At last Saturday's Full Gear PPV, Santana and Ortiz defeated The Young Bucks, then followed that up with a brawl that went all over the arena on last Wednesday's AEW Dynamite.

It's clear that things aren't over between the Inner Circle members and Matt & Nick Jackson. After the brawl went down, Santana and Ortiz explained why they are ignoring the tag titles and coming for the Young Bucks. They want a different title: best tag team in the world.

"Perfect! Just who I wanted to see," Ortiz barked at the camera. "You saw that? We put them in the circle."

"Young Boys, I hope y'all ready because every time we see you, it's on sight!" Santana followed up. "Every city! Every state! Every arena! Ya better be ready and willing to fight because this s--- don't end here, it doesn't end now. It keeps going, and going, and going!"

"People keep asking us, they keep asking us, 'Why aren't you going after SCU? Why aren't you going after the tag team titles?'" Ortiz continued. "There's one title we want, and Young Bucks you got that title! We're the best! We're the best! We're the best!"

On this Wednesday's Dynamite, Santana and Ortiz are scheduled to face Private Party (who intervened during last week's brawl) while Nick will face Fenix. As seen in the video above, Matt was put through a portion of the stage, so he looks to be out of action for the time being.