Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s live coverage of Killing The Business: The Story of the Young Bucks interview and discussion at Starrcast IV in Baltimore. Coverage will begin at 2:30 PM EST and is expected to run for about 90 minutes. The interview will stream on FITE (Starrcast IV Weekend Pass is $39.99) and traditional PPV.

Excalibur is hosting The Young Bucks panel. He greets the fans and tells the audience how he's known The Bucks for years. And now without further ado, The Young Bucks!

* Matt and Nick Jackson talk about their childhood. Nick says that sports played a vital role in their youth. Wrestling was something they wanted to do since day one. Matt says that he used to rent a lot of wrestling videos at Blockbuster. The first tape he ever watched was WrestleMania III. Their younger brother would watch wrestling with them, but their sister would not. She didn't understand the sport.

* Matt says their parents were "Jesus freaks." They were always in church. Their parents did not like how the WWF/E used a lot of curse words in their promos. They tried to forbid them from watching it, but that didn't work.

* Matt tells a story of when they were kids and how they built their rings at public places like furniture stores (in the back). Their father told them that he was going to help them build their ring in the backyard so that way they weren't going out and destroying other people's property.

* Matt says that kids their age knew of their backyard wrestling events. He sort of had an ego because of it. He talks about his first day of training professionally. He was too busy doing sharpshooters off the top rope before shaking hands with the trainers and other wrestlers training there. Nick adds that he was too young to train at the time, so Matt would teach him the moves he learned.

* Nick said that in the SoCal area there weren't too many indie promotions. Their goal was to wrestle and to find promoters who were interested in them. After sending out their material, they were doing numerous matches a week. He says that Christopher Daniels was the first top star that helped them on their journey in the beginning.

* When they were offered a contract with PWG, they were nervous to not mess it up. Their first match was hectic because their competitors didn't arrive until the last minute. Super Dragon was impressed with how the match went overall.

* Matt talks about the first time they heard about Kenny Omega. While they were over in Japan, they saw him in a magazine and heard that he liked their wrestling style.

* Nick says he felt bad for missing his brother's wedding to attend a wrestling event. He says that while at the event, that was where he met Omega in California. He called Matt and told him that he was exactly like them, personality-wise.

* They both say that the Dragon Gate tours were tough at times. They were on the road a lot (35 days). Also, they talk about how they created merchandise to help them pay for airfare, food, etc.

* They talk about being booed after their win against Omega and Chuck Taylor at PWG DDT4. Nick knew they were screwed. Wrestlers like Daniel Bryan tried to get the fans behind them again, but it wasn't working.

* Matt said things started picking up (career-wise) when they were in Ring of Honor. Nick said they went in when the bookers only paid the wrestlers $100 a match.

* Nick said there was a bidding war on them between TNA and Dragon Gate. Nick tells of when they first tried out for TNA. They went up against The Motor City Machine Guns. After they signed their contract with TNA, Matt says it was a really bad contract. Things like appearances and pay were not the best.

* Nick states that they liked working with Kazuchika Okada while they were at TNA. He says that Okada was goofy and they just loved his personality. They both hung out with him a lot. Nick says they helped him at times when he wasn't comfortable doing certain things in the ring like cutting himself open. They realized their friendship grew because of their helpfulness. Matt jokes about Okada's obsession with taking selfies on people's phones.

* Matt states that Okada helped them get into NJPW. That was when they learned about their roles in The Bullet Club. He adds that The Bullet Club welcomed them with open arms and they all began traveling together.

* In January of 2016, The Elite was born. Matt said they were blindsided when several members (AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson) stated they were leaving for the WWE. Because of that, they had to figure out how they were going to transition from The Bullet Club to The Elite. Omega and The Bucks came up with the idea that they were going to turn on them and start their group.

* Matt says that Nick was the one that came up with the "Being the Elite" videos on YouTube. Matt also mentions that while on a tour bus, they all came up with the idea for All In.

* Matt doesn't believe that All In sparked AEW. He believes that it was Tony Khan who made AEW happen.

* An audience member asks if The Young Bucks will ever have a singles run. Nick says only if one of them gets injured or gets married again (jokingly), they don't ever plan on doing a singles run.

* Another fan asks when will they announce an update on the AEW video game. They joke and say that's Omega's department.

* Another question asked is if there will ever be a brother vs. brother match between them. Nick says he could see it happening. Originally at All In and Double Or Nothing, they had thought about doing that type of a match.

* The last question asked is when AEW is coming to New York. They aren't sure just yet.

The Young Bucks thank the fans for attending their panel. That concludes their segment. Up next, Unhinged-The Jon Moxley Story at 4 PM EST.