Ted DiBiase On How His Iconic Laugh Became Part Of His Character

Ted DiBiase is already in the WWE Hall of Fame, but if there was a Gimmick Hall of Fame then The Million Dollar Man gimmick would go in on the first ballot. It is one of the defining characters in pro wrestling history and DiBiase is who made it so great.

DiBiase talked about what made his character so successful when he spoke to Wrestling Inc.'s Andy Malnoske.

"A lot of times I think it's timing and being the right guy in the right place at the right time," said DiBiase. "Vince had an idea for a character and I fit the bill because of the way I carried myself. I hear it from fans all the time in that in the 80s and 90s ? and not taking anything from the guys today ? but the fans all came out to see us.

"I feel like my era was an era in which guys learned their trade the old school way. We got in the ring and wrestled almost every night and didn't have many days off? The only thing I knew for certain when I got in the ring was exactly how I went in. We told a story and the match was the story. It was a very special time and I feel privileged that I was a part of it."

From the flashy attire he wore to his Million Dollar Championship, perhaps the most enduring part of The Million Dollar Man was his evil laugh. It became part of his gimmick almost by accident as DiBiase explained.

"True story ? I was doing interviews when we were doing individual interviews for every market. I just happened to end a particular interview and I laughed like that. It's an exaggeration for the way I really laugh and Vince happened to be walking by," recalled DiBiase. "He stuck his head in the door and goes, 'That's The Million Dollar Man and I wanna hear that laugh every time you cut an interview.'

"I tell everybody that in a 19-year wrestling career and being in three Hall of Fames, what am I most remembered for? [Does iconic laugh] Go figure."

You can watch DiBiase's full interview in the video above.