Welcome to Wrestling Inc’s recap of WOW (Women of Wrestling). Tonight’s episode takes place from the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles California, and aired on AXS TV. Enjoy the show, and sound off in the comments.

Recap of last week’s WOW world title matchup between Tessa Blanchard and Jungle Grrrl. After a wild back and forth, Blanchard would connect with a top rope codebreaker to retain. Tonight’s main event will feature a triple-threat elimination tag to determine the finals of the tag team tournament series.

David McLane welcomes us to WOW with his signature intro. A vignette of the Bully Busters plays. Despite their alliance, Keta Rush and Stephy Slays were unable to advance in the tag tournament. They will face the Disciplinarian (w/Samantha Smart) and Abilene Maverick in our opening contest.

Bully Busters versus Disciplinarian/Abilene Maverick

Bully Busters hit stereo dropkicks that sends Disciplinarian and Maverick to the outside. Slays and Disciplinarian start. Disciplinarian nails an axe-handle. Slays quickly tags in Rush. Maverick comes in as well. Rush connects with a headscissor. She goes to the middle-rope…crossbody lands. Disciplinarian back in. Rush takes her down with a flying lariat. School-boy…only two. Big right hand from the Disciplinarian. Irish-whip right into Maverick’s knee. Sidewalk slam/elbow drop by Disciplinarian and Maverick. Maverick punches Slays off the apron, giving the heels an opportunity to double-team Rush with the referee’s back turned. Maverick chokes Rush in her team’s corner.

Rush fires off some knees but Disciplinarian drops her with a haymaker. Maverick wears Rush down by applying an abdominal stretch. She grinds her elbow into Rush’s ribs to add pressure to the hold. Rush traps Maverick in a headlock. Hot tag to slays. Slays and Rush double-team Disciplinarian…double-elbow drop. Running axe-handle by Slays. A second. Dropkick and monkey-flip in succession. Cover…Maverick breaks it up. Sunset flip pin…Disciplinarian can’t kick out. (Weird spot)

Bully Busters win by pinfall

Backstage Maverick screams at Smart and Disciplinarian. She says that she quits whatever alliance they had, saying that they don’t have their heads in the game. Cut to a video highlighting the Dixie Darlings. They’re shooting arrows. Footage of them stealing Jessie Jones’ wrestling boots before their tag tournament matchup is shown. This led to a brawl between Jones, her partner Amber O’Neil, and the Darlings.

We go back to the ring for this matchup. Southern Pride is out first. Jones gets on the microphone and says that they were screwed out of the tag team series. “We were forced to wrestle without boots,” screams Jones. The crowd serenades her with “you suck” chants. Darlings are out second.

Southern Pride versus Dixie Darlings

As soon as the Darlings get into the ring Southern Pride jumps them. The Darlings gain the advantage with stereo lariats. They whip O’Neil and Jones into each other. Jones and O’Neil roll to ringside to regroup. Joleen and O’Neil start. O’Neil smashes Joleen’s face off the turnbuckles, then stomps her down in the corner. Jones tags in…running hip attack. Jones rings the arm and drives her shoulder into it, hopefully softening it up for her signature armbar submission. Jones runs through Joleen with a shoulder block. Crossface applied. O’Neil adds pressure by trapping Joleen in a Boston crab while the crossface is still in. O’Neil transitions into a seated chicken-wing. O’Neil shows off with a wide range of submissions, but Joleen refuses to quit. Joleen catches O’Neil in a backslide pin…Jones distracts the referee so he cannot make the count. Jones and O’Neil isolate Joleen into their corner. Joleen eventually hits a DDT. She makes the hot tag to Jolyn. Jolyn snapmares Jones…facebuster. Flipping neckbreaker and crucifix for two. She charges Jones in the corner…Jones moves and locks in the armbar. O’Neil takes out Joleen. Jolyn taps.

Southern Pride win by submission

Post match, Jones tell the WOW locker room that she’ll show no mercy to anyone who gets in Southern Pride’s way.

Flashback to last week when the Beast made easy work of the Lioness. Cut to Lana Star and Lioness talking backstage. “They’ll learn to never underestimate me,” says Star.

Lana Star makes he way to the ring. “Tonight…you are going to see a new Lioness. We are sick and tired of everyone trying to take advantage of us. You are all going to learn to never underestimate me.” She introduces the Lioness, who puts on a mini-concert with her dancers. Her opponent…Khloe Hurtz. A video of Hurtz firing her ring rats is played prior to the match beginning.

Khloe Hurtz versus The Lioness

Tie-up. Hurtz powers Lioness to the mat. Rear chinlock applied. Lioness elbows her way out…running shoulder block. Lioness picks her up…arm-drag. Hurtz stomps on Lioness’ foot, then jumps on her back before locking in the camel clutch. Big right hand from Hurtz. She ties Lioness up in the tree-of-woe. Hurtz slides to the outside and chokes Lioness, cranking back hard on her neck. Handspring elbow smash by Hurtz. Lioness catches Hurtz in a sunset-flip pin…two count. Hurtz goes right back to work…modified armbar…she rips down on Lioness’ fingers but eventually releases the hold. Lioness jumps to her feet and powerslams Hurtz Jumping elbow. Hurtz fights back…Lioness hits a trouble in paradise kick. Hurtz answers with a firemans carry into a samoan drop. Star gets on the apron and smashes a mirror over Hurtz’s head. Lioness with a lateral press…it’s over.

The Lioness wins by pinfall

Main event time. The Monsters of Madness (Havok and Hazard) are out first, followed by Holidead and Siren. Fire and Adrenaline are out last. Here we go. Commentary tells us that one team will be eliminated, and the other two will face off in next week’s finale.

Monsters of Madness versus Holidead/Siren versus Fire/Adrenaline Elimination

Holidead and Adrenaline begin. Frankensteiner and a series of arm-drags from Adrenaline pop the crowd. Fire tags in. Running axe-handle. A second. Snapmare and superkick in succession. Hazard tags in and powers Fire to the mat. She brings in Havok but Fire slides out and tags in Siren. Siren and Havok face off in the center. Back and forth striking…Havok wins the exchange with a choke lift. Holidead comes in now. She and Havok bump each other with shoulder tackles. Neither woman will go down. Holidead slams Adrenaline into the ring and lets Havok pick up the pieces.

Havok tosses Adrenaline into the turnbuckles with ease. Hazard assists by stomping Adrenaline down. Snap-suplex for a nearfall. Big backbreaker by Havok. Adrenaline with an impressive headscissor. She brings in Fire. Double-dropkick to Holidead and Havok. Holidead catches a crossbody from Fire and powerslams her hard into the mat. Corner lariat. Holidead picks Fire up for a suplex…she hits it. She throws Fire into the waiting boot of Siren. Siren tags in. Corner basement uppercut. Siren traps Fire in the tree-of-woe…Holidead takes advantage by hitting a running dropkick.

Fire lands a dropkick. Havok blindly tags in on Holidead…she picks up Fire for a choke bomb. Boston crab submission is in. Adrenaline jumps in…Havok catches her and slams her to the mat. Fire avoids an attack and brings in Holidead. Spinebuster to Havok. Hazard out of nowhere with a German suplex. Superkick from Fire. All six women are in. Siren connects with a double-arm DDT. The Monsters of Madness take out Holidead and Siren. Havok slams Holidead with an air-raid crash. They are eliminated.

Monsters of Madness and Fire/Adrenaline advance to the finals

Since Siren and Holidead were eliminated, commentary tells us that the Monsters of Madness and Fire/Adrenaline will be facing off in the finals next week for the WOW tag team titles.

That’s the show friends.