Women of Wrestling star Jungle Girrrl spoke with Wrestling Epicenter ahead of tonight’s WOW 2-hour season finale on AXS TV. During the interview, Jungle Girrrl spoke about how WOW has changed of the years, why a 2001 PPV forced the promotion to take a few steps back, Impact’s parent company (Anthem Sports & Entertainment) buying into AXS TV, and AEW’s Jungle Boy.

Although it’s taken almost 20 years for WOW Creator David McLane’s vision to be realized, Jungle Girrrl spoke about how the promotion has evolved over the years.

“I think it is amazing,” Jungle Girrrl said. “I think the evolution of WOW from what we started 20 years ago to where we are now?and it is not even the pinnacle?but, I think it really is what David McLane’s vision was 20 years ago. What he wanted to see. The difference is now, everybody that is on board is in mutual agreement on the vision that David had 20 years ago. The talent pool also now is a lot different and that is spectacular.

“It was difficult to find, back then, let alone a handful of women that were doing then what we’re doing now. Now, we have a roster of 30 women! And I would have to agree that I am having the best wrestling of my 20 year career. My hat is off to the women that I get to compete with as well as to all of wrestling and women’s wrestling. I think what we have right now is a beautiful thing and it is just going to keep getting better.”

In going along with the theme of McLane’s vision not being recognized early on, the topic of the Unleashed PPV in 2001 came up and why it originally tanked the promotion.

“Unfortunately, that was the difference between the vision that David McLane had and the investors that we had on the time. They were kind of butting heads on the creative and the financial,” Jungle Girrl responded. “That is one thing I have to say about David McLane. He has been unwavering in his vision for WOW over the years. He’s taken a lot of ‘no’s.’ There were a lot of TV deals that were out there, but with a different vision that we could have had and he turned them down.

“As a result, we are where we are today and as a result, the product is so much greater than it was back then. Sometimes you have to take two steps forward and take one step back. I think, in that case, the step back was a lot longer than any of us had anticipated, but that allowed David the opportunity to get the backers that share his vision that we have now?Jeanie Buss included. They want to create something extraordinary.”

Back in September, Impact Wrestling’s parent company, Anthem Sports & Entertainment, purchased a majority interest in AXS TV, which is where Impact now airs its brand. Jungle Girrrl wasn’t sure what it meant down the road, but ultimately felt like if ego doesn’t become involved, both brands could remain on the same channel.

“You know, I don’t know, truth be told,” Jungle Girrrl said. “I think that we are two very different products. I think the viewer is smart enough to understand that. There are those that say that one character is a face on one show but a heel on another, but I think the consumer is smart enough to tell the difference. I can’t sit and watch Impact with my son. There are things on their show that are just not age appropriate. I think we both have good shows.

“I think ours far surpasses Impact in production quality, but that is not a decision for me to make. That is a decision for David and for AXS to make as far as what is best for WOW, Impact, and what is best for AXS. I don’t think one hurts the other. Time will tell. I think it becomes about ego at that time. It becomes if someone doesn’t want to share. If Impact says, ‘Well, we don’t want to be on the same network as WOW.’ Well, shame on them. Time will tell.”

Another wrestler with a similar name, AEW’s Jungle Boy, was brought up and Jungle Girrrl felt like it just helps both of their characters.

“You know, I think he’s extraordinary!” Jungle Girrrl responded. “I really like him. We started using Jungle Boy for my son when we put him on WOW. We were using Jungle Boy when I’m not even sure he was at an age that he could wrestle, but I think he’s great. I love that he’s using it. [Laughs] I think it just brings new light to Jungle Girrrl, Jungle Boy, and the whole Jungle genre!”

You can check out the full interview in the video above.