Welcome to Wrestling Inc's recap of WOW (Women of Wrestling). Tonight's episode takes place from the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles California, and aired on AXS TV. Enjoy the show, and sound off in the comments.

Recap of WOW from two weeks ago, when Jungle Grrrl defeated The Beast via disqualification to earn a shot at Tessa Blanchard and the WOW world championship. Blanchard successfully defended the title against The Lioness on last week's finale, but Jungle Grrrl attacked her afterwards. That sets up tonight's main event: Blanchard versus Jungle Grrrl for the gold.

David McLane welcomes us to the show with his signature intro. The Beast makes her way to the ring for our opening contest. Fans go nuts. She grabs the microphone and calls out Lana Star for costing her a title shot. "I'm going to make you pay. You come right here...right now." Footage of The Beast confronting Star in the parking lot is played. Star and the Lioness come to ringside. She tells the Beast to never stalk her near her car again, then claims that McLane won't allow her to wrestle due to injury. She volunteers the Lioness to face the Beast...and that match is now.

The Beast versus The Lioness

Tie-up. Beasts forces Lioness into the corner, then she rag dolls her across the ring. Another one. Lioness charges right into a boot from the Beast. She goes for a powerbomb. She hits it...it's over.

The Beast wins by pinfall

Commentary says that Lioness came into the match cold, which is why it ended so quickly. Highlights of the bout are shown. Main event gets hyped again as we take our first break.

Cut to Princess Aussie. Voice-over tells us that Aussie has completely changed due to her being possessed by Siren and Holidead. The two would burn Aussie's bamboo sticks, and follow her for weeks attempting to sway her to the dark side.

Serpentine makes her way to the ring, accompanied by Sophia Lopez, for our next bout. Loud reaction from the crowd. She'll be facing Princess Aussie.

Serpentine versus Princess Aussie

Tie-up. Hammerlock by Serpentine to start. Aussie reverses the pressure but Serpentine retakes wrist control. Aussie catches Serpentine in a sunset flip pin...kick out. Pace picks up...Aussie hits a dropkick. She bounces off the ropes...Lopez grabs her ankle allowing Serpentine to gain the advantage. PK from Serpentine to Aussie's back. She targets the area with a bow-and-arrow submission. Serpentine follows up with clubbing forearms...she transitions into an Indian-death lock. Aussie refuses to quit. Serpentine makes Aussie pay by slapping her in the back. Irish-whip and running elbow in succession. Serpentine misses the second...Aussie gets dumped to the apron. She rocks Serpentine with a forearm. She goes for a moonsault crossbody but Serpentine has it scouted and nails a dropkick. Cover...Aussie sneaks a shoulder out. Fans trying to rally her back into the match. Aussie counters out of a torture rack...running elbow. Lariat, snapmare, and sliding lariat by Aussie. Serpentine fires back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a nearfall. She argues with the referee for counting slow. Back and forth striking...Aussie climbs to the top...Serpentine connects with a strike, then slams her off. Serpentine picks her up...Serpentine driver. That'll do it.

Serpentine wins by pinfall

Post match, Holidead and Siren come out. They approach Aussie inside the ring carrying her burnt bamboo sticks. Commentary questions what their intentions are. Holidead and Siren appear to taunt Aussie, who looks confused, but nothing gets physical.

Cut to a special look at WOW ring announcer Shaul Guerrero. She talks about her family legacy, including her mother Vickie, her cousin Chavo, and her father, the late Eddie Guerrero. She says that it wasn't until her dad passed that she realized she wanted to be in this business. "Wrestling will always be my second family." She finishes by discussing women's empowerment in the pro-wrestling business, and how she hopes to inspire anyone to follow their dreams, no matter their shape or size.

A recap of the tag team tournament is played. That sets up our next matchup, a tag showdown between the Monsters of Madness (Hazard & Havok) against Chantilly Chella and Sassy Massy.

Monsters of Madness versus Chantilly Chella/Sassy Massy Tag Team Series

Hazard and Chella start. Chella rolls away from Hazard. Hazard charges right into an arm-drag from Chella. Another one. Dropkick sends Hazard to the mat. Massy tags in...tandem offense from Chella and Massy including a leg-drop/elbow drop combo. Massy hits a stinger splash in the corner, then brings Chella back in. Flying knee connects. Chella goes for another running attack but Hazard ducks it and decapitates Chella with a lariat. Havok in now. Full-nelson submission applied. Havok turns it into a backbreaker/lariat combo. Snap suplex for a two count. Hazard tags back in. She knocks Massy off the apron. Havok with an illegal choke but the referee is distracted by Massy, who is trying to get into the ring. Havok locks Chella in a bearhug...she smashes her in the corner to add pressure. Slam by Havok. Chella with a dropkick and a quick tag! Massy comes in hot. Running hip thrust, followed by a basement crossbody. Massy ducks a lariat from Havok...crossbody...Havok catches her...Chella goes for a crossbody off the ropes...she catches her too! Double-fallaway slam. Massy gets caught in a wheelbarrow/cutter maneuver from the Monsters of Madness. They advance.

Monsters of Madness win by pinfall and advance to the finals of the Tag Team Series

Afterwards Shaul Guerrero tells the Monsters that they'll be competing for the WOW tag titles in next week's main event in a triple threat against the Psycho Sisters and Fire/Adrenaline. Havok and Hazard say their prophecy of becoming champions is nearly complete.

Main event time. Jungle Grrrl is out first to a chorus of boos. The champ, Tessa Blanchard, is out second. Here we go.

Tessa Blanchard versus Jungle Grrrl for the WOW World Championship

Shoving match to start. Jungle Grrrl sends Blanchard to the outside and starts battering her around the arena. She whips Blanchard into the steel steps before throwing her back into the ring. Blanchard catches Jungle Grrrl coming back into the ring. She traps her in the corner and charges...Jungle Grrrl gets the boots up. She climbs...Blanchard rocks her but Jungle Grrrl regains her footing and hits a jumping lariat. Blanchard responds with a stiff elbow to the face, followed by a right hook. Blanchard ties Jungle Grrrl up in the ropes...flying crossbody to Jungle Grrrl's lower back. Dropkick to the back. Blanchard jumps to the apron and punts Jungle Grrrl in the face. Cover...only a one count. She goes for the diamond DDT...Jungle Grrrl forces her to the corner to break the hold. She sets the champ up for a superplex...Blanchard blocks it and punches off. Blanchard dives over Jungle Grrrl....spear by Jungle Grrrl for two. Jungle Driver attempt...Blanchard switches behind her and hits a half-nelson facebuster. Blanchard to the top...Jungle Grrrl meets her up there...superplex! Both women are down. Jungle Grrrl crawls over for a pin...she kicks out.

Back to their feet...Jungle Grrrl connects with the Jungle driver. She goes to the top for her signature splash...Blanchard rolls to the outside. Jungle Grrrl goes for a top rope axe handle on the outside...Blanchard superkicks her out of the air. Back inside for a cover...Jungle Grrrl stays alive. Hammerlock DDT...she got it....Jungle Grrrl kicks out! Blanchard can't believe it. She climbs to the top...top rope codebreaker...jacknife pin...it's over.

Tessa Blanchard wins by pinfall to retain the WOW World Championship

Blanchard and Jungle Grrrl have an intense post match staredown. Blanchard holds the title high.

That's the show friends.