As noted last weekend, former WWE Champion Batista took to Twitter to announce that he is once again single. This led to several humorous responses from pro wrestlers, some seeking a date for friends or themselves.

One of those responses came from a fan who said WWE SmackDown Superstar Dana Brooke should go out on a date with The Animal. She responded to that fan and wrote, “@DaveBautista – I mean we already discussed it – just send me what I requested … maybe I’ll share it [winking face emoji] .. then you can decide from there lol -“

Batista responded to that tweet and wrote, “I need to get to a piano! [tears of joy emoji] but I ain’t scurred!”

In an update, the back & forth continued between Batista and Brooke, and has been one of the hottest topics of discussion this week besides WWE Survivor Series Weekend. It looks like there could be something brewing between the two for WrestleMania 36 Weekend in April, if not before then.

Dana responded to that last tweet from Batista and wrote, “You have like 5 days to get to one ?? And send me some practice runs so I can see the best angles.. I’ll post the best ‘luckiest woman ever'”

Dana also responded to a fan who reminded Batista that she was available, and wrote, “I love everyone playing match maker for me ! Everyone says a little @DaveBautista in my life isn’t bad!?!?”

Several days later, Batista tweeted Dana a photo of himself and wrote, “@DanaBrookeWWE ….. Sup? [eyes emoji]”

Dana responded with a GIF of herself and wrote, “@DaveBautista Oh.. Not much, You? [kiss emoji]”

Batista then tweeted back another gym selfie of himself and wrote, “You know. Just standing around with my arms up. I see you been gettin those squats in. [peach emoji]”

Brooke responded with another GIF of herself and reminded Batista that WrestleMania 36 is in Tampa. She wrote, “@DaveBautista I mean I do workout [woman shrugging emoji].. you know a good gym … wrestlemania is in Tampa ??”

Batista tweeted back a gym selfie, this time from his own gym. He wrote, “I do actually! Just so happens that I have my own gym. #LionsDen .. Two squat racks! here it is. It also has an upstairs with a cage and mats as well. Ever done any jujitsu?”

That was enough for Brooke to make it a date and invite Batista into her DMs. She responded, “Sounds like a date.. Also, I’m sure you can teach me a couple things I can use in the ring- also the squat racks too – I’ll send ya my number via DM text me we can plan something [woman tipping hand emoji]”

Batista responded to that tweet with a GIF of himself, a “K” and a “smiling face with horns” emoji.

Renee Young then chimed in on the Brooke/Batista tweets. She wrote, “The world of wrestling is thriving! Such an exciting time for everyone involved. But that being said, the @DaveBautista and @DanaBrookeWWE interactions are my favourite thing going.”

Brooke responded to Renee and wrote, “‘Tis the season to be thankful….. Currently thankful for twitter & wrestlemania being in Tampa- hey You kno the deal [ghost emoji]”

That’s when the WWE On FOX Twitter account jumped in, offering to do a “Dating Game” segment with Batista and Brooke, and Renee as host. Brooke responded to FOX and wrote, “I’m all for a good dating game … Twitter = tinder for me I guess … – lets take this on air – maybe a little Skype or FaceTime Date @ReneeYoungWWE #WWEBackstage”

Brooke then apparently jumped into The Animal’s DMs, and let the world know. She tweeted Batista and wrote, “@DaveBautista – You’ve got mail… [love letter emoji] [incoming envelope emoji] sealed with a kiss [kiss emoji]”

Batista responded to that tweet with a “#Mood” GIF, giving everyone an idea of what that DM may have included. Brooke has made a few more tweets on Batista, including one Thanksgiving message that said she’s grateful for Batista texting her and for the Twitter World supporting it.

You can see the related tweets from Batista and Dana below, on this slow holiday news day: