Triple H hosted a media call earlier today to promote Saturday’s WWE NXT “Takeover: WarGames 2019” event and Sunday’s WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view.

Triple H talked about the big weekend ahead for NXT, RAW and SmackDown, and how it’s really an exciting time for the whole roster. He also talked about NXT’s transition to the USA Network, and said he’s thrilled with how everything is going.

“It’s an exciting time, as always, for NXT,” Triple H said. “The show on USA, now two hours live every week, I think has gone incredibly well for us. I’m happy with the shows, the performances, the way everybody’s stepped up to live television. It’s a big transition, but the way everybody’s stepped up to it and the product we’re putting out, I’m thrilled.”

He continued, “I think this weekend is very busy and in some ways a completely different, but incredible challenge for the talents down here in NXT. Not only will they have the show live here tonight but then they have SmackDown on Friday, which I’m sure we’ll have some involvement in, WarGames on Saturday, which in of itself is a massive event, and I believe with the card that we have, it’s must see, and then Survivor Series the next night. Everybody kind of working double, triple duty on this, but in a manner that is just sort of unprecedented for NXT. Being able to step into RAW, and step into SmackDown, being able to step into Survivor Series and prove their worth against everybody on that entire roster. So, it’s an exciting time.”

Tonight’s NXT TV episode from the NXT Arena at Full Sail will be the final black & yellow episode before Saturday’s WarGames event. Triple H noted on Monday’s RAW that “the doors were open” for main roster Superstars to appear on tonight’s NXT episode. In an update, he has confirmed that several top talents are coming to NXT to represent the main roster tonight.

“Tonight’s show here at Full Sail, on the USA Network, will be, I think, one of the best shows we’ve ever done,” Triple H said. “Just based on the fact alone that we have confirmed The Revival vs. [NXT Tag Team Champions] The Undisputed Era, in what for me and many others is a dream tag match, but I know for me certainly, I can’t wait to watch that go down. That’s going to be incredible and epic. It should be tough to surpass that. And then leading to WarGames you have a Ladder Match between Dominik Dijakovic and [NXT Champion] Adam Cole. Cole, who is on arguably one of the best roles of anybody ever, right now. With everything that’s he’s been doing and representing NXT with Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins, and everything else that’s happened, that Ladder Match determines who gets the advantage in WarGames.

“So, the show is off to an epic start, and you know, Monday night the opening the doors, so to speak, to NXT, and allowing everybody the freedom to come here and kind of make their mark. I’ve talked to a lot of people, there’s a lot of people on their way, especially top people that I think a lot of fans won’t expect to necessarily be a part of this, are on their way here tonight, and it should make for an epic kind of unpredictable, crazy, wild and exciting show.”

Stay tuned for updates on tonight’s NXT episode and be sure to join us for live coverage at 8pm ET.

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