielson defeating Takeshi Morishima in Fight Without Honor in 2008, Kenta defeating Low Ali in a dream match in 2005 and Austin Aries defeating Samoa Joe for the ROH World Championship in 2004 to end his 645-day reign.

The ROH Six-Man Tag Team Champions Marty Scurll & PCO of Villain Enterprises make their entrance. Dan Maff is replacing an injured ROH Six-Man Tag Team Champion Brody King of Villain Enterprises, Maff makes his entrance. Maff, making his first appearance for ROH in over 14 years, was chosen by The ROH Board Of Directors to be King's replacement. Colt Cabana, Jeff Cobb and Cheeseburger make their entrances. 

ROH Six-Man Tag Team Championship Match:
Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll & PCO) (c) & Dan Maff vs. Jeff Cobb, Cheeseburger & Colt Cabana

Scurll and Cabana lock up. Scurll and Cabana exchange wrist-locks. Cabana locks in a headlock on Scurll. Scurll sends Cabana to the ropes. Cabana goes for a shoulder-block, Scurll remains on his feet. Later in the match, Cobb hits a Back Suplex on PCO. Cheeseburger hits a double stomp from off the top turnbuckle on PCO. Cheeseburger pins PCO for a two count. Cheeseburger strikes PCO.

PCO impressively hits a Double Chokeslam on Cobb and Cabana while simultaneously hitting a Tombstone Piledriver on Cheeseburger. PCO ascends the turnbuckles. Maff tags himself in as PCO hits a PCOsault from off the top rope on Cheeseburger. PCO covers Cheeseburger, Maff pulls him off. Maff hits his Burning Hammer finisher on Cheeseburger. Maff pins Cheeseburger for the win.

Winners: Dan Maff & Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll & PCO)

PCO and Maff stare each other down as the show comes to a close.