Welcome to Wrestling Inc's recap of WOW (Women of Wrestling). Tonight's episode takes place from the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles California, and aired on AXS TV. Enjoy the show, and sound off in the comments.

Recap of the tag team championship series, which hypes up tonight's final between the Monsters of Madness (Havok & Hazard) and Fire and Adrenaline. Cut to Siren in her hidden prayer area. Siren reveals a photo of Princess Aussie. "What path awaits your destiny? You are full of greatness, but your time has come. You must choose a path. The cards hold your life." She laughs maniacally.

David McLane welcomes us to the show with his signature intro. Elsewhere the Psycho Sisters give a promo. They call out Chantilly Chella, Sassy Massy, and Keta Rush, who answered their open challenge for a six-woman tag. "You better bring everything you've got." Chella, Massy, and Rush are preparing themselves. Shaul Guerrero introduces the competitors, as this tag will be our opening contest.

Psycho Sisters versus Chantilly Chella/Sassy Massy/Keta Rush

Psycho Sisters attack the babyfaces as they pose for the crowd. Fury unloads shots on Rush. Razor goes after Chella. The Sisters get trapped in the corner...triple-team tandem offense. Chella wears Razor down. Rush tags in...double-elbow. Early cover...Razor kicks out. Chella tags right back in. Snapmare and running meteora for another nearfall. Razor reverses an Irish-Whip...Chella hits a dropkick. Fury comes in...she catches Chella into a twisting backbreaker. She slows the action down by targeting the back. Big headbutt from Fury. Razor tags in and stomps Chella down. Quick tag to Fury. Chella tries to escape and get to her team's corner but the Psycho Sisters do a good job of isolating her away. Backhand slap by Fury. Chella nails a jawbreaker and she brings in Massy. Massy rocks Fury with three right hands. Jumping senton, followed by a corner lariat/bulldog combo. Cover...Fury stays alive. Rush tags in officially for the first time. Mezmeriah connects with a double-lariat onto Rush and Massy. Fury meanwhile boots Chella to the outside. Razor and Rush are left alone in the ring...decapitating lariat. Psycho Sisters get the win.

Psycho Sisters win by pinfall

Post match, the Sisters cut a promo. "That was a message to whoever wins the tag tournament finals tonight. You got a big shiny target on your back...and the Psycho Sisters...we love shiny things. We don't care if you're 10 feet tall. We don't care if you're 4 feet tall. We don't care about that stupid tag tournament and its stupid rules. The WOW tag team titles belong to the Psycho Sisters." McLane on commentary says that the Sisters could potentially be in line for the first title shot.

After a commercial, we go to our next matchup. The Disciplinarian is out, accompanied as always by Samantha Smart. She'll be facing Reyna Reyes.

The Disciplinarian versus Reyna Reyes

Tie-up. Reyes grabs a wristlock. Disciplinarian reverses the pressure but Reyes uses her speed to keep the hold applied. Elbow smash from Disciplinarian...she bounces off the ropes...Reyes takes her down with a drop-toe-hold. She uses the ropes to hit an arm-drag. A second one, this time walking across the ropes which pops the crowd. Smart distracts Reyes from the outside...Disciplinarian takes advantage and connects with a roundhouse kick. Disciplinarian chokes Reyes over the ropes, with Smart getting in a cheap shot while the referee's back is turned. Reyes tries to mount a comeback but Disciplinarian grounds her with a snapmare and neck-cradle. Reyes gets to her feet...Disciplinarian whips her into the corner...she charges...Reyes gets a boot up. Now an elbow. Three straight right hands, followed by an uppercut from Reyes. Back elbow for a two count. Reyes ducks another roundhouse attempt...diving facebuster. Reyes goes for a neckbreaker but Disciplinarian counters with a modified dominator. Frustrated, Disciplinarian goes for Smart's ruler...the referee takes it away but Smart reveals another one. She goes to hit Reyes...she nails the Disciplinarian instead. Reyes superkicks Smart and climbs...sky twister splash. It's over.

Reyna Reyes wins by pinfall

An interview with the Monsters of Madness plays. Havok reminds the wrestle-universe that she predicted her and Hazard would run through the WOW tag team tournament, and shoos the interviewer off so they can prepare. Elsewhere, Fire and Adrenaline admit that luck brought them together. "All we need is a chance. We might have been at the right place at the right time. So might call us a fluke, but the WOW fans have been with us through this whole journey. We're going to prove that size doesn't matter, and we are going to win those WOW tag team belts. Even if nobody believes in us, we believe in us."

A recap of last week's Jungle Grrrl and Tessa Blanchard world title match. Blanchard was able to retain the belt after hitting her signature top rope codebreaker. This marks The Beast as the new number one contender. The match is announced as the main event of part two of tonight's finale.

Monsters of Madness are out first. Fire and Adrenaline are second. Here we go.

Monsters of Madness versus Fire/Adrenaline for the WOW Tag Team Championship

Hazard and Havok send Adrenaline to the outside and immediately gang up on Fire. They trap Fire in the corner. Havok lifts Fire in the full-nelson submission. Backbreaker/lariat combo. Havok locks in the camel-clutch before tagging in Hazard. Hazard chokes Fire with her boot, then knocks Adrenaline off the apron. Back suplex with pin...Fire escapes. Quick tags by the Monsters of Madness. Havok rag-dolls Fire across the ring. Another backbreaker/lariat combo. Hazardpounds Fire into the mat. Irish whip and running uppercut. Havok back in...bearhug right in the center of the ring. Fire breaks out...she rocks Hazard with a dropkick. Adrenaline gets the hot tag. Wheelbarrow stunner rocks Hazard. Corner attack, superkick. Cover...Hazard kicks out. Adrenaline gets stuck in the ropes...Havok punts her in the face...Hazard takes advantage and hits a release German suplex. Now Adrenaline is in trouble. Havok choke-bombs her into the turnbuckles. She does it again on the other side of the ring. Fire tries to rally the crowd to get behind Adrenaline. Monsters of Madness in total control.

Havok releases a Boston crab, then nails Fire on the apron with a sucker punch. Hazard kicks Adrenaline in the back and ties up in a crucifix pin...two count. Rear chinlock from Hazard. Adrenaline gets to her feet...the Monsters of Madness keep her grounded. Double-splashes in the corner. Havok slams Adrenaline's head off the mat. Running boot to the face. A second. Hazard back in. Snap-suplex. Adrenaline manages to get separation...Fire tags in. Combo from Fire to Havok. Roundhouse kick lands. Fire builds up momentum...shotgun dropkick. She has the match won but the referee is late to make the count. Only two. Hazard charges Fire in the corner...she pops over her and rolls her up in a sunset flip pin...she got her!

Fire/Adrenaline win by pinfall to become the WOW Tag Team Champions

Fire and Adrenaline celebrate. McLane comes to the ring and hands them the belts. Crowd cheers loudly, with streamers shooting off. Fire and Adrenaline are attacked by a new group called Exile, led by Hasaka. She says that she wanted to come to WOW sooner but was Exiled, hence the name of the group. She then puts out an open challenge, and calls out the entire WOW locker room.

That's the end of part one.

Part two begins with a recap of the part one main event, where Fire and Adrenaline defeated the Monsters of Madness to become the new WOW tag team champions. Post match they would be jumped by Exiled.

Vignette on WOW World champion Tessa Blanchard's reign. However, she's been avoiding her biggest foe, The Beast, whom she defends the title against later on. McLane's voiceover reminds us that The Beast has yet to be officially pinned or submitted, with only one loss by disqualification.

McLane gives his signature intro to the show again. Coming up first...Holidead and Princess Aussie battle for Siren's approval. Shaul Guerrero introduces the competitors. Holidead is out first, with Siren accompanying her to ringside. Aussie is next, and this one is underway.

Princess Aussie versus Holidead

Holidead calls for a test of strength. Aussie obliges. Neither can gain the advantage. Aussie grabs a wristlock. She arm-drags Holidead to the mat and keeps the pressure on the arm. Roll-up from Aussie. One count. Another. Another one count. Aussie continues to get quick pin attempts. Holidead catches a kick and nails Aussie with a lariat. She drags Aussie under the ropes and punches her repeatedly in the face. Leg drop across the apron from Holidead. Back in the ring...Holidead picks Aussie up for a powerslam. A second gets a nearfall. Holidead smashes Aussie's head off the top turnbuckle. Aussie counters a tilt-a-whirl and applies a dragon sleeper. Holidead snapmares her off. Running boot. Holidead traps Aussie in the corner and lights up her chest with a chop. Another big chop echoes throughout the Belasco.

Aussie fights her way out of the corner but Holidead retakes control. School-boy from Aussie into a superkick. Running lariat, snapmare, and sliding lariat in succession. Aussie covers...only two. She goes for the dragon sleeper again...Holidead switches her position and hits a spinebuster. Up on the ropes...Holidead goes for a superplex...it connects. Aussie JUST kicks out on the pin attempt. Holidead sets up for another superplex...Aussie blocks it this time...she knees Holidead off and is in position...frog splash lands. The Psycho Sisters run in causing a no contest.

Match is ruled a no-contest

The Sisters pound down on Aussie...Siren and Holidead run in to fight the Sisters off. Aussie joins in on the brawl. Several referees separate the two teams. It's mayhem. Fans screaming "let them fight." McLane hypes the main event once again.

Footage of Roddy Piper's daughter, Teal Piper, training at the WOW performance center is played. Her debut is later. Voiceover tells us that a special thank-you will be given to owner Jeanie Buss.

Back from commercial, Tessa Blanchard is in the ring surrounded by a portion of the locker room. She introduces herself to the fans, and talks about being born into the wrestling industry. "The person that made this all possible was Jeanie Buss. So Jeanie...get your ass in here." Buss enters, along with McLane. Blanchard says that Buss gave all of the women around the ring an opportunity. They present her with a custom WOW world championship title with Buss' name engraved in it. The fans fill the Belasco theater with "Thank you Jeanie" chants. Buss, McLane, and Blanchard all pose ending the segment.

Video package highlighting Eye Candy. She talks about sustaining a broken neck while working an independent event on the east coast. Photos of her neck surgery are included in the vignette. "I need to be in that ring. The world can be a dark place at times. This is scary, it's very risk, it shows me the reality of the harm and danger that this sport can do to us, but there is nothing that's going to keep me from getting back into that WOW ring. I'm a WOW superhero."

Cut to a segment of Teal Talk with Teal Piper. She interviews Stephy Slays about her upcoming match with Abilene Maverick. Piper pokes fun at Slays, joking that her one victory came when her opponent, the Disciplinarian, was sick. Slays jabs back, but Piper asks whether Slays thinks she can beat anyone who is 100% healthy. Slays angrily leaves ending the segment.

Abilene Maverick makes her way out for her matchup with Stephy Slays. Slays is out second. Commentary tells us that Maverick will quit wrestling if she loses this match.

Abilene Maverick versus Stephy Slays

Maverick nails Slays as she walks into the ring. Slays fires back with a flying crossbody and standing dropkick that sends Maverick to ringside. Maverick uses the referee as a distraction, then trips Slays and pulls her to the outside. Maverick picks Slays up....she runs her into the ringpost. Back in the ring...Maverick goes for a pinfall...Slays kicks out. Falling powerslam from Maverick. She drops Slays with shoulder thrusts. Arm ringer. Maverick brings Slays into the corner and applies an armbar over the top rope. Referee breaks it up after five. Slays hits a kick but Maverick cuts her off with a running axe handle. Maverick keeps the pressure on...Slays connects with a jawbreaker. Maverick shakes it off. She goes for a powerbomb...Slays turns it into a frankensteiner with pin...she got her!

Stephy Slays wins by pinfall

Promo from the champion Tessa Blanchard. "Beast. You're so big...you're so bad...let's go. I promise you that there is nobody as big and as bad as Tessa Blanchard." Cut to the Beast. "I trained my whole life for this Tessa Blanchard. I didn't come from a wrestling family. I had to work for this. Nothing will stop me. I will be the WOW world champion."

Main event time. The Beast is out first. Blanchard second. Here we go.

Tessa Blanchard versus The Beast for the WOW World Championship

Beast goes right at Blanchard...she rag-dolls her across the ring. Blanchard rolls to the outside to regroup. Beast grabs her from inside the ring and pulls her to the apron. Vertical suplex from the Beast. Corner lariat and big boot in succession. Blanchard is in trouble early. She sets up for the powerbomb.....Blanchard escapes and kicks Beast in the shin. Beast falls to the ropes...PK and superkick from Blanchard. She goes for the top rope codebreaker...Beats moves but Blanchard keeps the pressure on with a frankensteiner. Springboard dropkick sends Beast to ringside. She goes for a frankensteiner out there but the Beast catches her and sends her into the ringpost. Blanchard takes her time getting back into the ring...Beast with a plancha...Blanchard moves and runs the ropes...suicide dive! Blanchard goes for another one...Beast runs in and spears her! She grabs at her arm...Blanchard takes advantage and unloads a series of strikes. Blanchard charges....huge lariat in response by the Beast.

"This is awesome" from the crowd. Beast goes for a muscle buster...Blanchard has it scouted....she nails a few elbows...Beast slows her pace with a DVD. Cover...Blanchard stays in it. Another powerbomb attempt...Blanchard counters with a frankensteiner! Tornado DDT! Blanchard climbs...flying senton connects. Cover...Beast just gets a shoulder up. She climbs again...Beast catches her....stalling vertical suplex for a nearfall. Fans are going nuts. Blanchard off the ropes....pop-up powerbomb from the Beast. Cover...new champ!

The Beast wins by pinfall to become the new WOW World champion

The Beast celebrates. Confetti falls from the skies. Commentary puts over how great of a reign Blanchard has had, but this is the Beast's time.

That's the show friends.