Welcome to Wrestling Inc's recap of WOW (Women of Wrestling). Tonight's episode takes place from the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles California, and aired on AXS TV. Enjoy the show, and sound off in the comments.

Recap of last week's episode of WOW, where Jungle Grrrl and The Beast battled in the main event to determine a new number one contender for Tessa Blanchard's WOW world championship. The match ended in a disqualification after Lana Star and The Lioness interfered, causing the Beast to lose. Commentary asks...will Blanchard give Jungle Grrrl her title opportunity on tonight's episode?

Lana Star is seen walking to her car in the parking lot. The Beast confronts her. "If you ever mess with one of my matches again...I will rip your face off. You should think twice before getting cozy with Tessa Blanchard."

David McLane gives his signature in-ring introduction. He brings out Jungle Grrrl, and asks how she feels after winning by disqualification. Jungle Grrrl responds by calling a win a win. She's ready to face Blanchard one-on-one. This brings the champion out. She says she's already defeated Jungle Grrrl, ending her 18-year undefeated streak. "Let me set the record straight. I would love nothing more than to kick your ass again. But the fact of the matter is, I've already signed a contract for tonight's main event." Commentary reveals that Blanchard will be facing The Lioness, thanks to the deal Sofia Lopez made with Lana Star.

Khloe Hurtz makes her way to the ring for our opening contest. She'll be facing...Sassy Massy.

Khloe Hurtz versus Sassy Massy

Hurtz blindsides Massy before the bell. Massy fights her off and hits a corner lariat. A second. She charges with a flying crossbody and connects. Early cover...only two. Hurtz distracts the referee, allowing one of her ring rats to grab Massy's foot for the advantage. Hurtz takes advantage and stomps Massy down before choking her over the middle-rope. Hurtz misses on a corner splash...Massy rolls her up...two count. Hurtz retakes control with a scissor kick. She applies a camel clutch but releases the hold on her own. Massy mounts a comeback...short-armed lariat for a nearfall. Hurtz goes for a torture rack...Massy slips off...complete shot! Cover...Hurtz stays alive. Forearms to Hurtz's face. Another complete shot. It's over.

Sassy Massy wins by pinfall

Cut to the Dixie darlings, who steal Jessie Jones attire. Elsewhere, Sassy Massy high-fives Chantilly Chella after her victory.

The Temptress is out for our next match accompanied by The Dagger. Her opponent...Chantilly Chella.

The Temptress versus Chantilly Chella

Tie-up. Temptress with a waistlock takedown. Chella transitions into a wristlock. Temptress attempts to escape but Chella keeps her grounded. Eventually she breaks free. Irish-whip...Chella bounces over...Temptress ends Chella face first into the turnbuckles. She charges...Chella gets the boots up, then follows up with a frankensteiner. Monkey-flip by Chella. She plays to the crowd who are going nuts. Temptress blocks a second monkey-flip sending Chella hard into the mat. Temptress chokes Chella with her boot. Another Irish-whip. Snapmare...Chella ducks a big boot and rolls Temptress up...just two. Temptress hits a backbreaker to slow Chella down. Snap-suplex. Temptress with a sleeper.

Chella fires back...jawbreaker. Big combo rocks Temptress. Leg-sweep and meteora in succession from Chella. She nails Temptress in the corner with a running knee. Missile dropkick from the top nearly wins the match for Chella.Temptress goes for a uranagi...Chella blocks it...cutter! She has the match won but Dagger pulls Temptress out of the ring. Chella goes for a suicide dive...Temptress yanks her out and boots her in the face. Back in the ring...she goes for her finisher...Chella fights out of it...spinning back kick from Chella. Cover...it's over!

Chantilly Chella wins by pinfall

McLane tells us that tag action will be coming up next. Backstage, Jessie Jones and Amber O'Neil are looking for their boots (the ones that the Dixie Darlings) stole earlier. Jones angrily says that they have to go.

Back from commercial break...Amber O'Neil and Jessie Jones are out first for this tag tournament matchup. Jones approaches McLane and says that they can't wrestle because their boots were stolen. McLane refuses, telling them they have to wrestle. Jones agrees, but she's not happy about it. Fire and Adrenaline are out next. Crowd goes nuts for these two.

Jessie Jones/Amber O'Neil versus Fire/Adrenaline tag team tournament

O'Neil and Fire begin. Tie-up. O'Neil lands the first strike. She traps Fire in the corner and uses the ropes to her advantage. Fire with a sunset-flip into a dropkick. She ducks a lariat..another dropkick. Adrenaline tags in. Flying crossbody from the top. Huge pop from the fans after that one. Jones tags in but walks right into a crucifix pin attempt...two count. Jones seems off her game due to not having her boots. Adrenaline continues quick pin attempts...Jones stays alive. Tandem offense from Fire and Adrenaline. Jones blocks a double-team maneuver...lariat from Jones to Adrenaline. O'Neil comes back in...she mounts Adrenaline and pounds away with right hands. Powerslam by O'Neil. She plays to the crowd and shows off her muscles. Another slam attempt...Adrenaline counters into a small-package. Jones had the referee's attention so he's unable to mak the count.

Jones softens up Adrenaline's arm for her signature submission. Adrenaline sends Jones across the ring but Jones manages to trap her in the corner away from Fire. O'Neil charges Adrenaline...elbow by Adrenaline, followed by a tornado DDT. She makes the hot tag to Fire. Fire nails Jones with running elbows. Snapmare and superkick combo. Fire dumps Jones to the apron...she hurts her ankle due to the lack of wearing a boot. O'Neil gets put into an ankle-lock from Fire...she taps!

Fire/Adrenaline win by submission and advance to the tag team tournament finals

Post match, Fire and Adrenaline are interviewed by Shaul Guerrero. Fire says they are coming for the tag titles, while Adrenaline expresses that they've proven their worth in the division.

Jones and O'Neil are talking backstage. Jones says she thinks the twins took their boots. Dixie Darlings appear laughing. Jones demands the boots back... the Darlings oblige. Jones and O'Neil then attack the Darlings.

Video package on the Lioness showing her background as a talented musician, dancer, and pro-wrestler. The storyline of Lioness' friend Lana Star, who made a deal with Tessa Blanchard, gets recapped. The vignette ends by reminding the WOW universe that Lioness is still only 19, and not as experienced as world champion Tessa Blanchard.

Main event time. Shaul Guerrero reminds us that this is for the title. The Lioness is out first, accompanied by Lana Star. Tessa Blanchard is out second. Here we go.

Tessa Blanchard versus The Lioness for the WOW World Championship

Tie-up. Neither woman is able to gain the advantage. Headlock from Blanchard...she brings Lioness to the mat. Lioness switches to a headscissor but Blanchard kips up and both reset. Lioness takes Blanchard down this time. Blanchard applies the headscissor and Lioness is the one with the athletic escape. Big punches by Blanchard to Lioness' gut. Pace picks up...flying lariat by the challenger. Japanese arm-drag sends Blanchard to ringside. Lioness goes for a suicide dive but Blanchard cuts her off with a huge forearm at the ropes. More forearms inside the ring. Blanchard dropkicks Lioness in the back, then jumps to the apron to deliver a superkick. Blanchard keeps the pressure on by hitting a lariat. She locks in a rear chinlock to slow the action down.

Lioness connects with a big roundhouse. She shakes off Blanchard's earlier damage and starts stringing together offense. Two lariats, followed by a corner elbow. She kicks Blanchard's legs out...corner basement dropkick. Cover...Blanchard escapes. Suplex attempt...Blanchard slips behind and goes for a full-nelson...Lioness faces her and hits an enziguri. Blanchard rolls to the outside...suicide dive from Lioness! She throws the champ back inside...two count. Haymaker from Blanchard...Lioness fires back with a boot but Blanchard traps her in the corner...codebreaker. Blanchard climbs to the top...Lioness moves...spinning back kick by Lioness. Another pinfall but only two. Firemans carry...Blanchard slips out and hits the Diamond DDT. It's over.

Tessa Blanchard wins by pinfall and retains the WOW World Championship

Post match, Jungle Grrrl spears Tessa Blanchard and begins choking her out. A group of referee's come out to separate them. "Let them fight" chants from the crowd.

That's the show friends.