Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s live coverage of Inside the Rhodes interview and discussion at Starrcast IV in Baltimore. Coverage will begin at 5:30 PM EST and is expected to run for about 90 minutes. The interview will stream on FITE (Starrcast IV Weekend Pass is $39.99) and traditional PPV.

Kenny McIntosh is hosting the panel. He greets the fans and then announces his guests Brandi, Cody and Dustin Rhodes.

*Cody says that during an interview on Wednesday after his legendary promo, he mentioned he couldn't hear himself on the microphone. That was why he got loud at times. He was glad to cut that promo.

*Brandi is asked about her partnership with Awesome Kong and why she chose to be her manager. She says that during her time in FCW, she knew who Kong was and was surprised no one was talking to her. So, she started up a conversation with her. In time, Kong trained her in the ring. She's glad they crossed paths again.

*Brandi doesn't think she was ever a babyface.

*Dustin loves going to work now. He says that each week, they have to keep producing great content, especially with the Wednesday Night Wars between AEW and NXT. He believes it's very important for wrestlers to have creative freedom. As a promo coach, he loves watching the roster grow.

* Cody is impressed with how many people are watching wrestling. He wants the company to focus more on the new cast. If they continue doing that, he believes they'll keep hitting their mark each week.

* Brandi was asked by Justin Roberts if she ever heard about Sammy Guevara's tryout at the WWE. Brandi asked if she was there at the time of his tryout. Roberts said she was. She goes and asks Guevara if he met her backstage. He said yes. She asked if he shook her hand. He said no, instead he winked at her.

*Cody wants fans to identify with the AEW roster. That is why his roster is so diverse.

* Brandi comments about Nyla Rose. She says that her matches always told a compelling story, that is why she wanted her to be part of AEW.

* Dustin adds that people who don't accept people being different can just shove it up their a**. He says that Rose is here to stay and they have some big plans for her.

* Dustin likes Guevara, however, he did not like that he was vlogging while he was getting attacked by the Inner Circle.

* Cody talks about the first time he ever met Guevara. He gave Guevara a tackle and Guevara turned around and gave him the finger and said "F-U." He says that the event they were part of was supposed to be a "family show."

*Cody invites Riho up to the stage. Brandi asks Riho if she's going to kick Emi Sakura's a** tomorrow night? She shakes her head yes. She leaves right after.

* Cody talks about signing Anthony Ogogo to AEW. He wants a strong relationship with British wrestling promotions.

* Cody talks about hair plugs and not knowing how they work. They joke about it for a while.

*Brandi discusses how she is always working outside of the ring. She says that melatonin is her new best friend and helps her sleep better.

*Brandi doesn't understand why Cody keeps calling Dustin "Chicken." Cody says that Dustin was always called "Chicken D**k" since his time in the WWE. Dustin said Arn Anderson gave him that nickname. So Cody slimmed his name down and just calls him "Chicken."

* Dustin thinks he's been doing a good job keeping up with the young roster.

*A fan asks if there will ever be another Dustin vs. Cody match? Dustin says no, Cody says yes.

* Another fan asks Dustin if he'll team up with Sonny Kiss again? He says definitely!

* Someone asks if Brandi or Cody could pick one person to join AEW, who would it be? Brandi says Alexa Bliss. Cody says Tessa Blanchard.

*Cody loved how Randy Orton teased about possibly signing on with AEW and instead re-signed with the WWE.

*Cody encourages fans to watch AEW Dark, "Being The Elite" and other video segments so they can get to know the wrestler's on a deeper level.

*Final question from a fan is what type of drink is Cody going to have after he beats Chris Jericho and becomes the new AEW World Champion tomorrow night? He said a customized wine he made in dedication to his father.

*McIntosh asks Brandi to tell one story about Dusty Rhodes. She says when she worked with him, he introduced her as his daughter to everyone. He also liked pulling her aside to his office to gossip about their co-workers.

McIntosh and the Rhodes family thank the fans for coming out. That concludes their panel!