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No cold open. Intro song (Dusted by Astroid Boys)

Tom Phillips and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of NXT UK from Brentwood, England. They hype the evening’s card, which includes a tag rematch between Flash Morgan Webster/Mark Andrews versus the Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson & James Drake).

We go right to the opening contest. Joe Coffey from Gallus is out first. He’ll be facing Tyson T-Bone.

Joe Coffey versus Tyson T-Bone

Tie-up. Coffey forces Tyson into the ropes. Referee separates them and they both reset. Tyson hits a shot to Coffey’s body. Coffey responds with several body shots of his own, then throws some knees. Belly to belly suplex from Coffey. He picks Tyson up and whips him into the corner. Pendulum backbreaker and running lariat in succession. Cover…Tyson kicks out. Coffey applies a wristlock. Tyson gets to his feet but Coffey sends him right back to the mat with an arm-drag. He goes for an armbar…Tyson headbutts his way out. Hip toss. He goes to pick Coffey up for a suplex…he got him. Firemans carry…Coffey escapes. Elbow smash by Coffey. He works Tyson over before nailing his discus lariat finisher for the win.

Joe Coffey wins by pinfall

Backstage Xia Brookside says she’s not phased by the NXT UK women’s champion Kay Lee Ray’s comments about her not being ready for a title shot. We cut to a video package for Ridge Holland.

An inside look at women’s division star Piper Niven. The vignette dissects Niven’s childhood, recalls a story of how she first got exposed to pro-wrestling, talks about the support she has from her family, and how her goal is to be a role model for kids who hope to achieve their dreams.

Isla Dawn is out for our next contest. She’ll be going one-on-one with Killer Kelly.

Isla Dawn versus Killer Kelly

Both women charge each other. Back and forth striking. Dawn applies a single leg crab. Kelly gets to the ropes to cause a break. Dawn ducks a lariat…she dropkicks Kelly for a nearfall. Dawn backs Kelly into the ropes. Pump kick by. She transitions into a ground and pound. Kelly kicks the left knee of Dawn. Kelly stomps on Dawn’s chest. Kelly with an uppercut. Kelly with a short-arm lariat. Cover…two. Cravate from Kelly…she turns it into a rear chinlock. Kelly nails a forearm shot across the back of Dawn’s neck. Cravate in again. Dawn with clubbing bodyshots. Dawn fires back with a running lariat. Saito Suplex attempt, but Kelly blocks it. Dawn with a jumping knee. Saito suplex from Dawn. Kelly kicks Dawn in the face. Kelly bounces Dawn’s head on the top rope. Kelly dropkicks Dawn. Firemans carry…Dawn slides to the back…German suplex. It’s over.

Isla Dawn wins by pinfall

Announced for next week: Kassius Ohno will battle former NXT UK champion Tyler Bate. Promo from Ohno, who says that British Strong Style is dead and that Bate is all on his own. He shows off his vast knowledge of British wrestling history ending the segment. Also announced for next week: a rematch between Ligero and Travis Banks and Xia Brookside versus Nina Samuels.

Main event time. The Grizzled Young Veterans are out first, followed by Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster. Here we go.

Grizzled Young Veterans versus Mark Andrews/Flash Morgan Webster

Tie-up. Gibson waislocks Webster. Webster gets up and Gibson mocks how short the title reign was. Webster and Gibson circle and tie up, and Webster headlocks. Gibson tries to power out but Webster holds on tight. Webster uses the ropes to help with a takedown, but Gibson keeps his shoulders up. Gibson powers up to back suplex Webster down, but Webster holds on! Gibson rolls Webster to a cover, ONE and Webster holds on still. Gibson goes to a corner but Webster runs the buckles to get the takedown again. But Gibson pops out and has a leg! Tag to Drake and Drake stomps the leg! Webster hobbles but slips around in the back suplex to a sunset flip! TWO and Webster headlocks Drake.

Eventually Imperium comes out for an attack on both teams.

Match ends in no-contest

Gallus, who was watching from the entrance meets Imperium in the ring. Ilja Dragunov comes out. Alexander Wolfe has been attempting to recruit him to the faction for weeks. Dragunov stands with Gallus to even the odds. The two groups brawl ending the show. Crowd loved this.

That’s the show friends.