With the new addition of NXT to the battle, we asked yesterday which of the three brands will come out the winner of this year's Survivor Series.

NXT has been pushed into the mix and many of you are expecting them to get the most wins on the night. The vote wasn't a landslide though as SmackDown and a fairly even split among all the brands were close behind. In regards to SmackDown, the brand being on FOX may push them to the most wins. Last year, RAW swept the PPV and fans were not happy with that, so a wins across the board could be a better way to go.

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments:


"Last year, RAW swept all the matches (except on the Pre-Show) and fans came away majorly disappointed (possibly one of the worst Survivor Series PPVs ever). I think each brand will win a triple threat match (Lynch for RAW, Nakamura for SmackDown and Undisputed Era for NXT), the NXT women will take the traditional SS match and the SmackDown men will take the other traditional Survivor Series match. It's better for all three brands if the wins are spread out."

Max Badness:

"With the way that NXT has been brought into the mix with the main roster audience, NXT has already won in terms of brand exposure. Win, lose or draw, NXT has come into its own and has already been made to look strong."


"SmackDown will finally win why because of FOX."


"With the given exposure NXT has gotten over the course of the last few weeks, I believe they've already gotten a massive rub/subliminal win."

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